Minister sports Aldo shoes

Posted By: Angelica Montgomery · 11/19/2012 1:09:00 PM

Finance minister Nicolas Marceau kicked up his new heels today, on the eve of the Marois government's first budget. And, they're a slick new pair of Aldos.

He says he wants to show off the a Quebec-based company, as well as his confidence in the budget.

"Yeah, so I'm proud of it (the budget) and I think its something that should be shown by wearing new shoes. It's a good news for Quebecers," Marceau says, while holding one of his shiny classic black dress shoes before the cameras.

This will be Marceau's first budget as finance minister. And, he says it will also be his government's most challenging.

The PQ says it will have to make up for cost overruns from a number of Liberal infrastructure projects.

Marceau will also have to find 1.3 billion to cover the shut-down of the Gentilly-2 nuclear power plant, and 60 million dollars for a tuition fee freeze.

But, Marceau is suggesting that budget won't bring new taxes. "The taxpayers have already made a great great effort," he says, adding that his government will use a balanced approach.

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