Ben and Jerry's vs. the OQLF?

Posted By: Richard Deschamps · 12/12/2012 4:18:00 PM

Seems Quebec's language authorities have an issue with, of all things, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

A local Ben and Jerry's manager says, he's been harassed by the OQLF all summer.

Luke Brown says his trouble with the OQLF began in June, when an off-duty OQLF agent walked into his store and told him a bilingual chalkboard outside his store ran afoul of the law.

"He said, 'why is this written in English? This is not acceptable.'" Brown said. "He put up a little scene. He started, not threatening, but said, 'you will be hearing from us.'"

He then says over the next few months, he got a series of letters from the OQLF detailing a number of complaints about things like some English words on his signs, and receipts, about some of Ben and Jerry's popular flavor names like Chunky Monkey, and even about the words Peace and Love on his ice-cream cups.

He insists he has taken steps to comply with the language law.

Martin Bergeron, with the OQLF, says if that's the case, Brown has nothing more to worry about.

"If they did make some changes and did comply...then the case will be closed," Bergeron says.

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