Price hears only Raspberries in 4-2 Loss

Posted By: Rick Moffat · 9/22/2010 9:25:00 PM
Carey Price could not have imagined a worse start.   Second shot on goal, barely 90 seconds into his return to the Bell Centre as The Man for the Habs in the crease, Carey was beaten trapper hand side by Nathan Horton.   A goal Carey wanted back.   And by the time the first period was over, the Bruins had a 3-0 lead and fans were giving Price the tough love treatment...sarcastic cheers for every time the Bruins sent a long dump-in rolling to the Canadiens crease.
Maxim Lapierre and Tomas Plekanec broke Tuukka Rask' s shutout bid with second period goals

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  1. Coleen posted on 09/22/2010 10:18 PM
    Make that Raskberries! Give him another chance, give him time. Patience is a virtue
  2. Michael Litvack posted on 09/22/2010 11:24 PM
    Different day; same script. After 3-0, I shut off the radio. I can get over the disappointment, but can "the Kid "?.
  3. habsfan posted on 09/23/2010 09:03 AM
    leave him alone and help him to build his confidence. *** PATIENCE ***
  4. goaliedaddy posted on 09/23/2010 11:02 AM
    Get the Cowboy Goalie back in the saddle!
  5. puckstopper posted on 09/23/2010 11:05 AM
    St. Jaroslav is gone. Carey is the man-child. Let's cheer him on.
  6. Rick Keene posted on 09/23/2010 12:22 PM
    It may be a bit too early to be jumping on Carey et us wait until he has an NHL quality team in front of him.
  7. James posted on 09/23/2010 01:46 PM
    Price sucks,. everyone knows it, and everyone feels it. Such a stuipid decesion to get rid of Halak, now we r stuck with a goalie who doesent know his ass from his elbow. n e way, as i said earlier this year on facebook, my days as a CH fan r done, im phed up with this, it seems the administration does whatever they can every year to make sure we dont win. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Lancer posted on 09/24/2010 12:26 PM
    Money was never the issue, I’ll tell you why they traded Halek, and the reason is that the Bell Centre is always full…. If it wasn’t you would see this pathetic group of boneheads (Management) scramble to fill the seats. Halek gave us hope he put life into the Montreal Canadians organization, like Ken Dryden did in 1971. What a feeling to see the Habs in the playoffs this year. Montreal has been a Dynasty for years, I’ve been a Habs fan since the sixty's and this year I wont support the habs or go to a single game. Be patient someone was saying ... How many more yrs does Carey need? I'm not sure he’s trying his best or has the right attitude. Its not that he is getting better with each passing year the fact is he’s not. Its not Prices fault he is what he is… make no mistake …he will never fill Halak’s shoes. Saying that!!! Get rid of is the boneheads who had the final say who made the decision to trade Halek, and what the heck did they get in return.? Montreal organization is a joke. That’s right a joke, If you think Price had pressure last year forget it… that was nothing....he’s going to feel it this year. My prediction, Price wouldn’t handle the pressure and will ask to be traded, mark my words, and in this twist of irony we will have given up one of the most valuable players on the habs roster for nothing, You hear that management!!! Nothing. Its all politics…finally Management should be on the chopping block not Price. I'm Disgusted. Lancer
  9. cwebb29 posted on 10/11/2010 10:36 PM
    You guys are idiots. Wait till Price starts winning then what? Change your tune?
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