Hearing postponed for alleged slumlord

Posted By: Shuyee Lee · 10/22/2012 1:05:00 PM

A notorious Montreal landlord was in court this morning to fight city fines for violating numerous health and safety violations at his apartment buildings.

But the hearing was postponed, further upsetting the ornery landlord.

Claudio di Giambattista was as fiesty as ever, blaming the city and the media for his woes. He interrupted and talked over the judge several times in court, upset over the delay and why he's being asked to pay fines when he insists there's nothing wrong with his buildings which were plagued with water infiltration, mold and vermin. His tenants in the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension borough had to leave the buildings which were shut down.

"I don't have to fix. What fix? The city don't give any notice," di Giambattista told reporters, insisting the city didn't him any warnings about fixing the problems.

Andre Trépanier, spokesman for the tenants' rights group Park Extension Action Committee, said the city has issued numerous warnings and that'll be for the judge to decide.

"I'm happy to see that the city keeps going with the cases and put a lot of tickets and I have a lot of expectations," Trépanier said.

"We hope that now the city of Montreal will do a better application of the housing bylaw."

Photo/video: Shuyee Lee

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  1. Dino posted on 11/15/2012 12:06 PM
    I am a landord as well. As a landlord I try to maintain my propery to the best of my ability however, at times I wish I could look the other way. The reality is most tenants do not mainain a clean dwelling, pay late and expect red carpet service at all times. We are not allowed to ask for security deposits or first/last months rent. There is nothng to protect landlords from seedy tenants. You can argue there is the court system but try suing a tenant who has damaged yourp property and see how long it takes to setle let aoneget your money back. I have a tenant on a payment plan for the last 5 years. This province is garbage. If Mr. Giambattista's tennants didn't like the conditionsthey lived in,they could have moved out long ago leaving the buildng empty and the landlord to lose money. The problem is he probaby pay so little rent that he landlard isn't able to make any repairs. The government should butt of real-esate and let the market dictate rent. You would see a better qauality landlord and better tenants.
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