PQ likely to lose vote on Canadian flag

Posted By: Angelica Montgomery · 11/21/2012 3:16:00 PM

MNAs will vote next Wednesday on whether or not to yank the Canadian flag out of the National Assembly red room.

The speaker has decided to put the question to a vote, unless MNAs are able to come to an understanding beforehand.

Liberal MNA Pierre Moreau says there is no chance of that happening: "None. None whatsoever. I think its a shame that the Parti Quebecois proposed such a thing, to remove the flag."

CAQ to vote for status quo

Since the PQ is a minority in the assembly, the future of the flag will be decided by the CAQ, which is a coalition of both sovereigntists and federalists.

François Legault says his MNAs will vote to keep the status quo with with only the Quebec flag in the blue room (or the legislative chamber) and both flags in the red room (or former upper chamber).

"It's a good compromise, and I think we should keep this compromise," Legault says. His MNA Daniel Rhatté, who used to sit with the PQ, says he will vote with his party.

PQ request set to lose

"I'm quite sure that they will be defeated on this one," says Liberal Pierre Moreau.

Yves-Francois Blanchet, the Parti Quebecois MNA who is responsible for these matters, first told reporters that he could not argue against having MNAs take control of the decision.

"It is 125 people, minus the speaker and deputy speakers, who will have to vote on something according to their conscience."

Afterward, Blanchet said he will speak with his colleagues about whether the decision should indeed go to a vote.

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