• Light Therapy for Allergies

    Up you nose with a rubber hose. If someone suggested that this was a possible treatment for allergic rhinitis, that’s the technical term for a runny nose due to an allergy, you would say, uh huh, maybe. Read More
  • When Protein is not Protein

    You need protein to build muscle. We have all heard that, probably as early as elementary school. And it is true. Muscle is mostly made of protein and its source is protein in the diet. Read More
  • Contribute to Community Well Being

    Congratulations. You made it through winter. It doesn’t matter how you did it, just that you did. Read More
  • Copper bowls

    One of my childhood memories is a cherry-speckled pastry, in the angel food cake family, that my mother used to make. Recently my wife and I found the recipe and proceeded to try to make it and dredge up some memories. Read More
  • REVIEW: It Follows

    "It Follows" is a scary film through and through, but it’s the dual horror of teenage boredom and ennui coupled with a strange and terrifying supernatural virus that is transmitted sexually Read More
  • REVIEW: The Riot Club

    A story of excess, contempt and aristocratic entitlement. Based on the play “Posh” by Laura Wade it centers around a fictional version Oxford University’s Bullingdon or Riot Club, a two-hundred-and-fifty-year-old drinking fraternity Read More
  • REVIEW: October Gale

    A hybrid of romance and thriller that cares about it’s characters more than it does about moving the audience to the edge of their collective seats Read More
  • REVIEW: Boychoir

    A rebellious Texas tween from a rough neighbourhood is given the chance to improve his life and voice by earning a spot at the Boychoir boarding school Read More