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Delmar vs. SSJB's Mario Beaulieu - in French

Posted By: Dan Delmar · 12/14/2013 12:23:00 PM

Société St. Jean Baptiste president Mario Beaulieu targets CJAD 800, the National Post and myself specifically in their "report" (Word document full of incoherent, out-of-context examples of Quebec-bashing in the form of newspaper clippings, anonymous slander on social media and bathroom graffiti) on "Francophobia" released this week. 

So, that's weird and untrue. It's common for amateur pundits to confuse criticism of a government or media with criticism of the given society's entire population. Combined with naming naughty journalists like a modern-day Joseph McCarthy, the SSJB's is a dangerous form of populism that is a rot in the public discourse.

I decided to give Beaulieu the advantage in a debate and grill him in French on CJAD (the last French interview I did on CJAD was with former school secretary/porn star Samantha Ardante, so he's in good company). It's my second language, so I was shaky at times, but I think he did a decent job of proving my points for me: WE DENOUNCE INTOLERANCE. NOW HERE'S A LIST OF PEOPLE WE CANNOT TOLERATE. Awesome.

Fagstein has a fun piece on their campaign today.

You can listen to the interview and my translation/debrief sesh with producer Sarah Deshaies below:

photo: CP

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