Lily in the poppy upsets vets

Posted By: Andrew Peplowski · 11/2/2012 4:57:00 AM

Premier Pauline Marois is off to  a bad start with veterans because of the lily in her poppy.

When Marois rose to speak in the National Assembly this week, the remembrance poppy in her label was sporting a fleur de lis pin at its centre.

The President of the Quebec branch of the Royal Canadian Legion says they've been flooded by complaints about the lack of respect shown by the Premier to Canada's war veterans.

The CAQ's Eric Caire, who is also a veteran says he was shocked that the Premier would inject partisan politics into such a symbol.

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  1. Jim Meyer posted on 11/02/2012 06:48 AM
    The Royal Canadian Legion owns the Poppy Symbol. Putting anything in the center is a violation of that copyright. SUE THE BITCH!
    1. LMAO posted on 11/02/2012 07:40 AM
      @Jim Meyer Yes sue her and also the PQ for allowing her to violate the copyright and donate all the money to the veterans. How low to violate the memory of all those who gave their lives in conflicts for all of Canada even QUEBEC..
  2. J Lindsay posted on 11/02/2012 06:54 AM
    Are we really surprised? She doesn't care about CANADIAN vets....
    1. chuck posted on 11/08/2012 06:22 AM
      @J Lindsay I am not surprised at all she did this. She knew it would cause a reaction and did it just to stir the pot.
  3. Buddy Kaybay posted on 11/02/2012 07:23 AM
    I see people wear a poppy with a Canadian flag pin in the centre and nobody complains about that. I took it as a nod to veterans from Quebec. How is that offensive?

    As awful as she is, not everything she does is automatically an attack on Canada.
    1. Drew posted on 11/05/2012 12:42 PM
      @Buddy Kaybay Last time I have read a history book and watched the History Channel Canada declared war on Germany and Japan not Quebec . It is a Canadian Army Navy and Air Force. As of this morning Quebec is part of Canada. We honor all the Vets in Canada
  4. Carol posted on 11/02/2012 07:27 AM
    Low class. Better still, no class.
  5. Kartat posted on 11/02/2012 08:13 AM
    "Nous nous souviendrons d'eux" is being overshadowed by "Je me souviens".
    I feel that this is not the time to play politics, but to remember all veterans, from each and every province and territory of Canada and around the world.
  6. Pete Duncan posted on 11/02/2012 08:38 AM
    Replacing the pin in the poppy by any device even the Canadian flag is considered as DEFACING THE POPPY . Pete Duncan , Veterans Service Officer Zone G4 Ontario Command Royal Canadian Legion .
    1. veronica posted on 11/02/2012 09:09 PM
      @Pete Duncan Are you sure about that? I got a poppy from the veterans with a Canadian flag at its center. they had lots of them
    2. Geo posted on 11/06/2012 06:46 PM
      @Pete Duncan Well, like I mentioned in another comment, the day after the story broke, a veteran at a Walmart here in Montreal handed me one with a Canadian pin. But, I do support NO defacing of the poppy. It should be pure and meant as respect and tribute to those who serve and have served.
  7. hugh posted on 11/02/2012 08:40 AM
    No class.
  8. Sam posted on 11/02/2012 09:09 AM
    Does this woman simply wake up each morning, and turn a big bingo style cylinder wondering who she can piss off this morning? Seriously this is all she has basically done since in office is piss people off. It's not even just the Anglos who hate her.. Francophones as well. She is clearly of no class and has no respect. Our Vetrans from ALL OVER CANADA are the reasons her pathetic excuse of a human body is able to stand here and spill her nonsense to the world. No Vetran in the world would ever for one second agree with her tactics.
    Come on people. Fight this stupid woman with all you got.. Time to force a new election.. Its not even 8 weeks and over 75 percent of this Province does not like her..
    I for one do not want ths disrespectful woman representing me or Quebec for one more second.
  9. Shawn Anderson posted on 11/02/2012 09:38 AM
    IGNORANT! Her picture is being published in the dictionary.
  10. Lloyd Gross posted on 11/02/2012 09:48 AM
    I think the people complaining about this are trivializing the important issues. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a proud Quebecker while honouring Canada's vets, they did fight for Quebecker's freedom as well. I am an Anglo, a Quebecker and a Canadian and I am of all of them. I am ashamed of the people who are acting like this. What must Francophones think of this petty display of misguided bravado
    1. Ryan posted on 11/02/2012 11:45 AM
      @Lloyd Gross Yes, you are correct. The veterans did fight for Quebec.... however the symbol to remember them by has long been the classic red poppy. It symbolizes peace and resurrection. It is a National Canadian symbol.

      Anyways, it's come to a point where Marois "chooses" to try and 'Quebecify' anything she can. Where will this end? Her intentions were good in wearing a poppy, by showing her support, but why does she need to had her piece of flair to an already well established national symbol of Remembrance?

      Politics have no place in mourning the lives of those who sacrificed themselves to give you, me and her a better life!

      Pauline, si vous m'ecoutez, s'il vous plait, commence par attaquer les vrai problemes de la province. La Francisation ce n'est pas un.
  11. Mike D posted on 11/02/2012 11:27 AM
    Why is everyone so upset. This is why the People of Quebec elected her. Good for her standing up to her convictions. If you don't like it leave.

    Vive le Quebec Libre!!
    1. k n posted on 11/05/2012 01:25 PM
      @Mike D people like you are the problem with living in quebec she has no respect for anyone or anything

      screw le quebec libre
  12. Rudolph S posted on 11/02/2012 12:05 PM
    this separatist woman does anything to antagonize and provoke everything Canadian, this is part of her strategy to piss of Canadians und hope Canada will throw her out of the confederation..... eh voila...le quebec libre.....
  13. former Kaybecer posted on 11/02/2012 12:08 PM
    One more step closer to a winning referendum. KICK FRENCH KAYBEC OUT NOW!!!!!!
  14. Amy posted on 11/02/2012 01:45 PM
    Oh you are one crafty *itch Pauline (madame is reserved for people who deserve respect). Distracting us from the fact that you actually have no idea how to govern. The poppy issue is a darn shame, a blatant display of disrespect for those who fought for our country's freedom, NOT just Quebec's freedom.
  15. BHG posted on 11/02/2012 02:29 PM
    The fact that she is wearing the poppy is impressive. I see nothing wrong with the Fleur De Lys in the center. I often see other symbols in the center with no complaints. I think we can find more relevent issues about her policies to be offended by.
  16. Mike_S posted on 11/02/2012 03:25 PM
    All she did was to use a pin to hold the poppy on her lapel. I doubt that she thought much about what pin she used to hold it in place. If we complain that francophone society is too touchy about things what does this say about us?
    1. Amy posted on 11/02/2012 08:07 PM
      @Mike_S You know what Mike_S...... I can't just "get over it". I disagree with you, I think she knew exactly what she was doing when she put that pin on this morning. The fleur de lys is more than just a part of our provinces flag, it has become a politically charged symbol representing French vs English, us vs them mentality. That is why people just can't get over it. It is those who think like you and "get over it" that give Pauline a continuous green light to continue disrespecting others. Decades ago my grandfather fought in the war so that people in this country could have freedoms .......she tries to squash peoples freedoms and is the antithesis of all that they fought for and then has the nerve to disrespect the veterans. No Mike_S I don't think I will "get over it" and I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one.
  17. mw posted on 11/02/2012 05:24 PM
    There is a better time and a place for this kind of ignorance.We as Canadian should never disrespect our veterans or the poppy with politics.Keep it for the province of Quebec and not the veterans.A poppy is a symbol of respect to our veterans and has nothing to do with Quebec.If Quebec does not want to be part of our country then leave.But don't try and shove things down anybodys throat.Do not deface the poppy.Being proud to be a Quebecker has nothing to do with our veterans.
  18. Shady posted on 11/03/2012 12:47 AM
    Is there no end to the disrespect that this woman puts out? It's embarasing to live in a province with such an ignorant leader. Believe me, If I could leave Quebec tomorrow I would. Sadly it's just not possible for now. But as soon as it is, Adios.
  19. Roger Doyle posted on 11/03/2012 09:58 AM
    Actually, it is the LEAST offensive thing I have seen her do in her public life. (And she's gotten off a few zingers, for sure!)
  20. Claude B posted on 11/05/2012 01:45 PM
    I'm not surprised Mrs. Marois would do this, but I'm not shocked by it. She did remove the Quebec Fleur-de-lys after all.
    I've often seen people use a Canada flag pin to hold the poppy in place on their label.
    Let's recall that a lot of young French-Canadians lost their lives during the wars.

    One way or another, she certainly got the attention she was seeking.
    1. geo posted on 11/06/2012 06:49 PM
      @Claude B yes, alot of people lost their lives here in Quebec too. Let's not forget that. There are no borders when it comes to that....Good comment.
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