• Tune Up

    This weekend marks the official half way point on the garden calendar: there is roughly the same number of gardening weekends ahead of us as there are behind us. Read More
  • Apples and pesticides

    An Apple a Day May Kill You? You can imagine that is the sort of headline that grabs my attention. Read More
  • Fenugreek and sotalone

    If you have eaten curry, you have probably tasted fenugreek. The seeds of this plant as well as its fresh leaves are commonly used as ingredients in curries. Read More
  • The Invisible Hand of Man

    My meeting with Major Tony Hibbert at his home in Trebah Gardens in Cornwall, England was memorable and enjoyable in the extreme. Read More
  • REVIEW: I Origins

    “I Origins” is many things. It’s a love story, a sci fi spiritual mystery with a hint of “Frankenstein” thrown in Read More
  • REVIEW: A Most Wanted Man

    “A Most Wanted Man” is one of the trio of movies Philip Seymour Hoffman had in the can when he passed away last February Read More
  • REVIEW: And So it Goes

    Oren, a widowed Connecticut real estate agent is relying on one last score to secure his retirement Read More
  • REVIEW: Lucy

    Imagine a mix of "Limitless," "La Femme Nikita," "The Matrix" and a Philosophy 101 textbook with half the pages torn out and you'll get an idea of the film's loopy feel Read More