Real, hoax or marketing ploy?

Posted By: Trudie Mason · 12/19/2011 9:31:00 AM

Is it a hoax, is it a clever marketing gimmick - or did a penguin really go on the lam from the Biodome?

A video posted on YouTube appears to show a penguin waddling around  the Olympic Stadium park as the tourists filming it giggle at its antics.  Then a security guard arrives on the scene and reports on his walkie-talkie that the penguin has been located. 

The video implies the penguin escaped from the nearby Biodome.  There are a number of the seabirds in the facility's Antarctica ecosystem exhibit.

After CJAD spoke with the Biodome's Nadine Fortin, she confirms no penguins escaped. 

The truth is the video is actually a class project from Centre NAD students.  It's a training centre for  3D animation and visual effects here in Montreal.  Spokesperson Pascal Dery says the video of the Olympic park was shot last fall, then students created their own virtual penguin and put the two together.  And voila, add a few human elements, the penguin keeper is actually a friend of the students as well as some fake tourists, and you've got yourself a video that looks a real penguin on the loose.

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