City forced to stop clearing snow in certain boroughs

Posted By: Michel Boyer · 1/1/2013 12:16:00 PM

The City of Montreal announced today it has wrapped up 48-percent of its snow clearing operation. 

Six days after a historic snowfall, many blue collars have worked 70 hours in the last week, and Quebec law states employees who reach that threshold must take a 36 hour break.

However, many residents are still complaining about snow piled up on sidewalks and residential streets. 

"If we have to remove cars, that slows the convoy for about 10 minutes," Jacques-Alain Lavallee told CJAD's James Mennie. 

Ville-Marie will continue clearing snow today because it says its employees have already had the required rest period.

Certain boroughs will resume snow clearing overnight from January 1st to the 2nd, including: Lachine, LaSalle, Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Outremont, Pierrefonds-Roxboro and Plateau Mont-Royal.

If you car is towed, the city says you can call 514-872-3777. 

Photo: Hirsh Teitelbaum


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  1. Wade Staddon posted on 01/01/2013 03:37 PM
    If they've cleaned 48% of the city's snow, I guess that does leave 52% of people able to complain.
  2. benny posted on 01/01/2013 03:41 PM
    you would swear that the city of montreal has fallen back into third world status after the last snow can the city justify not even clearing the sidewalks so that people can walk to get to the corner store ,to the bus stop or even to their cars without having to risk an injury or even getting run over by a vehicule that is weaving through the streets that have been barely plowed but just once.don't the people that run the city even see this?where are those little bombardier tractors that use to plow the sidewalks end up?could it be that maybe those brown envelloppes stopped coming for fear of the charbonneau commission/ hmmm something to think about?
  3. Sue posted on 01/03/2013 05:14 PM
    I live in Pierrefonds and for the first time that I can remember they have not cleared the sidewalks. My street is used by all the school-aged children to walk to school at the end of the street and everybody has to walk in the middle of the road because the sidewalks are not plowed! They plowed around the school but not on the streets leading up to the school! Not very intelligent-i wonder what my taxes are paying for?
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