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Posted By: Dan Delmar · 12/11/2013 2:06:00 PM

My final show of 2013 was fairly intense. Quebec's minister responsible for international relations/commerce, la Francophonie and the Anglophone community, Jean-François Lisée, was my special guest co-host for the entire show.

It's exeedingly rare for a government minister of any stripe to do two hours of live radio (and by rare I mean unheard of), let alone a Péquiste on CJAD 800! I couldn't imagine a Conservative government minister accepting such a challenge. Lisée's office did not send me any requests on the content of the program; the Charter of Values, the protection of the French language and much more were on the menu. 

Not surprisingly, we disagreed on most, but not all, issues. He was a good sport and this 'Exchange' reminded me that when political debates in Quebec get intense, as they often do, cooler heads prevail and creating a climate of open, calm and informed discussion can never be a bad thing. 

You can listen to the entire show here:


I introduced Mr. Lisée to Rabbi Yisroel Bernath of Chabad NDG, the creator of the Quebec Kippah. He designed them following the PQ's unveiling of the Charter of Values. Rabbi Bernath expressed to the Minister the sadness and pain felt in the Jewish community over this piece of proposed legislation.


Rabbi Bernath then gave Lisée two autographed kippahs; one for himself, and one for Premier Pauline Marois. I also signed the Minister's kippah with the following inscription: "Nous sommes tous des Québécois. Joyeux Noël!"


I'll be taking a few weeks off The Exchange to catch up on some work and rest. Thank you to CJAD 800 listeners for the support during what has been a very intense year in Quebec politics. Happy holidays! 

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