French-only Bain report means another delay

Posted By: CJAD · 1/11/2013 2:15:00 PM


The case of the man charged in the election-night shooting at Metropolis has been put over once more because of a language snafu.

Richard Henry Bain's legal proceedings resumed in court Friday after being delayed because he refused to co-operate with a French-speaking psychiatrist.

Bain then got access to a psychiatrist who spoke English, but the report submitted in court today was written in French.

Bain objected to that and a judge ordered that it be translated into English.

The case will resume next Friday.

Bain's latest court appearance was more light-hearted than in the past. The psychiatric report is being kept under wraps for now but Bain claimed in court that it found him 75% fit to stand trial and complained that Quebec can vote to separate with a 50% plus one vote according to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair. Bain had a hearty chuckle when the judge told him he didn't know who Mulcair was. Bain then told the court artists to please put a smile on him this time.

Bain also said out loud in court that he's protesting a decision to move him into the general population sector of the Rivière-des-Prairies detention centre.

"They want me to be beaten up," Bain said.

The judge made a recommendation that Bain be kept in the special protection wing of the detention centre.

It`s unclear whether Elfriede Duclervil will continue to represent Bain. The defence attorney still wants to withdraw from the case, citing a legal aid review committee decision stating Bain is ineligible for legal aid. Bain said in court that he`s broke and he`s seeking help to set up a website to raise funds "to fight the separatist government."

Bain faces 16 charges, including first-degree murder, attempted murder, arson and weapons violations. Stagehand Denis Blanchette was killed and another worker was woundd in an attack at a downtown club where the Parti Quebecois was celebrating its election victory last September. 

Premier Pauline Marois, who was on stage when the attack occurred nearby, told a TV show she believes the shooting was an attempt on her life.

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