• Fear of French fries

    First a couple of disclaimers. I am not particularly fond of McDonald’s French fries, and I am a fan of Michael Pollan’s writings on food and nutrition, particularly his classic book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” in which he summarizes his 400 or so pages with the advice to “eat foods mainly of plant origin and don’t eat too much.” Read More
  • Fish and Brain Health

    Is fish really brain food? P.G. Wodehouse certainly thought so. In his wonderful “Jeeves” stories, Bertie Wooster encourages his brainy butler to eat more fish whenever a particularly challenging problem arises. Read More
  • Most Asked: "Bothering me"

    When I meet acquaintances and strangers in public they often ask me gardening questions, and inevitably follow with an apology for ‘bothering me’. Read More
  • But it comes from the Earth!

    You may have heard of propylene glycol in several contexts. It is used as a safer alternative to ethylene glycol in antifreeze, as a preservative in foods and cosmetics, as a solvent in some pharmaceuticals and as a carrier of nicotine and flavours in electronic cigarettes. Read More
  • REVIEW: The F Word

    A few years ago the romantic comedy seemed like it was on life support, suffering from a bad case of the Katherine Heigls. Then, little by little, filmmakers began to chip away at the formula, making rom coms with a twist Read More
  • REVIEW: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    From the perspective of an adult here’s how I would describe the new Robert Rodrigues film: “An exercise in extreme neo-noir aesthetics, the movie resembles a graphic novel sprung to life” Read More
  • REVIEW: If I Stay

    In Chloë Grace Moretz ‘s new film “If I Stay,” she plays Mia, a gifted teenage cellist from a family of musicians Read More
  • REVIEW: Are You Here

    The second feature from “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner is an odd duck Read More