"I pushed her down the stairs": accused

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Ellen Dennett testified that when she pushed 78-year-old Kathleen Livingstone down the stairs, she "just wanted her to shut up."

The 59-year-old took the stand in her own defence at her second degree murder trial in Longueuil before judge Sophie Bourque. Dennett is also accused of credit card theft.

Livingstone was found stabbed to death in her Brossard home in June 2011.

Dennett was often tearful as she described her version of events, confirming what she told a police investigator on video following her arrest on June 27, 2011.

Dennett testified that she moved in with Livingstone to care for the wheelchair-bound widow in May 2011 after Dennett claimed she was abandoned by Livingstone's son with whom she had been communicating on Facebook and Skype. Dennett testified she gave up her life in L.A. to be with Robert Livingstone. Dennett said she bonded with Kathleen Livingstone who told her Robert had just packed up and left.

Dennett said the relationship with the wheelchair-bound widow was fine at first but degenerated in the last four weeks of her life. Dennett testified Livingstone started criticizing her every move, often needling her by asking how Dennett could leave her adult daughter behind in California for a loser like her son.

Dennett testified that phrase came up again on June 23, 2011 and made her angry, very angry.

"I pushed her down the stairs," Dennett whispered tearfully.

Upon cross examination by crown prosecutor Sasha Blais, Dennett testified she'd had enough and lost control.

"I just wanted her to stop talking," Dennett sobbed.

"I just wanted her to shut up."

Dennett broke down at one point earlier in her testimony, saying how sorry she was that she destroyed a family.

"I never meant for this to happen," she said in tears.

Dennett testified she didn't hate Livingstone.

"I hated her son, I hated the way she talked to me, I hated the things she said about my daughter," Dennett said.

Dennett admitted she stabbed Livingstone with two kitchen knives, the first knife breaking.

Blais asked Dennett why she just didn't leave if she was so miserable living with Livingstone.

"I don't know," Dennett replied.

"I was hoping he'd show up," Dennett testified, referring to Robert Livingstone.

"I was hoping if he showed up, all this would go away. It would be okay."

Defence lawyer Giuseppe Battista told the court that during closing arguments on Friday, they'd be making their case for manslaughter.

Photo of Kathleen Livingstone: Robert Livingstone

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