Halal and Kosher meat "an affront to Quebec values," PQ says

Posted By: Angelica Montgomery · 3/14/2012 4:03:00 PM

Two major Quebec political parties are speaking out against Halal and Kosher meat.

The Parti Quebecois says killing animals according to Jewish and Muslim ritual causes suffering, and also produces unhealthy meat.

"If I had the choice at the counter," says Parti Quebecois MNA André Simard. "I would not buy it."

Those who endorse Kosher and Halal meats often argue that the animals are killed quickly, and suffer less.

But, Simard also says the Halal and Kosher method could be dangerous for human health. "Ritual slaughter also concerns sanitary risks," he says, because, it involves bleeding of the animal after its death, which he says could lead to E-coli contamination.

François Legault's CAQ says it shares the PQ's animal welfare concerns, and is also calling for mandatory labelling for any Halal or Kosher meat.

The controversy arose after a slaughterhouse near St.-Hyacinthe that produces Halal chicken said that some of its products are sold to the general public, without any labelling.

Olymel, which owns the plant, says that the chicken in question is not slaughtered according to the traditional Islamic method, but is simply prayed over by an Imam.

Liberals to ask for labelling

Quebec's Agriculture minister, in the meantime, will ask the federal government to impose mandatory labelling on all animals killed according to the religious rites.

Liberal MNA Lawrence Bergman says the public has a right to transparency. But, he says Parti Quebecois' comments are nonetheless disturbing. "If you read between the lines, there is really ethnic bashing, which, in my opinion, is odious, unacceptable, and reeks of intolerance."

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  1. Phil posted on 03/14/2012 05:58 PM
    "Kosher...produces unhealthy meat" so is that why when there was the case of Mad Cow disease, there were zero cases of the disease found in Kosher meat?
    The PQ should concern themselves with more important issues, and if they want to go around making statements like that, they should first take a closer look at history and also at the process.
  2. fadi posted on 03/14/2012 06:39 PM
    Scientific description of slaughter
    “Then, by using a very, very sharp knife (which should be kept like a surgeon’s
    knife in sharpness and cleanliness, as previously stated by Dr. Ghulam Khan
    (UFAW, 19 a deep swift cut is done instantaneously and quickly to the blood
    vessels of the neck (the two caroid arteries which carry blood to the brain and head,
    the two jugular veins which bring blood from the brain back to the heart), the
    trachea (windpipe) and the oesophagus (gullet), but the central nervous system (the . spinal cord) should be kept safe and intact (not cut).
    This deep, large cut through all the blood vessels of the neck causes acute blood
    loss and haemorrhagic shock: we know the blood is under great pressure,
    especially in the big carotid arteries (systolic pressure) and at high speed and,
    according to physical law, the pressure always goes from the higher to lower
    resistance - the point of the cut is the point of low resistance for blood to and from
    the brain. As there is a fully intact, alive heart, most of the blood is going to be
    pumped and poured out quickly under pressure leading to a rapid fall in the blood
    pressure. Thus depriving the brain of its main source of oxygen and glucose, and
    with no blood which is necessary to keep the animal alive and functioning and able to deal with any perceptive sensation this leads to anoxia and almost immediate loss of consciousness (anesthetization or “stunning”). The cerebrospinal fluid pressure falls even more rapidly than the blood pressure because of the jugular veins being cut, which results in a deep shock and further loss of consciousness.
    The animal at this stage after the cut is in a stable and quiet state with no movement or any distressed behavior. One would assume, if there was any pain or suffering, it would kick, move or show signs of aggitation. After this short resting phase, and because the brain is deprived of oxygen and blood due to the huge amount of bleeding, the heartbeats increase to increase the flow of blood to the brain and other deprived areas. Tonic and clonic involuntary contractions and convulsions start and occur as automatic physiological reflexes to send and push blood, especially to the brain. These contractions and convulsions are ‘painless’ (not, as the layman would imagine, that the kicking is due to the pain) especially when the animal is already unconscious and still has an intact spinal cord with functioning nerves to the limbs, muscles and organs. So, there is a huge amount of bleeding from the initial cut .
    followed by more blood loss due to the continuing squeezing pressure of these
    contractions and convulsions, leading to maximum bleed-out and less retention of
    blood in the carcass, giving a better quality of meat [both safer and healthier (this is like the direct method of slaughter, “but without stunning”)].
    I would like to end this section of my talk with at least one testimonial from, for
    example, Lord Horder GCVO, MD, FRCP, who explained this type of slaughtering
    scientifically (and without the use of stunning):
    ‘The animal loses consciousness immediately. It is difficult to conceive a more
    painless and rapid mode of death; for a few seconds after the cut is made, the
    animal makes no movement, its body is then convulsed, the convulsive movements continue for about a minute and then cease. The interpretation of this fact is clear:
    the cut is made by a knife so sharp and so skillfully handled that a state of syncope with its associated unconsciousness follows instantaneously upon the severing of the blood pressure. The movement of the animal which begins at about 90 seconds are epileptiform in nature and are due to the blood-less state of the brain (cerebral ischemia with complete anoxaemia). Sensation has been abolished at the moment of the initial syncope.(((finally i will leave it for your logical judgement)))
  3. JAB posted on 03/14/2012 07:03 PM
    Must be a slow day in Government to complaint about Kosher meat.
    Let see now, how many years Kosher meat has been served in Montreal ?
    And how many got sick ?

    Right, case closed
  4. Mike Anderson posted on 03/14/2012 09:49 PM
    I agree that all halal and kosher meats should be labeled. There are religious groups out there who do not eat Halal meat. I don't know about how unsanitary those types of slaughtering are, but from what I understand the animal doesn't die quickly and suffers. Also, if the chicken is only prayed over by an imam, that doesn't make it Halal according to Islam. I'm surprised more Muslims aren't offended by that companies practices. From what I understand from my classes and readings, there is a specific way the meat is to be cut and the blood is to be drained as the animal slowly passes into a sleep-like state and dies.
  5. Drew posted on 03/15/2012 01:24 PM
    All halal and kosher meats should be labeled and then we make the decision if we buy it or not.
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