• Tapping for Health

    Broadway has seen a lot of tapping over the years. But not the type of tapping that recently was seen in Times Square. People were not tapping on the floor with their feet, they were tapping on various parts of their body with their fingers. Why? Read More
  • Let's preserve rational thinking when it comes to preservatives

    Open a box of old crackers or potato chips and a smell emerges. It isn’t pleasant. The same goes for that bottle of oil that’s been sitting in the cupboard for months. Read More
  • Check That: Your Fall Gardening Checklist

    I have a love/hate relationship with to-do lists. The hang over me like a monster ready to pounce when they are not met and when they are, there is generally no praise in it. Read More
  • Thankful For…..

    It is Thanksgiving weekend and I have been thinking: what are you thankful for? The content of this column has been filled with some of the most hopeful and encouraging messages, thanks to a wide variety of people. Read More
  • REVIEW: Fury

    Set in April 1945, the movie sees hard-bitten commander “Wardaddy” (Brad Pitt) lead a U.S. 2nd armored division tank nicknamed Fury through Germany in the final days of World War II Read More
  • REVIEW: St. Vincent

    What kind of goodwill does Bill Murray bring to “St. Vincent”? In the opening scene of the dramatic comedy he tells the world’s worst joke — and still gets a giggle out of the audience Read More
  • REVIEW: Book of Life

    A refreshingly dark but delightful story based on folklore with sumptuous visuals and good messages about family, fate and gender dynamics Read More
  • REVIEW: The Judge

    Stepping away from the superhero movies that made him a household name, Downey stars in a film with so many story shards and plot derivations you need a scorecard to keep up Read More