PQ announces cascade of cuts

Posted By: Angelica Montgomery · 12/6/2012 11:34:00 AM

The Parti Quebecois has unveiled widespread cuts in government programs and departments.

This morning it released the expenditure budget, that outlines how much money each program can expect next year.

But, in an unusual move, the expenditure budget also announced a series of cuts that some programs will have to make in the next four months.

A few highlights:

- $4.1 million cut in managing the environment in 2013-2014

- $120 million cut in housing for 2013-2014

- $373, 000$ to be cut in primary and secondary school budgets in the next 4 months

- $61 million cut in employment programs 2013-2014

- $17 million cut to assistance measures for families, to be made within the next 4 months

- $1.3 million cut to economic development fund

- $78 million less for management of Natural Resources

- $138 million cut in health care system budget, to be made in the next 4 months (budget will increase in 2013-2014)

- $1.1 million spending increase in the Office de la Langue Française for 2013-2014

Photo of: President of the Treasury board Stéphane Bédard
Front page photo: Canadian Press 

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  1. gnicolson posted on 12/06/2012 11:45 AM
    of course....why not reduce budgets of whats most important...EDUCATION...AND HEALTH CARE..


    there i ranted ...

  2. Jean-Simon Chénard posted on 12/06/2012 12:26 PM

    They cut everything ... BUT : $1.1 million spending increase in the Office de la Langue Française for 2013-2014

    We really are doomed with the PQ. A change must occurs we are cursed with them
  3. David Heath posted on 12/06/2012 12:31 PM
    Ignorant bunch, there will be a day of reckoning and I hope I can be around to bring it to fruition.
  4. Cecil posted on 12/06/2012 12:43 PM
    This is so sad cut the needy and have them all learn french?

    No education was cut also , but 1.1 million to harrass businesses into leaving GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Chris posted on 12/06/2012 12:50 PM
    Seems like the PQ has their priorities in line. Cut everything that's important and increase spending for the most useless government program.
  6. Diane posted on 12/06/2012 12:51 PM
    They must be kidding!! Spending increase in OLF & cuts in the important things? UNBELIEVABLE!
  7. peter L kelly posted on 12/06/2012 12:51 PM
    cut to healh care, cuts to employment , cts to education, and other non important items. Thank God however they gave the OLF more money great goerment priority
  8. Dave posted on 12/06/2012 12:52 PM
    WoW, I am sick with this and I just up-chucked in my mouth!!!

    I am in shock! As a father of 2 young children I am afraid for my children’s future in Quebec, no health care, no employment help, no housing, exploited environment, 3rd world education. But at least they know French and Best Buy & Wal-Mart signs will be in French!!!!

    These budject cuts just set us back to 1980.

    Talk about priorities!!! OLF?

    These budject cuts just set us back to 1980.

    I am now ready to protest in the streets for my children, let’s bring down this communist government down! The student brought down the liberals, let the people bring down the PQ and chase them back underneath the rock they came from.

    Come on people wake up! The Government needs money but the rich get richer! Tax Luxuries Cars over 80k & Lotto winnings over 100k, Get rid of useless spending OLF, two tier Health care needs to be a reality, Private ties hospital cleaners, I could keep going & going..........)

    Thanks for letting me rant.
    1. bobs_3611 posted on 12/07/2012 01:26 AM
      @Dave Wow, I'm in shock. No healthcare uou say? Something in the order of 68% of the budget is dedicated to healthcare. Do you not understand that we're $1.6 billion in the red?

      Cuts need to be made to balance the books. Would it be better if it was -137 million to healthcare, and +0 to the OLF?

      "These budject cuts just set us back to 1980."

      Which from a fiscal sense, would be a good thing. We didn't have $250 billion worth of debt in 1980 ($83 billion of which was added by Charest's liberals)..

      "I am now ready to protest in the streets for my children, let’s bring down this communist government down! "

      Had you bothered to actually educated yourself on what their original plan for the budget was, you'd realize how much water they had to put in their wine. This is a minority government. This budget has equal parts PLQ and CAQ in it, otherwise it would have failed.

      "Come on people wake up! The Government needs money but the rich get richer! Tax Luxuries Cars over 80k & Lotto winnings over 100k"

      You know, they tried to add two new tax brackets for the mega-rich (150,000+ and 250,000+), and they tried to abolish the corporate tax break and raise capital gains. The PLQ and CAQ fought tooth and nail to block that, threatening to bring down the government. They had to do this to appease the opposition.
  9. Anne posted on 12/06/2012 12:58 PM
    There is something wrong with all of this. No Party is THAT stupid. It appears almost like they WANT to be impeached. I think there are bigger players involved in all of this... is the Montreal Mafia using them as a distraction?
    1. Jenny posted on 12/06/2012 01:25 PM
      @Anne They are doing this Anne, becasue they know they will not have ANY opposition - who will oppose them? The Liberals that brought in Bill 101 and then vowed to "enhance" it? Or the CAQ that Mr. Legault is running and was part of PQ? I feel sorry for the English speaking Quebecers because all that is going to happen is this province will sadly be the North Korea of North America and the Federal goverment will allow it.
      Sad. Why do we not stand up to them? Why are WE not out on the streets with our pots and pans banging like the moron french students did a few months back? Hello???
    2. bobs_3611 posted on 12/07/2012 01:27 AM
      @Anne The budget passed with the PLQ's support (they made just enough abstentions for it to pass), just so you know.
  10. alrev posted on 12/06/2012 01:00 PM
    How about the PQ cabinet taking a 20% cut in pay!
    1. Marc posted on 12/08/2012 09:32 AM
      @alrev 20%???i was gonna say 35-40%,but 20 is a start.
  11. sam posted on 12/06/2012 01:02 PM
    this is madness. They have to be stopped. We cannot sit by and let her destroy our home . This affects ALL quebecers.. english and French. We need to throw them out of office NOW.
    1. Dana posted on 12/07/2012 01:51 PM
      @sam I totally agree, with all disgusted responders here, especially your to the point comments

      Sorry I can't be as short. I am multilingual and have Mediterranean blood...and it's boiling now.

      I am now feeling ashamed to be represented by this incompetent, unintelligent Quebec government in the rest of the world. And Boisclair representing us in NYC? What a joke. Hope they know the majority of Quebecers, educated ones that is, do not feel he represents them.
      Imagine! Quebec elected a uni lingual French speaker, still struggling to speak the Canadian and American language, despite some training this year.

      Canadians in general are way too nice and complacent. They don't dare go out in the streets to protest governments' bad policies and lack of protection for our health care, education standards, safety (as in incompetent food inspection and agriculture officials). What about our dark ages approach to dementia victims, as in comparison with Danish standards?

      What about government leaders' lies, outright dishonest promises and lack of officials' accountability.

      Do we really want to continue being the butt of other wiser nations' jokes, here in Quebec particularly?

      Why don't the media start interviewing people in the streets of Montreal, camera in hand, and bluntly ask: Would you prefer to have a good economy and have our kids' be smart and world competitive (bilingualism and good education being essential) as well as have good food and shelter for them? Or would you rather have the Quebec French language obsession dominate us right into poverty?

      Come on people, we need to protest loudly. Only the squeaky wheels get any grease.

      I'd like to see our other parties act with courage, intelligence and resolve to bring this government down asap.
  12. Jerry posted on 12/06/2012 01:02 PM
    With our aging population, this government has the gull to cut $138 million from the health care budget and then slap our faces by increasing the budget for 'OLF". This government is so out-of-touch with reality. It so saturated with its French cause that it has lost its sense of purpose, its sense of governing, its sense of right. I see a future of many unemployed, homeless, very sick, french-speaking individuals who come from broken homes and are High School drop outs. God help us!!!
    1. Christos posted on 12/06/2012 01:29 PM
      @Jerry Why worry about our aging population. The PQ has given power to the CLSCs to take "good" care of them (laugh out loud). The health boards of full of overpaid, underworked, uneducated, lazy french speaking retards that can take a 2 year PAID sabatical while they work for ANOTHER department within their field. How crazy is that??? And yet that is the truth. Let them cut out ALL the extra secretaries (making 60 grand a year), all extra managers (between 20 - 40 for each department making 80 grand a year) and hosting "meeting" on our dime at elegant hotels. Get rid of all the CLSCs and put back all the money toward real HEALTH CARE professionals such as nurses, doctors, specialist, etc.
    2. Marty posted on 12/07/2012 07:43 PM
      @Jerry Yes, Jerry, God help you..get out while you can!! When those french people who voted the PQ gov. into power are on the streets unemployerd, homeless and sick just make sure they stay IN QUEBEC and don't try to come to Canada for help. They are making their bed...they will have to lay in it!! Maybe this is the only way to get rid of the cancer Marois brings to Canada.
  13. Johnathan Leger posted on 12/06/2012 01:11 PM
    cuts to healthcare?

    way to go students
  14. Maria posted on 12/06/2012 01:12 PM
    I think it's very clear where this government's priorities are...I feel so sad for every person who has lost thier job this year or worse has a sick child or elder.
  15. THE TAIPAN posted on 12/06/2012 01:47 PM
    1. bobs_3611 posted on 12/07/2012 01:29 AM
      @THE TAIPAN No, but just today, a bill to drastically cut funding for political parties and campaign spending was approved unanimously. Did you know that our political parties each spend roughly 8 times the increase allocated to the OLF for election campaigns?

      No, of course you didn't.
  16. ANTI_PQ12 posted on 12/06/2012 01:53 PM
    How is it that we are all complaining, in disbelief, outraged,grossed out, pissed off but NONE of us can get up and try to do something about it?

    I remember when my parent used to watch the news during the referendum, my brother and i would beg them to switch the station because we didnt care. My dad always told us...."wait until your old enough to understand and how much danger this can inflict here if it were to ever happen". Well guess what, I grew up, i totally get whats going on and as a mother today i fear for my childs futur..

    Rather then sit and just watch all this happen, we MUST get up and come together and fight..for our rights, our futur, our childrens futur and so on.

    This land is OUR land not just the PQ!!
    1. bobs_3611 posted on 12/07/2012 01:30 AM
      @ANTI_PQ12 You should have voted in stronger numbers.
    2. Alan M. posted on 12/07/2012 01:05 PM
      @ANTI_PQ12 I did something about it - I moved my family and three business to the US. Everywhere has its own problems but at least I no longer have to deal with this nonsense.
  17. John F. posted on 12/06/2012 01:54 PM
    Tsk...Tsk...Only 1.1 million increase for the OLF.
    I am disappointed with Marois & Cie. They could have alloted more $$$.
    Maybe the "jerk" from "CLASSE" can serve his 120 days there to help the cause.
    Will this insanity ever end??
    1. Mike D posted on 12/10/2012 10:54 AM
      @John F. Hey John
      Be nice he will be our next Premiere Of Quebec!!
  18. Ant posted on 12/06/2012 02:08 PM
    So glad I no longer live there!! Feel sorry for my family and friends who are stuck under this ridiculous excuse for a government/province. I LOVE NEW YORK!!!
  19. Get Real posted on 12/06/2012 02:19 PM
    The cuts are a surprising move given PQ's overall leftist stance. They are simply a move towards smaller government. You can agree with that or disagree with that, but call a spade a spade. It's not "crazy PQ" or "no party could be THAT stupid." It's the most common thing in the world. The U.S. is making cuts, Greece is making cuts, and we will too. We all need to balance our budgets or we'll leave the next generation up to their necks in our debt.

    Secondly, get your facts straight before you comment things like "no housing" because you see a cut in the housing budget, or "no healthcare" because you see a cut in that. These are spending cuts, not terminations of these programs.

    And the worst of all is everyone citing the $1.1 million spending incrase in the OLF. Haven't you seen all the other numbers here? Put it in perspective. $1.1 million is NOTHING. Saying "increase the OLF and cut everything else" is misleading. Of course the PQ has to show that they support the OLF to appeal to their base, and sorry CJAD listeners, that's probably not you. Remember, a lot of PQ diehards will be expecting the campaign pitch next election: "I increased OLF funding! I'm the protector of french language and culture! Keep coming to the polls for me!" I'd be surprised if they didn't raise the OLF by some amount or other. But an increase this small only has political significance, not economic significance. So let's not draw conclusions about broad government priorities based on the smallest fraction of a change out of the whole list.
    1. Christos posted on 12/06/2012 03:41 PM
      @Get Real Merci beaucoup M. ou Mme. "Get Real"!! Nous vous remercions pour faire briller la lumière sur notre ignorance. Je suis certain Marois & Cie sont heureux, vous êtes de leur côté. Really dude you really want to defend this abnoxious group of racists. You are certainly one of them or one of these ignorant morons that are perfectly billingual and could care less for the English. I don't understand why you even listen to CJAD and not listen to the PQst stations.
    2. Rooster posted on 12/06/2012 03:54 PM
      @Get Real As much as I hate the Pq what you are saying is correct. It is part of politics and our "democratic" system. Anyone surprised is naive.
  20. Arlene posted on 12/06/2012 02:21 PM
    Please ask the person who is waiting for treatment / surgery if CANCER is spelled the same way in English and French I don't think they care !!!!!! I wish Pauline did
  21. Marie posted on 12/06/2012 02:41 PM
    Though the title of the article "PQ announces cascade of cuts", please remember that the money was invested elsewhere.

    I find this article needlessly misleading and biased as it leaves all positive points of the budget.
    1. Christos posted on 12/06/2012 03:43 PM
      @Marie WHAT POSITIVE POINTS EXACTLY??? How is this article misleading Mme. Marie? Where is the positive in all of this? Please please do us the service and enlighten us like "Get Real" did above.
    2. Jamesz posted on 12/06/2012 05:03 PM
      @Marie Like where? What's more important than healthcare, housing and education to shift money from it? I suspect putting those answers here would be even more embarrassing.
  22. Avi posted on 12/06/2012 02:47 PM
    Does this include or exclude money spent by politician's in Casino's?
    Also, did anybody notice a road problem?
    lack of tuition money?
    and the only increase is for OLF? hmm
    I will continue to speak English, esp to the STM ticket takers.
    Have a great day
    Vivre le stupidity.
  23. Paul M posted on 12/06/2012 02:47 PM
    Balance the budget without cutting healthcare or increasing taxes,That's all that matters Pauline & Co. Do it french.Do it in english.For God's sake do it in Chinese,but DO IT ! Get to work.You haven't got much time left.We have to stop letting her and her gang screw it all up then bail out on retirement.
    1. bobs_3611 posted on 12/07/2012 01:37 AM
      @Paul M Balance the budget without reducing spending (making cuts) or increasing revenue (taxes), How does this work, exactly?

      The worst part is, and although it isn't the least bit surprising for CJAD, is that there's no mention of the fact that the funding for health increases again in 2013-14.

      These are all temporary measures to achieve deficit zero in 2013, "Screw it all up" is a funny statement. In the last 50 years, Quebec has only managed to balance the budget all of ONCE. And that was under Lucien Bouchard, with Pauline as minister of finance.

      It's a sad state of affairs. You scream to balance the books, but decry the only party willing or capable of doing it.
  24. jonathan posted on 12/06/2012 03:15 PM
    imagine if they had a majority governement ! reminds me of a party that ruled from 1920 to 1945.

    makes me want to run for politics . . . on second thought I wouldn't be a good politician as I do have a conscious.
    1. bobs_3611 posted on 12/07/2012 01:43 AM
      @jonathan You know, they've had majorities before.

      I don't know about you, but I don't know of any minorities being gassed or burnt alive, I'm unaware of any forced labour or concentration camps, and I've never known of a Pequiste book burning.

      Did that government you have in mind have 10 English language hospitals, 2 top tier English language Universities, a half dozen English Cegeps, at least as many English school boards, hundreds of English elementary and secondary school, as well as every social service available in English, all paid for with public funds, all to service 600,000 anglophones (out of 8,000,000 people)?

      Uneducated, hyperbolic, blind hatred like this makes me ashamed to be an English-speaking Quebecois. They aren't kidding when they say Quebec Anglos are the best treated minority in the world.
  25. Gavin S. Johnston posted on 12/06/2012 03:39 PM
    Did not see one cut towards MP,s pay cut or pension cut.Where is the money going!!
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