VIDEO: Landry goes ballistic on Mourani!

Posted By: Dan Delmar · 12/19/2013 12:31:00 AM

I doubt there is a more perfect metaphor for the debate surrounding Quebec's identity crisis.

This evening on RDI's 24/60, former Premier Bernard Landry had an impromptu debate with MP Maria Mourani, who announced today that she is no longer a sovereignist because of the divisive Charter of Values.

In one corner, you have Landry who is absolutely flipping out, resorting to name-calling, taking her decision personally and even opening himself up to accusations of sexism by referring to his opponent as "my dear." In the other corner you have Mourani, who is calm, concise and completely informed on issues of identity, immigration and cultural integration (no, M. Landry, France is most certainly not integrating immigrants properly - riots on the regular). She absolutely schooled our former Premier (the debate begins at around 11 minutes, but the whole segment is great).

Mourani exposes the pro-Charter movement for what it is: A cynical sovereignist ploy to divide the population with a faux crisis, grounded neither in reality nor civility, for electoral gain. It's a shameful exercise and we can debate it politely all we like, but the fact remains: Only one side of this debate is for discrimination, even if they see it as a positive form of discrimination. When you discriminate, you make enemies. So, suck it up, M. Landry, and don't throw fits on television because you're losing the argument. It's undignified.

I'll also be so bold as to predict that Mourani will go on to become one of Quebec's most important politicians in the next decade, if she plays her cards right. I, of course, love a good provocateur and she certainly is one. Time to make some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.

video: RDI via YouTube

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