Group pushes for NHL boycott

Posted By: Laura Casella · 1/7/2013 1:20:00 PM

While many Montrealers are happy the lockout is over, many don't plan on running back to the NHL with open arms.

A number of protest movements have popped up on Facebook, including one called "Just Drop It" which so far has more than 21,000 "likes." 

Steve Chase is the co-founder of the Just Drop It movement. He lives in L.A. but was born and raised in NDG. He says of all the people that have joined the page in the past month, almost half are Montrealers.

"By far we have the most pledgers in Montreal," he says. 

The pledgers are promising to boycott the first 10 games of the NHL season. 

"Don't go to 10 games, don't watch them, and don't buy merchandise," says Chase, "show the league that your money is where your mouth is."

Chase and his friends, all of whom are hockey fans, launched the page because they were annoyed with the lockout. Chase says he was surprised by the response they got. 

"What we discovered is that the fans are really annoyed by this whole thing, and they're not going to run back with arms wide open."

It is time the league and the players realize they are nothing without their fans, he adds. 

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