MOFFAT: Time for Horton to hear a Habs' "wooooo"

Posted By: Rick Moffat · 7/4/2013 8:46:00 AM

Sorry Hefter, but I have to veto your misguided free-agent advice for Bergevin.  In fact I give it the Ference Finger.

I don't want any part of any player who has taunted Canadiens fans and gone above and beyond rudeness in the heat of playoff battle.

More important---Ference doesn't fit on the ice.

His Bruins' teammate Nathan Horton does.  

Horton scored the OT goal that knocked the Habs out of their last post-season duel in Boston.  Horton scored the goal that jump-started the Bruins' incredible comeback against the Leafs this spring.

You want character? 

Nathan Horton's production in the playoffs rises to the occasion.  David Clarkson tanks at least in terms of point production.  Even my guilty pleasure Jaromir Jagr can't boost his point-scoring/game with the lure of a Stanley Cup at the end of his rainbow.

Horton's goal-scoring jumps from .335 to .349/game and point totals from .680 to .837 in the playoffs.

Clarkson drops from .228 to just .113 goals/game, .399 to .318 in point production.

The Habs are no longer in the Top 10 in NHL spending.  Mr. Molson, as part-owner through the Solidarity Fund, you've got my two cents worth.  

Go all in for Horton, get Subban his 8-year contract extension and let Habs fans steal not just a Bruin villain but steal the goal celebration and give Horton a "Woooo" everytime he scores if that's what it takes to make him feel at home.

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