Players to meet Owners directly

Posted By: Rick Moffat · 12/2/2012 5:28:00 PM

Maybe there is hope.  Maybe the season is not a lost cause.

Six players and a half-dozen owners will meet Tuesday in hopes of saving the NHL season.

The average player is now losing $12,500.00/day.   NHL owners claim they're losing $10-$18-million/day.

Geoff Molson of the Canadiens has said repeatedly he wants to salvage a season, but the Habs' owner is shut out of the group.

The Leafs' Larry Tannenbaum IS involved, as is the Jets' Owner and NHL hardliner Jeremy Jacobs.

I think Bettman and Fehr should be locked into a room and forced to stay there with food and drink being served to them only at NHL arena prices.  See how soon they settle.

The rinks have no game.   

Thus inspired(or angered), let this familiar tune from U2 keep your passion for hockey alive, or boil your blood until the owners and the players find a way to get along.

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