All parties, independents represented in new executive committee

Posted By: CJAD · 11/22/2012 12:44:00 PM

Montreal's new mayor Michael Applebaum has named his executive committee, and it contains quite a mix of people from the different parties at city hall.

Applebaum is promising a new era of cooperation and bipartisanship, naming people from all parties at city hall, and a couple of independents.

All newly appointed members had to agree they will not run to be the next mayor of Montreal.

The new members of the executive committee are:

Laurent Blanchard, chair (Formerly Vision Montreal, now an independent)

Benoit Doré, vice-chair, major projects (Vision Montreal)

Émilie Thuillier, second-vice-chair (Projet Montreal)

Richard Deschamps, sports and recreation (Union Montreal)

Mary Deros, ethnic communities (Union Montreal)

Michel Bissonet, intergovernmental relations and 375th birthday festivities (Union Montreal)

Réal Ménard, transport (Vision Montreal)

Éliane Ayotte, culture, heritage and design (Vision Montreal)

Josée Duplessis, sustainable, development, environment and green space (Projet Montreal)

Alain Tassé, economic development and urban planning (independent)

Christian Dubois, public security and citizen services (independent)

The previous executive committee, chaired by Applebaum, was entirely composed of Union Montreal councillors. People like Alan DeSousa and Helen Fotopoulos were not named this time around.

Photo: Kevin Gallagher

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  1. LMAO posted on 11/22/2012 02:46 PM
    Michel Bissonet, intergovernmental relations and 375th birthday festivities (Union Montreal)?
    Do we really need this position or the birthday celebrations when we are so deeply mired in debt.
  2. Verdunoise posted on 11/22/2012 08:38 PM
    Congradulations to Alain Tasse. He's done amazing work for Verdun and has worked for a long time in the shadows, he always puts others before himself in work and his personal life. I truly hope he runs for Mayor of Verdun next election, he certainly has the support of myself and many others.
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