Downtown Bill 14 protest draws hundreds

Posted By: CJAD · 2/17/2013 3:25:00 PM

Despite frigid temperatures and biting wind, some 200 people took part in a demonstration in downtown Montreal  protesting the PQ government's new language law. 

Waving placards and Canadian flags and shouting slogans of unity, Bill 14 opponents were not shy about voicing their discontent outside Pauline Marois's Montreal office this afternoon.

Bill 14 places additional restrictions on education, businesses and municipalities.

Beryl Wajsman the President of the Instiute for Public Affairs of Montreal was one of the speakers.

He called the legislation vile, shameful and odious, and did nothing to promote linguistic peace in the province.

"What is Bill 14 's main goal?" asked Wajsman."

"Nothing but segregation and marginalization."

Organizers are urging opposition parties in the National Assembly to vote against the bill. Public consultations are due to begin in March.

Photos:  Patrick Lejtenyi CJAD

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  1. kenny solbers posted on 02/17/2013 03:41 PM
    I congratulate the organizers, you are all truly needed...but...people come on!!... a few are going to deserve what you get... don't any of you know someone with pots and pans??
    1. Le Québécois posted on 02/17/2013 07:24 PM
      @kenny solbers No most of them actually "demonized" or "boycotted" students when they were demonstrating with pots and pants.

      Poetic justice...
    2. Katherine posted on 02/18/2013 11:58 AM
      @kenny solbers Hi Kenny, were you there?
  2. Marc Gendron posted on 02/17/2013 03:49 PM
    It ain't going to happen! The anglos and allow got spoiled under Charest's gov that did nothing to protect the french language. Pay backs a bitch! Bill 14 will STAY, and I am for it.
    1. Johnathan Leger posted on 02/17/2013 05:22 PM
      @Marc Gendron what are you talking about? charest did NOTHING for anglos during his tenure and continued to employ language police

      if trolling, well done
    2. Michael Allan posted on 02/17/2013 05:59 PM
      @Marc Gendron I think you Need Math courses not language courses. 50 Liberal seats +19 Caq seats = 69 No s. Just so you know that's more than half of 125.
      scopeThis rally was not meant to focus on the PQ. They have their heads so far up there butts that life seems crappy to them They are right about one thing, French is in Danger in North America, because in the Grand North American scheme of things; it is irrelevant.
  3. Le Québécois posted on 02/17/2013 04:52 PM
    You should follow the student's examples and make demonstrations in the summer instead. :)

    "Waving placards and Canadian flags and shouting slogans of unity"

    This really helps the english minority of Québec to be seen as anglo-Quebekers instead of "canadians unfortunately situated in Québec" having to unfortunately learn french. (actually... no :)

    It was starting to be interesting and moving to consider the special heritage of english (bilingual) municipalities as part of Québec but when you talk about having a problem with passing french tests it turns people off.

    What's wrong with being fluent in many languages ? French people in the ROC are largely bilingual and most french quebekers have a good knowleadge of english.

    Law 101 is the most "canadian" law ever (promoting bilingualism) by making sure everybody has a knowleadge of french (while they also learn english).

    Even prominent federalist figures in the ROC understood that a long time ago.

    Good luck next time. :)
    1. Johnathan Leger posted on 02/17/2013 05:24 PM
      @Le Québécois Bill 101 does not promote bilingualism, plz get infromed
    2. J.S. posted on 02/18/2013 07:18 AM
      @Le Québécois I don't know whether to laugh at you or feel sorry for you. Separtists are the most brain washed people on the planet . While the pq send their kids to private institutions to learn English ( either here or abroad ) the Francophones of Quebec cannot send their children to be educated in English. The reason for this is to keep them braiwashed and in the dark so they have no choice but to stay in this province . WAKE UP MAN !!
  4. Jane Curwood posted on 02/18/2013 04:37 AM
    ‘Demonstration co-organizer Beryl Wajsman called the legislation vile, shameful and odious, and did nothing to promote linguistic peace in the province.‘CJAD article posted on their website. Obviously the person who wrote this wasn’t listening. 1/3 of the names collected at the rally were French. It is the french speaking Quebecer’s children who are being victimized just as much as the immigrant’s, but less than those of english speaking Quebecers.
    Although the rally was centered around the immediate, (if extreme and passing) issue of Bill 14, it is not the main issue, merely a symptom of a larger problem. In the last 30 years, it has become an accepted attitude that our provincial government has the right not to serve all of it’s citizens equally, but, driven by an ideology, it has the right to bully and hurt large numbers of it’s population. Education, for example, is not being used as a means to prepare our children for a future which includes greater interaction with an ever increasingly smaller world, but to teach them intolerance and ultimately to isolate them. Freedom of choice and tolerance are the characteristics of a mature, civilized society, a society which has fought it’s way past prejudice and intimidation and during my lifetime I have seen this Province regress to a state where a member of our government would actually suggest ‘snitch’ boxes, pitting neighbour against neighbour.
    1. Le Québécois posted on 02/18/2013 12:54 PM
      @Jane Curwood Well I guess you are just like us. You want your ghetto of West-Island to "separate" from Québec, you want to isolate yourself in your "bilingual" municipalities and secretely wish that more unilingual anglos will come here and boost your ranks to have a bigger ghetto...

      Unfortunately we cannot accuse you of acting exactly like a ghethoïsed minority trying to reproduce its country here because unfortunately for us you are in your country.

      See now why independance is so popular in french Québec ?
  5. Umaga posted on 02/18/2013 07:58 AM
    Was Howard Galganov there ? I love the way the headline says " Draws Hundreds " when it woud be generous to claim 200 .
    1. m. p. posted on 02/18/2013 09:18 AM
      @Umaga Were you there to count... If there was just one, and it made the news around the world there would be billions that would see this.
    2. Le Québécois posted on 02/18/2013 12:57 PM
      @Umaga Galganov was probably too occupied in "legally cleansing" French Ontario under the disguise of human rights because in Québec he met his match last time...
  6. m.p. posted on 02/18/2013 09:11 AM
    We should tell the P.Q. government to mind it's P's and Q's.
    Speak English even if your french just to bother them.. How can they stop what's coming out of your mouth.. 30 toll booth they say Bonjour and merci and I say Hi and thanks...I told one toll booth operator, imagine if all the english gave you 1.50 in pennies, wouldn't that put a damper on things..He was french and he laughed.
    1. Le Québécois posted on 02/18/2013 12:48 PM
      @m.p. Don't worry it's already being done. It's been done for 200 years and "I don't (want to) speak french !" in a supremacist type of tone is the most emblematic sentence the english community has portrayed to french people.

      I wish there will be more people like you to finally get our independance !
  7. Katherine posted on 02/18/2013 11:57 AM
    It is a real shame that we only drew such a small crowd at such an important rally. I do not understand why people call up your show bitching and complaining about the French language police, and everything French, but when it came to coming out and showing support for this cause most Montreal English Quebecers were at home. SHAME.
  8. Joe posted on 02/18/2013 02:01 PM
    Why didn't good cop lisee show up to tell everyone that they were looking into the issue about amending the law to make us as equal as the higher race is. Sorry guess he was busy looking into the other issue's, bus drivers, ticket attendants, people from NDG putting mini stickers in english in the store windows, and so on. Again this goes to show that this gouverment is never to be trusted and Mr Lisee can shovel it any way he wants to it always smells the same even though he tries to pile it differently. He should have shown his face yesterday and try to appease the situation with some concrete idea's but it is best that he didn't with the usual we will look into this crap.
  9. Susan posted on 02/18/2013 04:16 PM
    I was there and will continue to go to events such as these. And I expect the numbers to grow. I will encourage my friends to join me the next time. And perhaps the weather will cooperate.
    1. Umaga posted on 02/20/2013 04:38 PM
      @Susan Absolutely right ! With better weather , more publicity ,and a celebrity guest like Howard Galganov you might pull in 175 , that would really show those Seperatists who they're messing with .
  10. Doug posted on 02/19/2013 12:33 PM
    Next protest/rally should be in support of equal access to bilingual education.Mixing lots of reasons into one protest confuses the message.Just read the news stories they're all over he map.
  11. Fedup posted on 02/19/2013 04:16 PM
    Yes, there was a low turnout. That's because the Anglos have jobs they have to go to and earn money to pay for the welfare recipients who have lots of time to attend the pro Quebecois and French language protests. The so called Bill 101 -14 supporters can arttend after they cash their checks and collect their bilingual dollars. How come they never complained about the two languages on the tenders?
  12. m.p. posted on 02/19/2013 09:55 PM
    I don't know why we are worried about the language english and french. Why the kids today text and text and they don't even talk to each other... They scan for information and if you talk to them in any language they take forever to get back to you..They spell like I don't know their language and they are french and english...They don't care and they don't care about politics.. You won't need bilingual tellers they scan for info.. How could they separate when no one is listening...They think were nuts are we? We shouldn't waste our time on Marois... Just text text in any language...
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