Another student protest on the way

Posted By: Laura Casella · 2/14/2013 11:44:00 AM

Exactly a year after they announced the start of a general unlimited strike, the radical student group ASSE has announced a protest and a boycott at the upcoming summit on higher education.

The group says the PQ government has broken its promise to consider every option on the table at the meeting including its vision of free education. So, for that reason, it has no choice but to skip it and will hold a protest to defend that vision.

Jeremie Bedard-Wien is a spokesperson for the group. He says 15,000 of its members have already voted in favour of a one day strike on February 26 and thousands more will vote in the next two weeks.

"We have never really demanded the moon, or imposing free education from the get-go, this was not our goal," he explains, "we wanted to have a debate, and that debate has been denied."

The government has said abolishing tuition is not possible in the current economic climate and instead has proposed indexing tuition fees to the cost of living. 

"We should not attach a price tag to education" says Bedard-Wien, "and this price tag should not fluctuate to the cost of living like indexation proposes."

The group says it is still ironing out the details of their big protest on February 26. It begins at 2 p.m. at Victoria Square.

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  1. Alex Hankewicz posted on 02/14/2013 12:06 PM
    Return of the pots and pans parade a spring time ritual in Montreal.
    1. Rudolph S posted on 02/14/2013 03:31 PM
      @Alex Hankewicz Jeremy and his gang of redsquare twitts should be glad, that there is even a school who accepts them for their basketweaver courses. The faculties where students learn real life skills are not on strike. I sure hope Marois is not giving in to them again.... and for the teachers write them a big FAIL on their report card
  2. Umaga posted on 02/14/2013 01:50 PM
    Oh please , please , Taser and tear-gas Jeremie and his little red square wearing buddies .
  3. Andrew B posted on 02/14/2013 03:10 PM
    Radical? You guys are clowns.
  4. Mike D posted on 02/14/2013 04:12 PM
    Great, hopefully the head of the CAQ and Liberals will be in the front of the parade protesting as well.
  5. I am disappoint posted on 02/14/2013 04:35 PM
    Great. How many more millions of damage and police overtime is this going to cost the city? Enough is enough.
  6. LMAO posted on 02/14/2013 10:06 PM
    Well the PQ adopted the spoiled kids now they have to deal with it.
    1. Rudolpgh S posted on 02/15/2013 06:49 PM
      @LMAO you're right LMAO, ma tante pauline marched with them, stuck a red square on her chest and told them that she loves them.... however in this act they did not get kissed...
      The ASS lEader should realize, that Quebec students pay some of the lowest tuition in Canada and their parens pay the highest taxes in north what the F..... more does this I I I and ME ME ME generation want. I hope the teachers will not again roll over and reward them with extra classes
  7. chuck posted on 02/15/2013 09:53 AM
    surely these "students are smart enough to realize that education is not free. at some point the taxpayer foots the bill and for these students the cost is already subsidized and compared to equivalent in the US the cost is minimal. just a bunch of spoiled children with a very small horizon upon which to gaze.
  8. Smiley posted on 02/16/2013 09:39 PM
    Rudolph had it right, put a big FAIL on the report card. Taxpayers pay for the education AND the damage the students do (where's the fairness in that?). I think that if they do go out on stike again that they will lose the public's sympathy that might be left. The political parties may have changed but they still all know that what the students want isn't going to happen. Charest had the guts to say so - everyone else has stuck their heads in the sand and backed down. The students who didn't really protest last time are probably aware that in other provinces the students pay a lot more in tuition fees (but even then it's not outrageous when you consider the investment in future earnings, although huge student debt isn't fun either). I remember the student leaders of a few decades ago where all permanent students, so I also think they should pay the real cost of their education after a certain number of courses if they want to continue. Tuition fees have been subsidized long enough. Don't students realize that if our education system doesn't keep up with funding then the degree that they graduate with won't be worth much? Personally, I'd prefer that our education system has the money to educate the next generations who are going to take care of us all (I still can't find a family doctor for my family) and Quebec taxpayers are already doing their share. Our infrastructure is literally crumbling into the Ville-Marie Tunnel and we have a whole lot of babyboomers who are going to need care AND won't be paying as much taxes as they leave the workforce. Less revenue, more expenses - so students, it would be lovely to give you free tuition but we just can't pay for it and we are all facing some really huge demographic challenges as the baby boomers leave the workforce. Stop whining (because I can't afford any more taxes to pay for your free education)...
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