Police seek help in finding sexual predator

Posted By: Michel Boyer · 1/31/2013 8:58:00 AM

Longeuil Police investigators will be setting up a command post at the bus terminal on Panama near Tashereau between 5 and 8 this evening, as they expand their inquiry into a sexual predator who may be responsible for as many as ten cases of various forms of sexual harassment and assault that go back three years.

The latest case happened Saturday, December 8th at around 7:30 in the evening.

An 18 year old woman who just gotten off a bus was attacked by a man armed with a knife as she made her way along the nearby bike path near Rome and Milan.

Longeuil police officer Marc David describes the suspect as a 30-year old male, about 6 feet tall, weighing 170 pounds with brown hair who speaks both English and French.

They say the goal of the command post is to warn the community that the predator they believe hasn't offended in two years is back, and dangerous. 

"So while we have the command post set up this evening," said David. "We can meet with the people, just to say 'hey look, something is going on, the suspect is still out there."

David adds the man has not been arrested and it's important for people to be aware of their surroundings.

This includes not to be engrossed in their phone conversations.

"They don't know what's going on around them," said David. "So what can happen if they don't know there is a suspect behind them."

He said he has even seen young kids get hit by trucks because the piedestrians were not paying attention to their surroundings while on the phone.

"Avoid dark areas," he also warned.

With files from CJAD's Andrew Peplowski

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  1. Maria posted on 01/31/2013 09:19 AM
    Ladies beware.
    This guy followed me from Bonaventure Metro then the 45 Bus South Shore and then the 47 Bus towards the suburbs of Brossard. He remained fixated on me since entering the Metro and followed me all the way until I got home 45 minutes later in the south shore. I recognize his photo and his M.O.

    I made the mistake of telling my husband about this only 20 minutes later after getting home. My spouse went looking out for him but it was too late. He would have slaughtered him.

    To all ladies living in the south shore, please be careful. This is not a joke.
    1. isaac posted on 01/31/2013 10:26 AM
      @Maria You made even a bigger mistake by not calling right away 911 to report this, if you would have called right away its very possible he would be long off the streets, by not calling your putting in danger your self and other lady's,
    2. Mark posted on 01/31/2013 01:26 PM
      @Maria I applaud you and thank you for posting your situation, it may show women that they are not alone.
  2. Jenny posted on 02/01/2013 10:55 AM
    @Isaac, Why make someone feel bad about what they should have done?? We cant go back in time, now can we? what do you think the police would have done if Maria had called the police and said someone was following her on the bus?! They would unfortunately not take her seriously and they would claim that she has no proof.

    Thank you for speaking out, Maria. This will make everyone be alert!!
    1. Maria posted on 02/02/2013 08:13 AM
      @Jenny Thanks Jenny.
      That's exactly why I didn't call the police. It would have taken them an eternity.

      The week before my neighbor phoned the police after witnessing suspicious activity on our street. It took forever for them to arrive.

      This situation would not be the first priority for a beat cop working the night shift. Nothing against the police, though.
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