• Hershey’s Chocolate Getting a Remake

    There’s an age old rule in business. The customer is always right. That holds even when the customer is wrong. When it comes to food, consumers used to scrutinize labels for fat, salt and calories. Read More
  • Murky Mercola

    If you haven’t heard of Joe Mercola, you have not been surfing the waves of health advice on the web. He is an osteopathic physician whose practice now is limited to offering mostly iffy medical advice on his website and selling a variety of questionable products. Read More
  • Garden Days

    We are approaching a hot season in the gardening business. Oh, I know that the heat will begin to hit home and the temptation to sit under the cooling shade of a tree in your favourite outdoor furniture will soon be upon us. Read More
  • Water Off a Roof

    As the barbecue season rolls around, taste buds get excited, but the rest of the anatomy becomes concerned. Read More