PQ announces cascade of cuts

Posted By: Angelica Montgomery · 12/6/2012 11:34:00 AM

The Parti Quebecois has unveiled widespread cuts in government programs and departments.

This morning it released the expenditure budget, that outlines how much money each program can expect next year.

But, in an unusual move, the expenditure budget also announced a series of cuts that some programs will have to make in the next four months.

A few highlights:

- $4.1 million cut in managing the environment in 2013-2014

- $120 million cut in housing for 2013-2014

- $373, 000$ to be cut in primary and secondary school budgets in the next 4 months

- $61 million cut in employment programs 2013-2014

- $17 million cut to assistance measures for families, to be made within the next 4 months

- $1.3 million cut to economic development fund

- $78 million less for management of Natural Resources

- $138 million cut in health care system budget, to be made in the next 4 months (budget will increase in 2013-2014)

- $1.1 million spending increase in the Office de la Langue Française for 2013-2014

Photo of: President of the Treasury board Stéphane Bédard
Front page photo: Canadian Press 

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