Quebec outlines plans for gun registry

Posted By: Richard Deschamps · 12/6/2012 12:54:00 PM

14 white roses were laid outside the Ecole Polytechnique this morning, in honour of the 14 women who were murdered by a lone gunman there 23 years ago today.

And as ceremonies are held across Canada commemorating the tragedy, the Quebec government has announced its plans to create the province's own gun registry.

Alexa Conradi president of the Quebec Womens' Federation says it's great news.

"To us, it's a question of respecting women's needs for security," Conradi says. "And it's not just a need, it's a fundamental human right."

The Marois government says it strongly believes in having a gun registry and plans to table legislation to that effect.

Public Security Minister Stephane Bergeron says the province will go to work on the registry as soon as it receives the Quebec data from the now abolished federal registry.

Back in September, a Superior Court judge ordered the Conservative government to turn over the data, but the feds appealed the decision. The case returns to court in March.

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  1. Jerry posted on 12/06/2012 01:13 PM
    The Federal Liberals had spent over $1 billion just to set up the national gun registry and after all that money and all the time, it proved not to stop crime nor stop criminals. Money should be spent on stopping real criminals and not law-abiding citizens from sport hunting or target shooting( a viable industry). Money should be spent on better investigations on new PAL applicants. The only thing I would like to see is a new law which limits individuals, under the age of 25 from keeping their firearms at home - just like a young driver, they should have limited rights and uses. There comes more maturity in people after 25, so I believe. Now this government wants to repeat the same non-sense as the Federal liberals and waste a lot of money for nothing..... I see this province in very serious financial trouble if this excessive spending continues... God help us all!!!!
  2. Jim S posted on 12/06/2012 01:14 PM
    There is absolutely no PROOF that Registering Long Rifles and Shotguns has diminished the acts of violence in Quebec. When are you people going to wake up and go after the individuals responsible for these acts, instead of making LAW ABIDING citizens pay through the nose for a useless program.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, Quebec is special...........NOT.
  3. steve posted on 12/06/2012 05:38 PM
    People are getting mixed up with the registry and a Firearms license. The registry will not prevent someone with a valid Firearms license from buying a gun and using it. The only way and even at that is that the unstable person does not get a Firearms license, also when you buy a gun its not the store that registers it for you , you have to. The only thing the store does is check to see if you have a valid license buy the gun and say you will register it. If you are a criminal are you going to register it, I don't think so.
    1. Christos posted on 12/07/2012 10:46 PM
      @steve You are correct steve. May I remind everyone that the Dawson Cegep gunman had registered ALL his guns used on those innocent children. How does gun registry help STOP gun violence? That young lady Anastasia passed away by a REGISTERED gun and yet her mom continues to fight for it. I don't understand.
  4. Steve posted on 12/06/2012 07:06 PM
    After all what we have been hearing at the Charbonneau commission, the prospect of a provincial long-gun registry should be a fearsome spectre indeed - visions of registry data, saved on USB sticks, and given to mobsters in plain brown envelopes come to mind.
  5. Jerry posted on 12/06/2012 07:28 PM
    I just had a giant epiphany about the gun registry. Everyone (including myself) thinks Pauline Marois wants to implement a provincial gun registry to gain popular support and maybe do the right thing. No way!!! She wants to have at her finger tips a complete list of everyone (french or english) who possess weapons. Weapons that one could possibly use in the event of a revolution. This government has a secret agenda that makes me very nervous. I seriously hope she does not stay in power long enough to take her secret agenda to the end.... Otherwise, we might have an unscheduled visit to our homes from the S.Q. to remove all hunting guns and rifles.
  6. Terry posted on 12/07/2012 08:25 AM
    They increase government spending on foolish programs such as a gun registry and the OLF. At the same time they announce all kinds of budget cuts for health care, the envioronment,etc,etc. Only in Quebec.
  7. alrev posted on 12/07/2012 02:54 PM
    How crass and ignoirant of the PQ to try to gain politically on the anniversary of a very sad moment in Quebec's history. Shame on you Pauline!
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