Former minister calls new guy a "total incompetent"

Posted By: Angelica Montgomery · 11/13/2012 5:01:00 PM

Yves Bolduc lashed out at Quebec's current health care minister, calling him a "total incompetent" in Question Period today.

The former health care minister is criticizing the PQ decision to put a halt to the construction and upgrades of several hospitals, even stopping some projects that are already underway.

"He's a total incompetent," the now-health-critic Yves Bolduc shouted at minister Réjean Hébert from across the floor. "You don't know the health care system, or your own files."

The current health care minister says the Liberals allowed the budgets for construction projects to balloon out of control, without any vision for priorities.

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  1. Rudolph S posted on 11/13/2012 05:24 PM
    so waht, why should the new Health Minister know the difference between Ass and Elbogh, Mainthing he is PQ and speaks francais. Since Marois doesn'know any better she has to believe him, when he keeps on doing what the PQ did best under previous PQ regimes, dismantle the healthcare System. Wonder how they will ever run the new Super Hospital if Hebert thinks a 25% reduction in surgical cost will not affect the patients. (and how many doctors will leave the province, raher than work under these "bosses"
  2. LMAO posted on 11/13/2012 11:29 PM
    I hear that the government will be tabling a new health charter that will include a daily workout routine for all Quebecor's. This will enable them to become more healthy which should further reduce the needs for medical services. Failing this the government will be licensing all current qualified vets to perform surgery on people which will also help reduce waiting times.
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