Quebec man wanted in Virginia

Posted By: Laura Casella · 11/30/2012 9:30:00 AM

Police in Virginia are actively searching for the former fire chief of Lachute in a possible kidnapping.

Hillsville Police Department investigator James Alderman tells CJAD news that a hotel housekeeper in Hillsville found a note that appeared to be written by a child by the name of Jasmine Hines that said she was missing and that police were looking for her.

Security footage apparently shows the girl walking out of the hotel with the now retired fire chief, Pierre Morand. However, police say Morand checked into the Quality Inn Hotel at Exit 14 on Interstate 77 by himself.

The note was discovered in his room.

Sergeant Alderman says this could be a bad joke, but they feel they have a legitimate missing person's case, and want to set the record straight with Morand, who according to a firefighter colleague of his in Lachute, was on his way to Florida with his wife. 

"At this point we don't know if these folks have done anything wrong, and we want to stress that point," says Alderman. "They may have just rented the room and it's possible that they didn't see the note, and they left. They could have been just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

More details to come. 

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  1. Virginia posted on 11/30/2012 11:12 AM
    If he is guilty of wrongdoing he will be discovered and prosecuted. If he is the victim of a bad joke himself, I feel sorry for him.

    Every story mentions the is is supposedly traveling to Florida WITH HIS WIFE. So where is HIS WIFE? Two bikes on the vehicle's bike rack? One Mr. Morand and one "girl" leaving the motel? Is it even POSSIBLE that as actually his wife? Did anyone actually SEE her with their eyes, not just on camera?

    It is not uncommon for people, to save a few dollars to register only ONE guest. Maybe that happened? Has anyone in Florida been alerted to be at his home there to check? Funny that one Canada news story now gets a "404 error" as well as a Facebook page. But the info is still cached and available. Why were THEY deleted?

    There could be a legitimate explanation for all this. An angry housekeeper could have written the note as a "payback" for some issues. Another guest could have tried to be funny and done the same thing as a joke. Some people do not make sure the room door is LOCKED when they leave since they don't really care as long as they have all THEIR belongings. Maybe someone saw the door cracked when he left and decided to pull a prank?

    WHERE IS THE WIFE? FIRST and as yet, UNANSWERED question. Find the wife. That will, I am sure, be a huge help. If he told his (ex) colleagues he was traveling with his wife, and they find the wife is somewhere else, this will be very important. And the "girl?" Just who is this girl they have no record of as being missing? Maybe she is actually an adult?

    US reports rport him to be Lachute Fire Chief. Here is is the FORMER fire chief, since he is RETIRED. Someone did not do their homework in the USA!

    Very mysterious.

    Hoping all goes well for all concerned.
  2. Natalie posted on 11/30/2012 12:40 PM
    too bad for him i hope it's a misunderstanding
  3. Bella posted on 12/02/2012 08:10 PM
    It was more than a misunderdstanding. Mr. Morand did nothing wrong, much less illegal. He was the victim in this case. Morand spent a night in a motel enroute from Canada to Florida for Winter vacation. H e just retired as a fire chief days before the incident. The police, trying to take the note at face value simply tried to say they needed to speak with him. But web viginantes (Much like the people of Perverted Justice) went after him as if he were a convicted criminal. Some called for physically harming him. Incredible. The man was a victim of circumstances and has been cleared fully by the police, as reports have indicated. Too bad that so many people assumed him guilty instead of what is supposed to be the American way: i.e., the presumption of innocense. What a horrible way to treat a visitor to the USA. This should have been investigated properly by the local police in Virginia. Had it been, there would never have been the supposed suspicion because they would have realized straight away, Mr. Morand was not with a 14 year old girl in his room. He was with his wife. As flattering to his wife as it may be to have been mistaken for a child in motel security video, the reality is the police really screwed up.
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