• CULLEN: Top 10 Best Annual Flowers

    Twenty years ago, 60% of all annual flowers sold in Canada were impatiens. Now they are near 0% (the ‘walleriana’ type). My, how things have changed in the gardening landscape. We have witnessed a huge shift in the flowering plant market, due in part to the downy mildew disease that has wreaked havoc with impatiens, but also due to massive shifts in consumer tastes and demands. Read More
  • DR. JOE: Cupping

    The ancient Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians were into it. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aston do it and so does Andy Murray. So “cupping” must work, right? Well, scientists are somewhat finicky when it comes to accepting health claims. We look for more than celebrity testimonials or references to antiquity. We look for scientific plausibility and clinical trials. Read More
  • DR. MITCH: Marijuana, Safe?

    In our present legislative environment where marijuana will soon be more easily available, the natural assumption is that it must be safe. That is not entirely true. A parallel to alcohol is worth considering. Read More
  • DR. JOE: Head Butting Over Glyphosate

    “There is no evidence of risk to humans.” “It causes deadly cancer.” Both of those statements refer to glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world. Until last year glyphosate only made the news because of its presence as the active ingredient in RoundUp, Monsanto’s herbicide that is used on plants that have been genetically engineered to resist it. Read More