French-only Bain report means another delay

Posted By: CJAD · 1/11/2013 2:15:00 PM


The case of the man charged in the election-night shooting at Metropolis has been put over once more because of a language snafu.

Richard Henry Bain's legal proceedings resumed in court Friday after being delayed because he refused to co-operate with a French-speaking psychiatrist.

Bain then got access to a psychiatrist who spoke English, but the report submitted in court today was written in French.

Bain objected to that and a judge ordered that it be translated into English.

The case will resume next Friday.

Bain's latest court appearance was more light-hearted than in the past. The psychiatric report is being kept under wraps for now but Bain claimed in court that it found him 75% fit to stand trial and complained that Quebec can vote to separate with a 50% plus one vote according to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair. Bain had a hearty chuckle when the judge told him he didn't know who Mulcair was. Bain then told the court artists to please put a smile on him this time.

Bain also said out loud in court that he's protesting a decision to move him into the general population sector of the Rivière-des-Prairies detention centre.

"They want me to be beaten up," Bain said.

The judge made a recommendation that Bain be kept in the special protection wing of the detention centre.

It`s unclear whether Elfriede Duclervil will continue to represent Bain. The defence attorney still wants to withdraw from the case, citing a legal aid review committee decision stating Bain is ineligible for legal aid. Bain said in court that he`s broke and he`s seeking help to set up a website to raise funds "to fight the separatist government."

Bain faces 16 charges, including first-degree murder, attempted murder, arson and weapons violations. Stagehand Denis Blanchette was killed and another worker was woundd in an attack at a downtown club where the Parti Quebecois was celebrating its election victory last September. 

Premier Pauline Marois, who was on stage when the attack occurred nearby, told a TV show she believes the shooting was an attempt on her life.

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  1. Pete posted on 01/11/2013 01:46 PM
    Stupidity strikes again. How many times does this man have to say that he would like to receive his correspondance in English. I mean how stupid are these individuals that are submitting the documents or service in French. BTW I heard his lawyer now wants to resign because she cannot deal with his demands. Really lady? All he is asking for is service in ENGLISH not a million dollars. For the love of money. What is wrong with people. Is everyone so stupid that they cannot figure out that he was so pissed off with all the atrocities toward the English community that he actually took a gun and shot a human being for it. He is insane, and you are triggering his anger more. WAKE UP PEOPLE and get your heads out of your arses.
    I am not condoning his actions not in the least bit. A little girl lost her sweet daddy. We all lost that day, but stop the stupid ammunition for heaven sakes.
    1. Umaga posted on 01/11/2013 03:23 PM
      @Pete ' Atrocities " ???
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