Arrests at Occupy Montreal anniversary protest

Posted By: CJAD · 10/15/2012 4:51:00 PM



Two people have been arrested at a protest to mark the first anniversary of the Occupy Montreal Montreal movement.

Reports suggest as many as three people have been arrested.

The arrests came after about 60 marchers took to the streets, going against traffic and trying to barge their way unsuccessfully into the Caisse de dépot and SNC Lavalin. Some reports indicate minor vandalism at the engineering giant's office on René-Lévesque. The march then led to a mini standoff with riot police at Ste Catherine and Bleury, prompting a round of cursing and yelling by marchers upset with the arrests. They ended up back at Victoria Square where they began, after being tailed by police.

A few posters and banners denouncing the wealthy 1% were erected at the square, reminiscent of the 40 day occupation last year. Their message will continue on the 22nd, their demonstration coinciding with the monthly student marches for free tuition and social change, John Juster among the occupiers.

"We're in the right direction. Some places will take slower, some places will go fast."


Photo: Shuyee Lee

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