Game on! Prust tweets street hockey game

Posted By: Chantal Desjardins · 10/16/2012 6:19:00 PM


Montreal Canadiens forward Brandon Prust couldn’t have realized when he woke up this morning that this would be the day the league would table an offer to the NHLPA.

So when he hit up twitter this afternoon with  “Anyone want to play a road hockey game?! Join me at 4:30PM outside the Bell Centre right beside St. Hubert / the Metro.. Who's in?!”  and started getting responses,  he knew he had to hit the streets regardless of what was happening in Toronto.

“It went from an innocent idea that we`d do a road hockey game, and obviously today turned out to be a bigger day than we had played but we had to stick with it”.

Fellow Canadien Colby Armstrong also laced up his hightops alongside the fans outside the Bell Centre. Armstrong was happy to hear that there was movement between the two sides for the first time since September 12th, and says it’s a good sign for getting the season on track.

“I’m sure the Fehr brothers are looking over it with their crew right now to see the inside and outs of it and i’m sure they`ll get back to us as soon as possible with their findings.  I saw some quotes from Don and obviously they`re optimistic that they want to do some real negotiations now.”

And while Prust agrees, he says it’s too soon to tell if it’s an offer the NHLPA will be willing to accept. “We’ll know more later today when we start talking and we get our updates from Don, but it’s good that there`s movement but it’s also something that’s going to look good for the owners and everybody`s going to want to say that everyone’s on the owners side so it’s tough to say right now.”

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