Marois interfering with Scottish affairs: Libs

Posted By: Angelica Montgomery · 1/29/2013 4:41:00 PM

The Liberals are condemning the plans the Quebec premier announced in a Scottish newspaper while in Edinburgh.

Pauline Marois told the Scottish newspaper The Herald that she would pass Quebec's data on its last two referendum to the sovereigntist Scottish leadership.

She told the paper that her administration has a lot of information to hand over. "That is data that we would be very happy to share with Scotland and we can talk about it with Mr. Salmond as well."

It is unclear whether Marois was referring to internal government files, or why the premier would pass it on.


Official opposition leader Jean-Marc Fournier says Marois is trying to advance the sovereigntist movement in a foreign country.

"That's none of her business," he says. "She's taking part int he debate."

Fournier says that as a leader of a minority government, Marois is out of line. "She does not have the mandate to say to the entire world, in the name of Quebecers, that she can support an argument in favour of Scottish separation."

Fournier also says Marois' actions could have an impact on Quebec's commercial relationship with the UK.


In the meantime, Pauline Marois has declared her trip to Edinburgh a success. She says she does not feel that the Scottish first minister had downplayed her visit.

"Over 45 minutes, we were able to discuss many issues," says Marois about her meeting with Alex Salmond.

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