New Bill 101 coming by Christmas: Marois

Posted By: Richard Deschamps · 11/10/2012 3:48:00 PM

Premier Pauline Marois appealed to the opposition in Quebec City not to defeat her government over the upcoming budget.

Nicolas Marceau's budget, due to be tabled in Quebec City on Nov. 20, will be the first real test of the PQ's minority government.

The Liberals and the CAQ each hinted they might vote against it, though they hinted also that they might not send enough members into the National Assembly to vote it down so as not to force another election.

"I want to say: don't think about the next election, think of the next generation,'' Marois told a meeting of the presidents of each of the PQ's riding associations in Sherbrooke Saturday.

Marois also promised party faithful that a revised language law is coming before Christmas, and while she provided few details as to exactly what would be in it, she did suggest it would, among other things, limit access to English CEGEPs, call for stricter sign regulations, and apply to businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

She also told the group that the dream of sovereignty is still very much alive, even if it's on hold for the moment because of the PQ's minority government situation.

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  1. Mr C posted on 11/10/2012 04:40 PM
    This whole subject is offensive and the only comment I have is what is a democracy where are my rights to speak my own language , put up a sign on my storefront or send my children to a school of my choice. This party especially Marois needs an event to awaken the real force that could get her out of there ....forever. To hell with the small minority who play the language card. Lets have another election soon and take our chances with the population to come to their senses.
    1. Richard L. Provencher posted on 11/11/2012 06:25 AM
      @Mr C This government is like a wolf in sheep's clothing. During the election they said what they will do and it is repulsive, the constrictions on the minorities in Quebec. Defeat them as quickly as possible. Imagine if they had won a majority, then no English signs, etc.
  2. KenKat posted on 11/10/2012 08:52 PM
    This new language law will definitely pass and will be a thorn in the side of small business as Marois promised during the election campaign. Liberals and CAQ will support it. The population needs to understand that this law is not about language or preservation of the culture, it is about creating a captive tax-paying population that is not able to seek employment outside the border of Quebec due to of lack english skills. A statists dream, capturing and holding the population without having to guard the border.....
    1. freda posted on 11/11/2012 08:42 AM
      @KenKat It would be better to have an election.!!!!
    2. chuck posted on 11/11/2012 09:47 AM
      @KenKat Ken,

      I agree with your statement because if quebeckers were BILINGUAL and less fearful of speaking english they would have flown the coop years ago.
  3. rosato1954 posted on 11/10/2012 10:32 PM
    This bill is a Great Christmas gift to Ontario and specifically the City of Toronto. Officials there should erect monuments for PQ leaders like Marois. No English Canadian could have ever done what all PQ leaders have done for Toronto. They should be at least awarded an Ontario pension equal to the one retired Mayors of Toronto are receiving.
    1. shelley posted on 11/15/2012 08:58 AM
      @rosato1954 Toronto is the city that separatism built. that is a well known fact. We need to have another election as it is very clear what Mrs Marois' plan is when or if she succeeds in capturing a majority in the next election. (whenever that will be)
    2. DRW posted on 11/15/2012 04:56 PM
      @rosato1954 The rate of population growth increased in all provinces and territories between 2006 and 2011, except in Ontario, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

      LOL oh yeah they're right up there with the most uninhabitable places in Canada
  4. JohnH posted on 11/11/2012 01:28 AM
    Pauline Marois and her collection inept buffoons can propose all the legislation they want. They are a minority government. There are more important things Pauline and her collection apron hugger-muggers have to consider. On Friday, November 9, 2012 Standard & Poor's and DBRS's put the PQ. on notice that if they used money from the Caisse de depote et placement, (Quebec's pension fund) to make loans to Quebec business they would lower Quebec's bond-rating. Welcome to the real world Pauline.
  5. randomhope posted on 11/11/2012 01:38 AM
    Crap. We need new elections.
  6. peter l kelly posted on 11/11/2012 06:16 AM
    I wonder how the Quebec would react if Toronto said no to a french speaking name mayor, one that could speak english perfectly but had a an accent . I susspect they would be called racisits.
  7. Rudolph S posted on 11/11/2012 07:42 AM
    ...and the thorn in small business will close it. This Marois Woman is poison for Quebec and its economy.According to her it will be OK that Quebec goes back to the Duplessis aera..only now it is no longer the church that keeps the people barefoot und pregnant on the farm, but the PQ will fill die UIC line-up. She has no idea how to takle the economy and doesn't really give a long as we go down en francais...She also wants to stay in Power no matter what and hopes to change the laws like many Banarepublic, third world Diktators so she could stay in power forever... lets defeat her before it is too late...
  8. Brigitte Albert posted on 11/11/2012 07:44 AM
    Hello, I posted the comment below on the 'Démission de Paulne Marois' website. As a person who has learned three languages in my life, I am totally aghast at the ignorance and small-mindedness shown by the present government leadership.
    Par rapport au plan du PQ d'introduire une nouvelle édition de la Loi 101.
    Quel recul du français? Maintenant que la plupart des jeunes anglophones et allophones parlent les deux langues, ce n'est pas encore assez pour être acceptés par Mme Marois et ses confrères et conseours de PQ. Speak White va dans les deux sens. Quel leader misérable et d'un si petit esprit. Je suis née en Allemagne, venue au Canada (Ontario) comme enfant de 5 ans et arrivée à Montréal comme adulte. Quel descente dans la bigoterie, et l'ignorance que j'ai vu depuis le départ de M. René Lévesque, qui tournera dans sa tombe s'il voyait ces clowns à l'Assemblée nationale!
  9. BulletWorks posted on 11/11/2012 07:57 AM
    her face alown make me vote against it.
    1. joe slim posted on 11/13/2012 04:38 PM
      @BulletWorks I agree with you she looks like madame coucou from passpartout ! all I know is if caq and liberals don't stand up for us there will be a Anglo revolution mark my words !
  10. Terry posted on 11/11/2012 07:59 AM
    Scrooge Marois. When will the French speaking people of this province wake up and speak up. They must realize the necessity of the English language in dealing with the majority of people in North America and beyond. There would be legal challenges to any law limiting the rights of adults to choose their language of education. The opposition parties must vote her out of office. The sooner the better for the welfare of Quebec society.
  11. JR posted on 11/11/2012 08:08 AM
    Vote down everything this women wants !! She is destroying Quebec..I'm sure no one would mind having to go out in the winter to vote !! Quebec used to be a great place to live in. With the PQ in , there is so much unrest caused by the atitude of our Queen Mother Pauline....She needs to take a long walk off a short plank !!
  12. Mrs C posted on 11/11/2012 09:33 AM
    Isn't it time the Prime Minister stop worrying about stricter French language in the province and start worrying about economy , health and education. After all doesn't bilingualism give Quebecers more chances to succeed on the world market.
  13. tprfrom ndg posted on 11/11/2012 09:43 AM
    Giving traction , by either supporting or tacitly approving any of the PQ's language restriction policies (bill 101 ) is just bad politics on the part of the CAQ or LIberals who are so disorganized that they can't do simple math & figure out that between them they have a majority of seats and all they need to do is agree on a coalition government. This is the real reason why the PQ is in power . Corruption caused this unfortunate set of circumstances and now unimaginitive political thinking will perpetuate it. The CAQ and the Liberals should put their egos aside for the good of the province and let a liberal seat holder act as PM for the time being to thwart the PQ agenda. By not doing so ,they are tacitly approving divisive language and nationalistic agendas.
  14. PatriotMuted_PM posted on 11/11/2012 11:54 AM
    TREASON and open violations on Human Rights and Freedoms! Over representation and exploitation of our Constitution! Yes, it violates our Freedom of Expression but the Supreme Court allowed it! Now you know why the Supreme Court has to be bilingual! Remember what PE Trudeau said about bilingualism - First we make Quebec French unilingual then the rest of Canada, one province at a time through bilingualism!!!

    Open criminal behaviour, no accountability, no respect for the Majority Rights and plans for more exploitive (as JM Nadeau, President of the SANB put it) and subversive violations against English Human Rights and Freedoms!!! When she says that heredity, not scientific or imperial proof, dictates who can take English then she tells both English and French alike that she approves of the same Nazi based ideologies that plunged us into a world war!!!
  15. Isabelle posted on 11/11/2012 04:22 PM
    Marois, for someone whose kids went to university in the US and then went to Boston for english classes, instead of taking them in qualified schools in your beloved province, you offer quite the double standards. But has everyone, inthe french world, seems to be drinking the kool aid you feed them, i say it's the beginning of the end.
  16. Roland Schulz posted on 11/11/2012 05:49 PM
    What a stupid woman.......yes thats right what we need is to rub more salt into the wounds of the Anglo population, which is much much more important than the state of our over taxed economy all this because of the PQ......and further more the spineless Liberals are not helping by pointing out the obvious that the mass exodus is due to the PQ......and slowly we are loosing morhe and more people wo are fedup with the crap Quebec economy...which will leave mre votes for the PQ.....if this would be the USA they consided trators and brought to justice for trying to destabilize our country.....dont get me wrong I love Quebec and the 2 languages.....
  17. Andrew posted on 11/11/2012 07:14 PM
    Wow, I thought that communism was dying, even the Soviet Union is no more, the Chinese are more open to business than heir marois. The fuhrer of Quebec has spoken, thank you marois, for all the rest of the bilingual citizens in Quebec you have just given us more opportunities, the same one you deny fracophones with.
  18. Joe posted on 11/11/2012 07:24 PM
    Time for the opposition parties to forget about their political a-ses and vote this down. After all the seats they won were given to them by voters who are against this very ideology that is being presented by this group of racists. So what we have to pay for another election, think of the price we will pay if the law goes through.
    1. James posted on 11/13/2012 02:18 PM
      @Joe I am still stunned the opposition would buy into the rhetoric that "voting down" the government would lead to an election. The Liberals and the CAQ have a far more coherent set of policies and could certainly come up with a common plan to govern for at least a while. There combiend 71 seats make a far more stable govenrment. Parliamentary precedence would have allowed the Liberals to stay on after the election; or ask for a coalition, there is no reason now that they couldn't cooperate to prevent this disaster of a goverment from carrying on. All they have to do is let the Lieutenant Governor know they are ready. Itw as done in Ontario in 1985. Marois is playing from Harper's playbook and scaring everyone with another election that isn't necessarily the only way.
  19. Canitaly posted on 11/11/2012 07:43 PM
    Time to leave Quebec... This is what PM has done to me and my family. I'm proud to speak 3 languages, and I really don't understand her needs to not let everyone to have this opportunity. Has somebody ever asked her why her daughters went to an English school?

    Ans when she says "I want to say: don't think about the next election, think of the next generation", does she really think that she's the best thing that could ever had happened to this country? If so, she's ever less "bright" than I thought...
  20. gnicolson posted on 11/12/2012 05:30 AM
    are we really surprised at all this?

    i mean really ...
    1. maria posted on 11/12/2012 11:05 AM
      @gnicolson She is slowly setting up her little soldiers and she will attack - The Federal gov.
      should do something to put a stop to this - As far as I am concerned everything she has done since she has been sworn is treason against our country Canada - I can not understand how she is allowed to get away with it all. All new bills she is trying to pass should be illegal because 1st of all our Canadian Flag is not in the house.
      No we are not surprised, but something has to be done about it - the opposition parties better counter attack and real soon.
  21. Robert posted on 11/12/2012 05:59 PM
    This language debate is becoming so old. Give the French the solidarity they are so disparate for then we can head back to the plains of Abraham and settle this debacle the old fashioned way. Tightening Bill 101 is not the way forward. I am worrisome about civility and livability in the province if this evil woman presses the Anglos further..
  22. Mary posted on 11/12/2012 09:11 PM
    Why are we still putting up with Marois. She is trying to put laws into place to screw us all even more. She wants to make another change to the language law again. Now what will she do to us english speaking people. What about our english schools will she stop all english instruction completely. The other parties have to stop her cause we don`t want her for another 4 years. God forbid that she will destroy Quebec completely. We really do need another election to rid her before it`s to late. We need both english and french as languages for Quebec. We have to come back to when it was everyone`s choice to use the language of their choice. I speak french also but this is so wrong forcing 1 language upon all of us. If Marois can`t live with both languages in Quebec and have Quebec stay a part of Canada then maybe she should leave from Quebec and see how far she would get tryng to force just the french language somewhere else. I don`t think they would put up with her trying to controll them anywhee else. She is starting a big problem again between the french and engish.
  23. Paul posted on 11/13/2012 01:07 PM
    I hope the opposition will do the right thing and bring this government down ASAP before they do even more damage to Quebec.
  24. Fred posted on 11/13/2012 04:02 PM
    They want to ignore us English quebecers? Ok, let us show them what its like not have the English in quebec. I urge all ENGLISH PEOPLE TO SHOP ONLY AT ENGLISH SPEAKING STORES even if you have to drive 30kms. Buy your cars from english speaking sales reps even if you have to pay more. Buy and sell your homes with english speaking reale state agents. Support your local english speaking merchants even if you have to stay away from the big box stores. Shop at Home Depot instead of Reno Depot just because they have an english name. Eat at KFC instead of Au Coq where there,s not even a word of english anywhere. Shop at Canadian Tire until they change their name, then move or shop in Ontario.
    Let these racist neanderthals who support, and voted in these suppressive politicians go down with their ship.
    If you shop at a unilingual french store, you are swallowing their garbage.
    Copy paste this and email it to all people of Quebec.
    Its time we move in unison.
  25. mbreth posted on 11/13/2012 08:11 PM
    I find this all so sad. I have lived here all my life and I think she is doing what she wants and it's to get rid of the English speakers and people who are just so tired of these crazy laws that really go against our rights as Canadiens and Quebecers. I will be leaving sadly this province, I don't want to, but I'm tired of being a second class citizen in my own country. I don't want to have to be forced to speak French to my friends at work, I don't want to have squint to read something in stores, I want to send my children to whatever school I want to and when they get to cegep as well, to buy an English toy with my taxed money I work so hard for every day to help pay for these stupid laws and the language police. I can't believe all these so called laws exisit here, here in Canada. I don't understand how there isn't some class action suit against all these laws. I wasn't able to buy an English speaking toy from Toys R on their online store the other day, REALLY? I couldn't believe that they don't ship it to Quebec because of some Quebec law. I pay my taxes, I should be able to spend my money on whatever I want!! So I buying the toy in Ontario, giving them my taxes. Does that make sense? My blood is boiling and I want to be able to speak with my English accent without crappy service or looks. I want to bring my children up to speak two langues, but will be doing in another province where there isn't dsicrimination due to the govenment laws and influence. I really hope people, English and French get so tired of all this and know that it's an asset to speak 2 languages. She want to destroy one language by 'protecting' the other. Push more English out and keep the French speaking one contained here in Quebec so that they feel they can only stay here because they can't communicate anywhere else. It's wrong on so many levels that something needs to be done!
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