• DR. JOE: Bernie Sanders and Science

    The U.S. primaries are, well, interesting. Science hasn’t been prominent in the debates, perhaps because none of the candidates has a stellar background in the subject. Donald Trump has demonstrated particular ignorance with his nonsensical comments about vaccination. Read More
  • DR. MITCH: Diet, Exercise: Both? Neither? What’s Best When It Comes To Weight Loss

    I know that what I’m about to write may surprise (perhaps even anger) some of you, but it turns out that exercise is not the best way to lose weight. At the medical conference that I’m attending, a diabetes expert from Edmonton reviewed all the data on weight loss. Among his findings: exercise is good for you. It’s much better to be fit than not. Exercise is a super way to both become fit and to stay fit if you already are, but, on its own, exercise is not an easy way to shed pounds. Read More
  • DR. JOE: A Great Canadian

    Thalidomide is often mentioned as an example of a drug carelessly foisted on the public by a pharamaceutical industry that cares more about profits than safety. That isn’t exactly the case. The drug went through all the trials that were required in the 1950s, including testing on pregnant animals but thalidomide turned out to be one of those drugs that affected humans differently than animals. Read More
  • CULLEN: To Do

    It’s time to get growing. As you contemplate your options in the yard, allow me to help you get organised. It is always more effective to approach a project with a plan. This is one of my now famous ‘fridge’ stories. Read it, post it. Read More
  • REVIEW: Green Room

    4 STARS: A grisly new survival horror flick that puts Patrick Stewart (of Star Trek fame) in the role of the villain Read More
  • REVIEW: Mother's Day

    The best part of “Mother’s Day” is that it puts Director Garry Marshall one step closer to running out of holidays to cinematically celebrate Read More
  • REVIEW: Ratchet & Clank

    2 STARS: “Ratchet and Clank,” with its so-so animation and excitable nature is less a move than a PlayStation 2 game blown up for the big screen Read More
  • REVIEW: Keanu

    The big screen debut of the sketch comedians Key and Peele isn’t purrfect but it has some furry funny moments Read More