More bilingual people in the workplace

Posted By: Laura Casella · 11/27/2012 1:01:00 PM

Quebec's language watchdog has released the results of a study on French in the workplace.

It shows that while French is still the main language at work, it has decreased slightly in the last twenty years, pointing to a rise in bilingualism.

The study shows that since 1989 people speaking primarily French in the workplace has gone down 2% province-wide, slightly higher in Montreal at 5%. 

It's a slight decrease that still concerns the Office québécois de la langue francaise because it means more people are speaking English.

"It does concern us a little bit," says Louise Marchand, the head of the l'Office, "because ee want to make sure that when people are using English it's because it is needed, as prescribed by the Charter."

The study also shows that bilingualism in the workplace is more present in the private sector and where employees possess higher education degrees.

Allophones represent the highest porportion of Quebecers that are speaking only French at work, and the number has been growing steadily over the years. 

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