HEFTER: Habs buyers or sellers?

Posted By: Abe Hefter · 1/23/2012 3:08:00 PM

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, don't count me among those who want to see general manager Pierre Gauthier blow up this team and start from scratch.

Never mind whether or not you think Gauthier should still be in charge at this point. The fact of the matter is:  He IS.  And as long as the Canadiens are alive and kicking in the race for a playoff spot in the East, I think Gauthier should go out there and do everything he can to improve this team's prospects for this season.

And that does NOT include going into "fire sale" mode.

That's not to say Gauthier shouldn't trade veteran talent for prospects and/or draft choices.  It's still important for the GM to keep the big picture in mind, but the big picture includes the "here and now."

I am NOT ready to watch Gauthier throw up his hands in frustration and give up on this season.  I am NOT ready to watch Gauthier go into panic mode and trade his best players (after all, those are the only ones with some serious market value) in an effort to re-build for the future.

Because there is absolutely no guarantee that this team will be any better off.

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  1. steve e posted on 01/23/2012 05:24 PM
    Abe, I'd like to comment on your post regarding Mr. Gauthier and the state of his team now and in the future.

    I grew up in Montreal for 23 years and now live in NJ. Still I watch all the Canadiens games I can, and listen avidly to the radio for those that aren't televised. It's a real frustration to me that the team has self-imploded this year, and is probably not coming back this season. They shouldn't have canned the coaching staff so quickly, as we know that teams rarely do much better with this move. The record was close to .500 before JM left, and where are we now.

    The biggest problem in Montreal are those rabid fans who expect the Canadiens of 2012 to be the caliber of the 1975 team. Ain't gonna happen any time soon. The pressure put on the team to win now must make Montreal a miserable place to play at times, so how can you attract the good UFAs here, french or english. Add to that the nonsense of some in the local french media pushing their political agenda on their sports team. If I was a player I'd be screaming and running for the door!
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