The new MUHC: traffic hell?

Posted By: Claude Beaulieu · 12/6/2012 1:15:00 PM

The borough of Cote des Neiges-NDG has unveiled plans for the redevelopment of the intersection of De Maisonneuve and Decarie Boulevard, near the future new MUHC hospital.

It has come up with what it believes is a win-win solution to potential traffic problems that might arise from the presence of a superhospital at the old Glen Yard. 

The challenge is to turn the existing 5-way intersection at DeMaisonneuve, Decarie and Upper Lachine Road into a standard four-way intersection, without bringing alot of new traffic to the area's residential streets.

The city plans to do it, essentially, by blocking off access to Upper Lachine Road and making room for wider sidewalks, a widening of des Maisonneuve, and a cylicist and pedestrian corridor.

But the local Projet Montreal councillor, Peter McQueen says the project will bring traffic hell, by closing off Upper Lachine road at the same time as Transport Quebec closes St-Jacques for a two to three-year period.

Work on the new deMaisonneuve-Decarie intersection is set to begin next spring.

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  1. Coof posted on 12/06/2012 03:22 PM
    I find it amazing that these so called experts in urban planning keep coming up with these idiotic ideas of pedestrian corridors and permanent bicycle paths. That bicycle path on de Maisonneuve is gathering dust while I see way too many people cycling along other roads. Also, who is going to use these pedestrian spaces in February when its -20C.

    Notice the only drawings they show is of summer, not the slippery and cold reality of our winters. The city of Montréal has been terrible in keeping its sidewalks clear for pedestrians, how would the drawing look in winter with people trying to drudge along in hip deep snow piles, slipping where there is no snow with cars all but stopped in traffic trying to get through.

    Our tax dollars hard at work
  2. Roger Jochym posted on 12/07/2012 10:10 AM
    It is apparent that all this design work is for the impending influx of cars to the MUHC Glen. It exhibits a very mid 20th century attitude towards surrounding communities, design for the car by investing tremendous sums in off ramps, widened boulevards, access routes up the Escarpment, overdesigned protected parking, give the burgeoning numbers of urban cyclists paint along the curb. The dollar value ratio between car infrastructure and cycling infrastructure would be interesting to know.

    The illustrated intersection is known as the Valley of Death to urban cyclists from NDG and is the major impediment in Montreal to encouraging further growth in urban cycling. We all know how horrible this intersection is during rush hour, during a rain shower. Imagine this intersection with twice as many vehicles, buses, trucks, and cars during that rain shower when the MUHC opens. Now imagine a young mother cycling with a child in a carrier coming from daycare. She is going to be exposed to a horror show of lethal danger. It is unacceptable. There are design options that would protect her and her child. They have been ignored.

    The MUHC Glen is gaining the reputation of being the Radio Canada mega project of western Montreal in its total arrogance towards the surrounding communities and their aspirations. It is nefarious to them, all because the MUHC decided to design for cars to the exclusion of the people of the surrounding communities.
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