• In Britain, Cities Feed Cities

    Mark Cullen reflects on a tour of Devon and Cornish gardens that he took with his daughter Heather recently. Read More
  • Bacteria-Curse or Cure?

    One of the greatest triumphs of medicine has been the successful treatment of many bacterial infections with antibiotics. Innumerable lives have been saved, but as usual, there is a but. Read More
  • Genetically Modified Fears

    Ignorance breeds fear. For a classic example we have to look no further than genetically modified foods. What a tempest in a teapot! And the teapot is just where that noted scientific icon, who in all modesty has anointed herself as the “Food Babe,” is looking. Read More
  • Exoplanets

    I’ve long been fascinated by space travel. I think I was first turned onto the idea back around 1957 with one of the first television shows I remember watching. “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger” was a kind of space policeman who would blast off from Earth and travel to other heavenly bodies where wicked aliens needed to be taken care of. Read More
  • REVIEW: Boyhood

    Director Richard Linklater’s twelve-years-in-the-making, coming of age story “Boyhood,” is more than a slice of life. It’s slices of lives anchored by one character Read More
  • REVIEW: Snowpiercer

    All of humanity now lives on a train, owned and operated by a mysterious industrialist named Wilford, hurtling through what’s left of ice-covered planet Read More
  • REVIEW: Wish I Was Here

    Zach Braff used the popular crowd sourcing site Kickstarter to raise money for his latest feature film Read More
  • REVIEW: Sex Tape

    Any movie with the word sex in the title and Cameron Diaz in her underwear and a newly slim Jason Segel in the all-together should be a lot sexier than “Sex Tape” is Read More