MUHC deficit could reach $120M: report

Posted By: Shuyee Lee · 12/18/2012 3:39:00 PM


The Quebec government has appointed a monitor to oversee the McGill University Health Centre's return to a balanced budget by 2015.

A government report says the MUHC could be looking at a worst-case scenario deficit of upwards of $120 million if nothing is done.

The task force says they have a hard time justifying what prompted the unjustified paid work hours, overspending, and questionable real-estate deals, and that nothing was done about it.

Danielle McCann, president and director general of Montreal's Health and Social Services Agency, said former CEO Dr. Arthur Porter has a certain responsibility in this.

"The role is important," McCann said at a news conference.

"He gave the orientations and the directions."

Among the nearly 50 recommendations for the MUHC: sticking to budgets, boosting its performance rate, and strict reviews with the government-appointed monitor.

McCann said they'll re-evaluate the situation next June and if things aren't progressing, they're not ruling out trusteeship.

The report says the realistic projected deficit could reach $115-million and in a best-case scenario, $77-million.

The MUHC meantime said it foresees a much lower deficit and adds it's addressing the problems.

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