• The saturated fat conundrum

    Many of us are becoming saturated with the seemingly never-ending debate about saturated fat. Advice ranges from “avoid it like the plague” to “don’t worry about it.” And a recent publication in the Annals of Internal Medicine really gave us something to chew on. Read More
  • Pharmaceuticals in drinking water

    People are taking more and more medications. Consumption is going up by some 10-15% a year. That leads to more relief from various ailments but it also leads to more problems. Read More
  • The Non- prescription Problem Solver

    Autumn arrived this week and I bet you weren’t thinking, “It is garlic planting time!” For most of us with planting on our mind, thoughts turn towards tulips, daffodils, fall flowering mums and flowering kale. But garlic? Read More
  • Sex has no expiration date!

    As a clinician and a radio talk show host for the last 24 years, I have heard more times than I care to remember “Sex?, ech, I’m too old anyway”. Then I meet the odd elderly person (80 years plus) who describes a fantastic, active sex life and my resolve is renewed---my resolve to spread the word that sex should not, must not, have an expiration date! My other mission is to normalize much of what we experience sexually as we age. Too many times I have men and women who come to see me in a complete panic because they think something must be very wrong with them---their erections aren’t at all the same, penetration is painful, or they can’t find the mojo they once had for sex. Much of what we go through is completely "normal". True we are not the same as we once were, but with a little adaptation it can be the best ever! For information about my book, The Sex Bible for People Over 50: The complete guide to sexual love for mature couples, visit www.drlaurie.com Read More