UPDATED: Deschamps picked for Mayor, Applebaum to quit

Posted By: Michel Boyer · 11/8/2012 8:38:00 PM

The Union Montreal party elected Richard Deschamps as its replacement for Gerald Tremblay. That nomination still has to be approved by council on November 16th.

Within the party, he was up against Helen Fotopoulos and Michael Applebaum.

There had been concerns about Applebaum and Fotopoulos' fluency in French.

Members cast secret ballots who they wanted to see run the party, and possibly in the mayor's chair until November 2013.

"Mr. Deschamps has a very sharp intelligence," said Jane Cowell-Poitras of Union Montreal. "He is somebody who can think very quickly but deeply."

Deschamps said the process isn't over yet.

"I still have a process to follow, and I'm thinking about what we're going to do," Deschamps said. "I've got ideas and I will have to discuss that also."

Deschamps however is now the leader of Union Montreal, that doesn't need to approved by city council. 

He is also the vice-president of the executive committee.

UPDATE: A source tells CJAD 800 that Michael Applebaum intends to quit the Executive Committee due to a dispute over the controversial City of Montreal budget announced last month.

The source suggests Applebaum wants to see the announced tax hike reduced to the rate of inflation but that he is facing opposition from other party members- including Richard Deschamps.

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