Rivet calls out PK, compares to Crosby---in a bad way

Posted By: Rick Moffat · 1/18/2011 11:40:00 AM
Former Canadiens assistant captain Craig Rivet has a clear and honest message for PK Subban.   Change your ways.   Don't change your game.   But change your ways.
In a no-holds-barred CJAD Exclusive, Buffalo's captain offers advice to the Habs rookie and makes clear that YES, all the more players around the league are learning to hate him since the Mike Richards warning in the fall.
"I have no problem with that goal celebration...but there's a way to present yourself to other players in the league...how you're gonna act....hopefully he'll learn."
Rivet compares Subban to Crosby---everyone respects the skill, but it's up to the rookie to make sure they respect the player.
But Rivet also PK is unlike the Sabres' defense prodigy Tyler Myers, who is "wise beyond his years."
Listen to this CJAD 1-on-1 with Rivet on PK.
Carey Price took a few warmup shots from Alexandre Picard and David Desharnais while the rest of the Canadiens enjoyed a morning off away from the rink.
Benoit Pouliot will probably return to the lineup Friday against the Senators in Ottawa.

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  1. CN posted on 01/18/2011 01:15 PM
    Mr. Underachieving Regular Healthy Scratch has something to say eh? Perhaps he'd enjoy a great conversation with a cardboard box.
  2. susan posted on 01/18/2011 02:06 PM
    Really people. God! get a grip. Why does everyone have to be the same. here is someone who is clearly excited just to be playing and everyone wants he to bow and answer yes massa.
  3. jack lipnowski posted on 01/18/2011 02:14 PM
    Mike Richards knocks out a player w/ ahead shot, that ok right. Richards is a cheap shot artist who's comment should be taken with a grain of salt.
  4. Rick Moffat posted on 01/18/2011 02:41 PM
    I really get the impression Rivs is trying to help. Once a Hab always a Hab, afterall. I hope he's dealt out of Buffalo and gets a chance to provide leadership for another Stanley Cup run this spring.
  5. duane from habfans posted on 01/18/2011 04:17 PM
    It a shame that anytime someone in the NHL steps outside the definition of the typical cookie cutter hockey player they are slammed. In every other sport its celebrated but in the NHL its taboo.
  6. Mats Naslund posted on 01/18/2011 04:27 PM
    Please... Rivet has been scratched more than PK this year. PK is the NHL's whipping boy right now. They all sure loved him at the World Juniors though. I guess its only disrespect when he's doing it to YOUR team. There was nothing in PK's celebration that hasn't been done by Taylor Hall and Pat Kane THIS YEAR!
  7. Robert Bates posted on 01/18/2011 05:12 PM
    Rivet's comments sort of surprised me. He was a very underrated player for Canadiens and a hard worker. Guess he has a bit of Dimwit Don Cherry disease. Who would have thought???? He is also way wrong -- keep playing just like you are PK - don't let these "code" guys get to you.
  8. Disgruntled70sHab ... HabsRus posted on 01/18/2011 05:30 PM
    It's unfortunate, but it seems to be the way it is right now. However, it wasn't Mike Richards who alerted the league, it was Don Cherry on one of his between-periods, self-affirmation segments. And now that the rest of the league has been properly biased, it's all about how right he is. A friend of mine asked one time, "... would it be different if PK were a Bruin or a Leaf?" Well done, Don.
  9. Dorf on Hockey posted on 01/18/2011 05:59 PM
    I'm a Hab fan. If PK were doing the exact same thing, conducting himself in the manner described by Rivet and Richards et al and if PK were playing in Boston or TO, some Hab fans would think clearer and see what these vets are really talking about. Rivet gave all he could for the city of MTL when he was here. I liked him on the the team. He holds some credibility when he has something to say about PK and for all of PK's swagger and flash, there's an underlying notion that he has a sense of entitlement befitting a seasoned veteran in the league.
  10. Ed posted on 01/19/2011 02:28 AM
    Every other team has a guy that gets under the skin of the opposition. PK is ours. Why is that so wrong. I like Rivet but he has plenty to keep him busy in Buffalo. Don't worry about us!
  11. John Hogan posted on 01/19/2011 01:32 PM
    To all those stuck in the 60's and 70's there is a sale on bell bottom pants at Morgans's. In the new world of entertainment/sports it takes more then stats to be noticed. Where is this so called code with regards to Crosby? It's what it is- BS. How long has he been out? The day you start to listen to your rivals is the day you should start looking for another job. Maybe a job at the CBC shining Don's shoes.
  12. Steve posted on 01/20/2011 06:55 AM
    PK deserves to celebrate especially after all the negative media attention he has been getting this season. What PK is missing is the support of his very own veteran team mates. If they would stand up for PK publicly, I can assure you the negative attention would disappear and PK will play with more confidence. It is quite evident that certain team mates don't approve of PK, but you know what guys, don't display it on the ice in front of the home town crowd. Help PK celebrate the huge 2 points he just you the same way you would if it were "Cammy", "Plek" or "Gomer" that would have scored the goal. As for Coach Martin, it is your job to keep the team united and playing as 1. Don't take sides when your veterans come crying!!!
  13. brian caldwell posted on 01/22/2011 04:38 AM
    it sounds like a lot of sour grapes.
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