• Top 10 Tips That Will Save you Time in the Garden

    Sitting on his favourite garden bench after a long day at the office he doused his vegetable garden with water from the end of a hose. He called it his ‘therapy’: providing much needed water to his young tomato plants. Read More
  • Honey

    We have a sweet topic for today. Honey. That concentrated solution of sugars in water that was central to Winnie the Pooh's obsession. Most of us like it too. The main sugars in honey are fructose and glucose, with smaller amounts of sucrose which of course is ordinary table sugar. Read More
  • The Death of Smallpox

    Edward Jenner, an English country doctor is usually credited with introducing the idea of vaccination because of his landmark publication in 1798 in which he described inoculating 23 people with pus from smallpox postules. Read More
  • Fine tune your tools for a better Lawn and Garden

    It is early spring and you are itching to get out there and do some digging in the earth. You have waited all winter long after all and even the most ambitious gardeners have had to wait for the ground to thaw and then dry out to ensure that damage is not done to the soil by walking on it or digging in it. Read More