Morgan: How a once-mighty organization has fallen

Posted By: Barry Morgan · 2/1/2012 6:16:00 PM

It will be at least 20 years between Stanley Cup titles for the Montreal Canadiens. That is, if they win the championship next year. It's been awhile since most of us gave up any hope the team would even make the playoffs this year.

It's hard to understand how thousands of Montrealers, people in their early 20's, have no recollection of the last time the Habs won the cup, in 1993, when they beat the L-A Kings.

I'm more than aware that the landscape of the NHL has changed so much since the 90's or the 80's. More teams, watered-down talent(generally speaking).

But this is still the Montreal Canadiens we're talking about.

Why is it that the Detroit Red Wings, for instance, have been one of the better teams in the NHL for so many years? What are they doing that the Habs can't do? Better drafting, better trades, better coaching.

It's a sad fact, but the Habs have become an also-ran team. When once the goal was to win the championship, these days it's simply about just making the playoffs. And that's been no guarantee.

I honestly thought the Canadiens would have been better, much better, than what we've seen this season.

So why should there be any optimism next year? There will likely be a new head coach and new general manager(hopefully) but what will that accomplish in the short-term?

People from my generation, having grown up in the 70's, are beyond frustrated. But let's face it, those days are long gone and will never return.

I don't expect the Habs to win cup after cup. That's no longer realistic. But it becomes even more painful when an organization that's won more NHL titles than any other has become as relevant to the road to the Stanley Cup as the New Jersey Nets are on the road to an NBA championship.



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  1. steve e posted on 02/02/2012 10:51 AM

    There's no excuse for the Canadiens. The only explanation I can possibly consider is that because so many unreasonable expectations are made of the players and staff, there is just a sense of futility sometimes. Plus the linguistic requirements made of the coaches and admin make it impossible to bring in the absolute best of each. The list is quickly narrowed down to only those who speak French, so we're ignoring a ton of other super-qualified candidates. What serious players who are free agents would want to consider this circus that we experienced this year!

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