Marois arrives in Switzerland

Posted By: Jason Mayoff · 1/23/2013 2:45:00 PM

Premier Pauline Marois has arrived in Switzerland to attend the Davos economic summit.

Marois will use the World Economic Forum to try to persuade political and economic decision-makers to invest in Quebec.

She is taking part in various meetings today and is scheduled to speak at a workshop tomorrow on responsible mining.

Marois is expected to take part in a discussion on how to close the economic gender gap.

The European trip will also see Marois visit London and Edinburgh, where she will meet with Scottish separatist leader Alex Salmond.

Prime Minister Stephen will not be in Davos this year, but Ottawa is represented by several cabinet ministers including Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

Photo: La Presse

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  1. JohnH- posted on 01/23/2013 03:09 PM
    Will Polly be explaining to all these world leaders that her government will be trying to separate Quebec from Canada? That should go over like a lead balloon.
  2. keith andrews posted on 01/23/2013 04:24 PM
    Pauline Marois should have stayed in Quebec were she is needed most and not Gone to Davos. I hope soon thier is new election in Quebec.
  3. Rudolph S posted on 01/23/2013 04:51 PM
    well well, there she goes pretending she is the Queen of the soverign republic of Quebec. Do they know that she runs a minority government and only got elected because of students who did not want to pay more for their studies. ( and now she has to scratch the bottom of the taxbarrel to find the money... ) Meanwhile back home we hear how the OLF is coming down on a pastryshop where someone committed the horrible crime of speaking english. What language will she speak to impress investors, does she tell them, that this land of opportunity has a language police, a whatever healtcare system , highest taxation in north america ( she just started to introduce retroactive taxation to restaurants ), especially for professionals, for expats its forbidden to send their children to an english school, that she represents a Province that has the highest national debt, that she represents a party that wants a tout prix separate from Canada...quite a resume.....I am sure even in Switzerland there are intelligent investors who would ask a few questions before plunking down their money in la belle Province. Oui ma tante Pauline, enjoy the Swiss hospitality and the clean Mountain air...that's propably the only souvenir that she will bring back
    1. LMAO posted on 01/24/2013 06:43 AM
      @Rudolph S I think its great she is going at least now they will be able to put a face to the fool who wants to separate their province from one of the riches countries in the world to go back to the dark ages. Maybe the Swiss can explain to her the benefits of speaking English too.
  4. MaggieG posted on 01/25/2013 04:28 PM
    Madame is travelling around Europe in luxury, and on my dime. Meanwhile back at home, Quebec has major fiscal shortfalls, especially in education and medical care. She thinks she is so sophisticated as leader of a sovereign country, but in reality she is doing what many tinpot despots do.
    1. mp posted on 01/26/2013 09:19 AM
      @MaggieG Please stay in Europe. Cheat on your husband and marry some english guy. Don't come back, Please make your husband and the country of quebec happy. We will send you a wedding gift.. As separation gift that made your husband so happy... A Canadian flag so you can display it on your new European cottage.. Au Revoir Madame Polly.
      The way the planes are outsource with counterefit parts, we might be lucky your on one of them..
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