Pierre Gauthier Shopping Wishlist

Posted By: Rick Moffat · 5/18/2011 2:02:00 PM

Pierre Gauthier Shopping Wishlist Introduction

By: Rick Moffat and Ryan Rider 

Attention: General Manager Pierre Gauthier

You’ve got a lot of big decisions to make in the coming weeks. We’ve decided to help the GM here at CJAD by giving him a shopping list of names. The following is a list of players who are set to become unrestricted free agents, and will be available for the Habs’ picking and choosing. We searched through every single team in the NHL and have compiled a list of players who would be beneficial to the Montreal Canadiens. The fate of the “Bleu, Blanc, Rouge” is in your hands Mr. Gauthier, so make sure to pick right – and feel free to shop until you drop.

The goal is to stay within the boundaries of the salary cap while still ensuring that the team has enough depth. Because of this, we’ve divided the list into three parts – part one is “Mr. Molson Busts a Cap”, which focuses on experienced players but will be heavy on the wallet. Part two is “Only Enough of Molson’s Money’s for a Six-Pack”, for the in between if the Habs have some spaces to fill and some money to spend. And part three is the “Already Cashed in the Molson Empties”; the bargain situation packed with uncertainties and rookie picks if Molson’s money is all dry.

Mr. Gauthier, be smart with your choices and let the fans yearn for and look forward to the promises of tomorrow – the 2011-12’ season will be here before you know it. Think of this as our CJAD wishlist, or even better yet some informed advice to Pierre Gauthier as to whom to approach for contract talks during the off-season with the Molson money.

Part 1 – Mr. Molson Busts a Cap!

In the unlikely dream situation where salary cap limitations and money were not an issue, here are the big-time established players that Gauthier ought to pick up. Mr. Molson may bust a cap in doing so, but these players are established and proven to make a difference. If Gauthier can get these players, then success becomes inevitable.

1) Jagr, Jaromir (Avangard Omsk - $7,000,000)

GP: 49, G: 19, A: 31, P: 50 

We would recommend giving a look to Jaromir Jagr, who has been playing quite well in the KHL and for Czech in the IIHF World Championships. The NHL veteran is looking to make a comeback to the league, and would likely come in for a reasonably affordable contract. Rumours persist that he is looking to get in the 2M$ range, which is very inexpensive for a player with his talent and experience.

2) Selanne, Teemu (Anaheim Ducks - $3,250,000).

GP: 73, G: 31, A: 49, P: 80

Veteran player had a great season at 40 years old scoring 31 goals and 49 assists for a total of 80 points in the 2010-11 season for the Anaheim Ducks. He would help the Montreal Canadiens’ offense immensely.

3) Cole, Erik (Carolina Hurricanes - $3,000,000)

GP: 82, G: 26, A:26, P:52

The only things holding back Erik Cole are the fact that he wants to stay with the Hurricanes and that he tends to get repeatedly injured. He is an excellent skater, and plays a rough style of hockey that leads to many goals.

4) Sullivan, Steve (Nashville Predators - $3,750,000)

GP: 44, G:10, A:12, P:22

What he lacks in size he brings out in other areas as Sullivan is an excellent skater, a natural leader, tenacious with the puck, and has the willpower to make it big.

5) Lidstrom, Nicklas (Red Wings - $6,200,000)

GP: 82, G:16, A:46, P:62, +/-: -2

At the top of the list of defensive players is Nicklas Lidstrom, who would provide a much-needed boost to the Hab’s struggling defense. He took 62 points in 82 games this past season, and stopped countless pucks from getting into the Wings’ net. If he is available, Gauthier should grab him.

6) Richards, Brad (Dallas Stars - $7,800,000)

GP: 72, G:28, A: 49, P:77

When talking about elite-level players, you can’t leave Brad Richards off the list. He is making the maximum salary allowed by the cap, but was worth every dollar for the Stars as he got 77 points in 72 games for them. A great puck shooter and team leader, he would be a great snatch.

Part 2 – Only Enough of Molson’s Money’s for a Six-Pack

1) Ehrhoff, Christian (Vancouver Canucks - $3,400,000)

GP: 79, G:14, A:36, P:50, +/-: 19

Ehrhoff has lots of penalty minutes and is a vital fighter. An offensive defenseman with a very bright future in the NHL. Would be a great steal for the Habs.

2) Leino, Ville (Philadelphia Flyers - $800,000)

GP: 81, G: 19, A: 34, P: 53

Leino had a great season and will be one of this year’s hottest free agents. Young player has a load of potential and lots of assists. He will be looking for a more prominent role, higher salary, and for the Canadiens can be a good “replacement” for Scott Gomez.

3) Montador, Steve (Buffalo Sabres - $1,550,000)

GP: 73, G: 5, A:21, P:26,+/-: 16

Sabres’ Montador is adaptable and a fast skater. As a defenseman he is very skilled at hitting the puck and also has experience as a winger.

4) Svatos, Marek (Ottawa Senators/Nashville Predators - $800,000)

GP: 28, G:4, A:4, P:8

Svatos has been down with multiple injuries plaguing him in recent months with Ottawa and Nashville. In the past he was a persistent goal scorer for Colorado and when at 100% is great with controlling the puck and shooting them into the net. Hopefully he can overcome his adversities and show that he deserves to be in the NHL.

5) Shannon, Ryan (Ottawa Senators - $625,000)

GP:79, G:11, A:16, P:27, +/-:26

Shannon is consistent, and can play both center and wing. He’s good at both offense and defense, and doesn’t come with a big price tag. His versatility and low cost make him a perfect pick for the Habs.

Curtis Glencross was a part of this section of our list but unfortunately is no longer available. The Calgary Flames have re-signed the emerging star to a new deal, which will have him making $10.2 million dollars over four years. Glencross earned $1.2 million in 2010-11 and was set to become an unrestricted free agent. He set career-highs in goals with 24, and points with 43 this past season and will have a cap hit of $2.55 million in 2011-12. This gives us a feel for how much an increase a player of that level can expect in upcoming contract negotiations.

Part 3 - “Already Cashed in the Molson Empties”

1) Ericsson, Jon (Detroit Red Wings - $900,000)

GP: 74, G: 3, A: 12, P:15, +/-: 15

Very good conditioning and endurance. Large frame at 6’4, 220 can stop pucks when his mind is straight and rarely gets tired or hurt. Downside is that he is still developing as a defenseman and needs more practice to be an NHL-level player.

2) Harrold, Peter (Edmonton Oilers - $583,333)

GP: 19, G:1, A:3, P:4

Harrold is a good skater, is very fast, and stops pucks and sends them back out. With a  little fine tuning, can develop into a very good player.

3) Petiot, Richard (Edmonton Oilers - $550,000)

GP: 2, G: 0, A: 0, P: 0

Canadian-born Petiot did not get much time to play in the NHL in his rookie season. He consistently does quite well in the AHL, but was mixed bag for the Oilers who did not give him much playing time. He’s an inexpensive player, and would be worth giving a shot.

4) Liffiton, David (Colorado Avalanche - $500,000)

GP: 4, G:1, +/-: 3

6’2, 210 pounder is strong and very physical. He’s a rough gritty player who firmly defends.

5) Clitsome, Grant (Columbus Blue Jackets - $550,000)

GP: 31, G: 4, A: 15, P: 19

Rookie Clitsome had 4 goals, 15 assists for 19 points in 31 games. Knows his role and seeks to become an elite defensemen.

6) Smith, Derek (Ottawa Senators - $550,000)

GP: 9, G:0, A:1, P:1, +/-: 3

Possesses an excellent shot and a goal-scorer's mentality.

7) Tambellini, Jeff (Vancouver Canucks - $500,000)

GP: 62 G: 9 A: 8 P: 17 +/-: 10 

Plays a safe, steady game from behind the blue-line. Has NHL size and can produce points at lower levels. Is said to shine in both shootouts and during power plays.

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  1. Shawn Wilken posted on 05/18/2011 05:45 PM
    Only ones on your list I can agree with are Cole and MAYBE Selanne at forward and Ehrhoff at defense. I think I've had enough of people wanting Jagr in Montreal. Sure he can play still and has good chemistry with Plekanec, there are many more problems then there are positives. He's a prima-donna, complains about ice-time, does not play defensively at all (which under Martin's coaching, is a bad thing), and also wants to be the big leader in the dressing room. With Gio, Gill (hopefully coming back) and others, Habs don't need any more leaders. Why did you not mention Laich? He would look great in the Habs top 6. On defense, why no mention of of Bieksa? Instead, you've mentioned a whole lot of guys that Montreal probably wouldn't be interested in and others that either Montreal have too many of or are on the bring of retirement (Lidstrom, as if he would retire anywhere else but Detroit). All Habs need, if they don't believe Kostitsyn is an impact player, is a top 6 forward, a defenseman or two and a bottom 6 player that can add size and grit, i.e.: Konopka!
  2. eric posted on 05/19/2011 12:40 AM
    I like the idea of Jagr for 1 yr plus option. Will give us a chance to let the young guns to develop 1 more year in the AHL. I think our D is in good shape if we sign Markov. Dump Gomez and give DD a chance.He'll get more than 37 pts in a year. Pac knows DD from the A and I think Eller, AK and Darche would be a good 3 rd line. IDustin Boyd was good in Calgary and the only reason they traded him was to get Olli Jokenin. He'd be excellent on the 4th line. Get rid of Moen and bring up Palusja.for grooming.
  3. JP posted on 05/19/2011 09:47 AM
    Weak. Selanne ? Lidstrom ? These guys are never signing here and are retiring or staying put. What is the point of even including them ? Cole is bust a cap but Ehrhoff isn't ? You don't know what you're talking about. Guaranteed that Ehrhoff gets a bigger deal. Likewise Ericsson said he wanted to stay with the wings. It is however rumored he refused a 2M or 3M deal to stay with them. You ain't going to get him for a song. I could go on, but the rest is just as bad/ignorant. A list made by people who have no clue, I'm sorry to say.
  4. Halfnthebag posted on 05/19/2011 12:53 PM
    Only one of these guys should be on any list affiliated with the Habs with all of what Montreal has to do this off season with re-signs or decisions regarding resigning. Despite Shawn's comments about Jagr's defensive prowess, he would be the only one they should look at. Short term commitment, short term money. He wouldn't necessarily play huge minutes... depending on his situation an 82 game season is a long time for 39. Any of those other forwards - likely including Selanne - would be looking for more than a one or 2 yr deal. A luxury Montreal does not have when looking at their current (2011) needs, and looking into the future a year or two down the road when Price and Subban have to be resigned. And Montreal would be out of the bidding for Erhoff. Nice addition yes, but, too much salary required to keep him. The guys over at RDI (french station) even mentioned keeping hamrlik, and having Diaz and Emelin ready to go as 3rd and 4th pairing D to start the season. If that's the case, Markov/Jorges, Gill/Subban, Spacek/Diaz, Hamrlik/Emelin and Weber as replacement?? Not saying this would happen, Gill and Hamrlik are really getting up there in age and if Gill is kept... Hamrlik is gone. So PG has things to settle but.. I don't foresee any of these guys making the Habs roster in 2011, nor do I see Shawn's recruit in a Habs uni now that Ryan White is coming along.....
  5. Joe Jaszberenyi posted on 05/19/2011 03:43 PM
    Enjoyed the humor in your article. You do make some interesting suggestions, like Brad Richards and Erhoff... Bieksa from the Canucks would also be a great pick-up for the Habs... However, depending on what happens in the playoffs Vancouver may not let him go... Also, at $700,000 Sean Bergenheim may be a very nice pick-up... And at 1.5 M. - Joel Ward might be worth a look, also... Oh, if only Ryan Kesler was available... and (because of his name & impressive talent) Matt Moulson would've been great to have in Montreal, too ... Cheers! :)
  6. George Housakos posted on 05/19/2011 05:36 PM
    Get JAGR
  7. Ryan Rider posted on 05/19/2011 07:03 PM
    This article is meant to be a wishlist of suggestions to Pierre Gauthier. It is not a full list of every unrestricted free agent prospect, but a list of some players we think could help the Canadiens in a DREAM scenario. We took into account the players stats, their salaries, and future potential. Many of those listed have slim to no chance of coming to the Habs, but we decided to include them as a DREAM scenario. Obviously, Lidstrom is not going to leave Detroit. Teemu Selanne is likely to stay with Koivu in Anaheim next season. BUT if they were to be available, and money was not an issue, in a DREAM scenario it would be great to have both veterans join the Habs.

    I disagree with anybody who says Jaromir Jagr would not be a worthy addition to the Canadiens’ franchise. He’s experienced, still in great shape, and looking to make a return to the NHL for a reasonably-priced paycheck. He and Plekanec were a very good tandem together playing for Czechs at the World Championship.

    JP: Cole was put in our “bust a cap” section, because it would cost a lot to steal him away from the Hurricanes. Ehrhoff is close to busting the cap but we decided to put him in the middle section.

    Halfnthebag: Guys like Selanne and Jagr are not looking for a long-term deal. They’re going season by season, seeing how they hold up. I definitely agree that one of Habs’ management’s priorities right now should be to sign Carey Price and P.K. Subban to long-term deals.

    I agree that Brooks Laich would be a great pick up for the Habs. He would be in our “six pack” middle section. He’s excelled this season with the Washington Capitals, scoring 16 goals and 48 points in 82 games.

    Joe: I’d love to get Brad Richards, but his asking price of over $8 million and the salary cap limits will keep that from happening. That’s why he’s on our DREAM list. Good suggestions on Bieksa, Bergenheim and Ward, who have played well this post-season.

    Once again, this is not a definitive and objective list. It’s open to debate and input from you as a CJAD 800 listener as to who’s on your shopping wishlist. Who you would pick in different scenarios: If money were not an issue? If you have a modest budget for blue chippers? Or do you have little to spend and want to go for some younger prospects that can do well and be light on the wallet?

    DREAM big, it won’t hurt anybody in the Real or Fantasy Worlds of Hockey.

    Thanks for all your comments and please keep the discussion going, positive or negative. But make sure that if you disagree, offer up other player choices as alternatives.

    P.S. We chose not to include current Habs, many of whom are becoming UFA’s on July 1st and would be good to re-sign to new deals as well. That will be coming up in a new CJAD 800 blog.

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