• A hot potato

    The poor potato is being mashed by criticism.Too high a glycemic index, critics say, which means more sugar in the bloodstream for anyone concerned about diabetes. Read More
  • The Staff of Life

    “Give us this day our daily bread.” Whatever your religion you’re familiar with the Lord’s Prayer. These days there are a lot of people who are tempted to forget about that line because they believe that a dose of bread daily is not only unnecessary but harmful. Read More
  • Bees Make the Best Pets

    There has been a lot of buzzing about bees in the last while. Seems everyone has an opinion about the potential banning of a certain classification of pesticides called ‘neonics’ Read More
  • The oPhone

    Your cell phone wakes you up in the morning. No big deal. You reach over to turn off the alarm, touch another button, and suddenly the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafts into your nose. Read More
  • REVIEW: Dumb and Dumber To

    Can the [directors] Farrelly Brothers find redemption after a string of flops by resurrecting their most famous characters and out-dumb and out-funny the modern sultans of silly? Read More
  • REVIEW: Rosewater

    In 2009, Iranian Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari was arrested and detained for 118 years after an interview he did on “The Daily Show” aired Read More
  • REVIEW: Beyond the Lights

    Hollywood is in the habit of remaking everything these days, relying on brand recognition to sell their movies, so it’s hard to understand why this remake of “The Bodyguard” is called “Beyond the Lights” Read More
  • REVIEW: Wolves

    Things get hairy for Cayden when he discovers a secret about himself. One night, under the light of the silvery moon he turns from high school football star to werewolf fugitive on the run Read More