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Posted By: Laura Casella · 9/25/2012 1:06:00 PM

The student strike may be over, but nationalist student groups from several French CEGEPs and universities are turning their attention to sovereignty and what they feel is the over financing of English schools.

"We have to talk about it, and we have to convince our generation that sovereignty and education are linked," says Louis-Philippe Sauvé, the head of the nationalist student group at Cegep Vieux-Montréal.

He says the plan isn't to go out into the streets, but create a dialogue.

Meanwhile, the groups say English CEGEPs and universities get too much money from the government.

Paolo Philpot is with the Société St-Jean Baptiste. He says while English institutions are important, they should not be receiving 25% funding when the anglophone community in Quebec represents 8%. 

"And when you look at English Canada," he says, "the French communities don't receive much for their institutions. So the French minority outside Quebec is under-financed, and the English minority in Quebec is over-financed."

The groups say they are not creating division between anglophones and francophones, they are just bringing up a discussion, a debate, that must be have and settled once and for all. 

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  1. john posted on 09/25/2012 01:36 PM
    Is he serious? Someone better tell him that the francophones in other provinces get far MORE ressources than the English in Quebec do..... and most of the money comes from HERITAGE CANADA. This is just getting ridiculous!
  2. alrev posted on 09/25/2012 02:46 PM
    These students seem to have a lot of time on their hands. Seems to me you could all go get a part time job and pay some taxes instead of worrying about how the province is managed. They are now filled with the delusion that mob rule gets you anything you want. Thanks Pauline.
  3. boohoo posted on 09/25/2012 03:06 PM
    It's not getting ridiculous it's gettin hilarious! give in to students' tantrums and they will find anything and everything under the sun to complain and tantrum about -- as a parent, I never gave into tantrums, and they didn't last very long. Oh for sure, let them have a dialogue, so it can be pointed out to them how it really is. This is what is meant by 'let the streets govern' - and we get bright and clever outcomes as these. (sic). As far as I think, they can dialogue about whatever they want until the cows come home...when suddenly the minority government will wake up and realze that giving in to their whims and wishes is not a good idea...
  4. sam posted on 09/25/2012 07:00 PM
    congrats PQ you just solidied a generation of spoiled brats.. good job..
    cave into tantrums.. and they will just keep doing it.. Well done.

    I am so ashamed of this provinces Government.. to anyone reading.. please note not all of us agree with such nonsense.. some of us are normal .
  5. LMAO posted on 09/25/2012 08:46 PM
    This is the best reality show ever. I'm so please that Jean Charest does not have to deal with these fools any more. The PQ was so desperate for votes they must have thought this was an easy way to get elected. Well reality is setting in and the spoilt kids are now looting the candy store.
    Tune in next week when the good fairy is going to visit them and work out an hourly rate for them to attend their tuition and a an special monthly allowance for free coffee and iphones.
    Their ignorant comments about over financing and sovereignty should be treated with the contempt they deserve.
  6. Daniel posted on 09/25/2012 10:19 PM
    Someone remind the absent minded SSJB that english cegeps are not solely attended by les maudit anglais, allophones and OMG traitorous francophones attend them as well
  7. Angela posted on 09/26/2012 07:23 AM
    Did I miss math class 101 or is the school funding based on total no. of head count per school. Then is it just possible that less francophone students opt for university. Why was it that no Angelo CEGEPS or Universities opted to strike? I have been saving up my family allowance ever since my children were babies, and they work every summer & Xmas vacation to help pay their way. No govt has ever given anyone a free ride, the biggest lesson in life is if you want something, work your tail off until you achieve it, not just look around and see where is an easy way to take it from someone else, and you wonder why the Anglo kids leave the province??

    My uncles used to get beat up walking to school in Montreal 60 years ago, obviously things never change because too many parents teach their prejudices to their children and so on and so on...........Anything wrong, it must be those darn Anglos again, pesky ones we just can't seem to make go away.
  8. steve posted on 09/26/2012 09:47 AM
    Maybe all funding to english institutions should stop, so that all of the francophone ones could be free. It's obviously a blatant example of government waste! Perhaps it would help reduce the highest drop out rate in Canada. I think not! And where in the rest of the country is a french institution with the stature of McGill university?
  9. JBC posted on 09/26/2012 11:59 AM
    I don't know for sure, but maybe the 25% is based proportionally on the amount of taxes the Anglos pay?
  10. Richard posted on 09/27/2012 01:10 PM
    Why does the English media gives these clowns the time of day?
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