• DR. JOE: Citrus greening

    You have probably never heard of the Asian citrus psyllid. But this insect, no bigger than the head of a pin, could be the reason that within a couple of years you will not be drinking orange juice or eating oranges from the U.S. Read More
  • DR. JOE: Oral bacteria and heart disease

    The mouth is sort of a gateway to the body. In periodontal disease pockets inhabited by bacteria form where the teeth meet the gums. The problem is that bacteria can escape from these pockets directly into the bloodstream. Read More
  • CULLEN: Welcome to Pruning Month

    Congratulations: you made it to October. Pruning month. While you were busy digging, weeding, planting, harvesting and the like, the plants in your garden were busy growing. Read More
  • DR. MITCH: Treating Colds

    Last time we talked about what to do to reduce the risk that your kids will bring home a cold or the flu. Read More
  • REVIEW: The Martian

    "The Martian" is thrilling, funny and, above all, human. It’s a crowd-pleasing story about the power of the will to survive Read More
  • REVIEW: The Walk

    “The Walk” has a ‘You are there’ feel as soon as Petit takes his first step on the rope. It's a beautiful, lyrical and visually stunning sequence that is worth the wait through the film’s slow start Read More
  • REVIEW: Sicario

    “Sicario” isn’t a feel good movie about winning the war on drugs. Instead it’s a powerful look at a seemingly unwinnable battle and the toll it takes on its soldiers Read More
  • REVIEW: Hellions

    Canadian horror, and I don’t mean Tim Horton’s running out of Timbits just before your coffee break, but the kind of scary movies we make, tends to turn convention on its head Read More