Bill 14 protest 'not large', Lisée says

Posted By: Angelica Montgomery · 2/18/2013 4:14:00 PM

Jean-Francois Lisée says yesterday's protest against Bill 14 was not massive.

"There were a hundred to two hundred people yesterday voicing their concerns as is their legitimate right," says Lisée. "I don't feel its a very large number."

The minister responsible for anglophones relations says part of the protestors were part of an old guard of Anglophones leadership.

"I saw a number of worriers there from decades past, as is their right," says Lisée, though he says the protest is a sign of discontent.

He's inviting those who are unhappy with Bill 14 to come and work on the legislation with the PQ during the National Assembly committee hearings.

Lisée also points to new statistics that show that slightly less than half of Quebec's anglophones are thinking of leaving the province following his party's election.

"In '95, 80 percent of anglos said that they were thinking of leaving and now its 42 percent. That's 42 percent too many, but it's some measure of progress," he says.

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  1. Live free or die. posted on 02/18/2013 04:30 PM
    The support for bill 14 is also "not large".
  2. Candyman posted on 02/18/2013 05:07 PM
    He wants us to go to the hearings to legitimize them...
    If the Liberals and the CAQ have any backbone, thye will not permit the legislation to pass.
    In Quebec, things just never change.
    When will they finally figure out that the real reality is that the majority of the poulation wants linguistic peace...
  3. Peter posted on 02/18/2013 05:08 PM
    42% are thinking of leaving but that's because most of the ones that wanted to leave in 95 have already left.

    defending French does not mean attacking English especially when it's the non-francophones speaking proper french while the "pure-laine" and he "de-souche" are speaking french so badly with so many anglisims and other errors that french is declining in Quebec.

    Quebec was free, then the PQ starting limiting the rights of all in order to have poweres they wouldn't know how to use.
    1. Le Québécois posted on 02/21/2013 11:16 AM
      @Peter Yes free to be in french demographic decline...
  4. Simon Templar posted on 02/18/2013 05:08 PM
    He forgot to mention the anti-bill 14 protest was 200 time bigger than the pro-bill 14 counter protest across the street.
  5. Umaga posted on 02/18/2013 05:08 PM
    The minister is being generous , despite the Gazettes headline reading " Hundreds " , Umaga's newspaper of choice ( when he wants to know what is really going on in this smoked meat and bagel paradise) the Journal de Montreal put the crowd at 125 ( since the Angry -Anglo media provided no complete crowd photos ) I'm goin' with that number . And that my Tommy Schnurmaker lovin' friends equals lunatic fringe numbers .
    The rest of us have learned a language moved on and are better for it , thankyou Bill 101 !
    1. LMAO posted on 02/19/2013 06:40 AM
      @Umaga It's so sad that you have so much hatred you can not even make a single comment without your derogatory racist rants being added to it.
    2. Derrick posted on 02/20/2013 08:46 AM
      @Umaga I'd rather be an angryphone than a francophobe any day of the week and twice on sunday.
  6. Johnathan Leger posted on 02/18/2013 06:01 PM
    he cannot possibly be this stupid

    "In '95, 80 percent of anglos said that they were thinking of leaving and now its 42 percent. "


    because there was a referendum
  7. Tracy posted on 02/18/2013 08:58 PM
    "In '95, 80 percent of anglos said that they were thinking of leaving and now its 42 percent. That's 42 percent too many, but it's some measure of progress," he says.

    It's 42 percent now because the other 40 percent already escaped this hellhole
  8. Nancy Westad posted on 02/18/2013 09:00 PM
    Wow... 42% is better? Maybe because a good percentage has already left. I am a former Quebecer and proudly live in Alberta where my children are in French school and learn both languages freely. We just celebrated Carnaval in St. Isidore where Fancophone Albertans are proud to share their culture. Quebec will be left behind in business and it's people will suffer greatly if not given the opportuity to speak and learn both languages equally. What a loss...what a waste....a beautiful province's gifts of multictuaralism and talent limited and discouraged all because of a group of bigots in provincial politics. They should travel to Europe and see how they learn multiple languages. What opportunities this creates for their youth and tourism.
    1. Le Québécois posted on 02/20/2013 12:53 AM
      @Nancy Westad Again the business superiority complex.

      I'm guessing that, to you, people speaking non-english languages are just unable to understand anything about business...

      (The "Hautes études commerciales" in Québec and in France are doing a pretty good job actually)

      "Learning multiple languages in Europe..."
      Well start by telling the bunch of guys at this rally to polish their "6 year old" (not really that much bilingual) type french first and then we'll talk
  9. worried anglo posted on 02/18/2013 09:14 PM
    Well as one of the more then 500 people who was there, I have to say that yes it was a small showing. Though it is always like this when civil liberties are being taken away from they common public. As long as nobodies paycheck is affected right away that is. This bill will only serve to hurt the everyday quebecer. This will make it harder for smaller business' to expand, and larger ones to come here. This bill is not progress, its regress. The last time a leadership started implementing laws like this, it went down hill. The leader then was that of Germany. There was a world war fought, and the idea of one race being better than another was supposed to have died with that war. So why is the 32% minority gouvernment so hell bent on trying to force everyone into speaking french. Maybe they should try making incentives, instead of punishments. I would be down for that. Spend your 122 million on giving grants to all french companies, not fining those who choose to operate in the free world in the language of their choice if its other then french. Or how about letting a parent decide what language to teach their kids. Unless the government thinks it knows better then every parent in the province. What about students leaving highschool, why make it difficult for them to go any cegep of their wishing. And what if a student who isn't great at french wants to be a nurse, guess they will have to leave the province, because they can't pass the new rules for that either...
    And yes I do realize I'm all over the map, but so are the rules and regulations of this bill. I believe the whole language law should be revoked, and instead of these laws, place incentives. Allow the people of Quebec the free will to make their own decisions. If a store only serves in English, then it won't last very long in Quebec, we all know this. But if a store can't work at all in English, then it won't last very long outside Quebec either.
    The government needs to open its eyes, and mind as to what it is doing. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. And I'm certain, that myself being young in my twenties, am not part of the "old guard of Anglophones leadership."

    As for the stat on why less anglophones said they would consider leaving is because the PQ have the smallest minority government in memory, and have two parties to keep them in line. And what most of the protestors are hoping, is for those two parties to vote down this bill, and possibly treat them to a vote of no confidence. Because who can be confident in a party that votes down their own legislature unanimously...

    And my final response to this article, if you are to write and publish something, at least make sure you know the size of the group, who was there, and why they are there. Otherwise you're just writing empty words.
    1. Lynn posted on 02/20/2013 11:59 AM
      @worried anglo I think first of all the important factor Lisee left out of the rally being small was that it was (-30). I believe the numbers were approx. the same at the last Francophone rally and the temperature much milder.
      Second, maybe less are considering leaving because our community is an aging one and they've set roots here etc...probably retired and will remain until they pass away.
  10. norma o'donnell posted on 02/18/2013 09:49 PM
    First of all I would like this to not be refered to by the PQ or anyone else as an " anglo" protest! As someone who was there as well as involved with this group WE ARE A MIX OF ALL QUEBECERS, ENGLISH, FRENCH, AND WHAT GOVERNMENT CALLS THE ALLOPHONES!! We are a group of quebecs who are pro equality for all quebecers and pro bilingualism and are against bill 14 ! Mr Lisee you need to be concerned you need to start doing what your " title" says and start ministering to the anglo comunitity! Bills 101 and 14 are rasist, unaceptable and have no place in a democratic society! As for us living in the past this separtist movement stems from the fact that "you" as a group can not leave the 1700's where they belong! Wake up PQ and followers we are 2013 this is Canada a wonderfull country who " you" have caused enough problems for! Lets move forward equally without this racist fashist aproch to government that the PQ has been dragging quebec down with for far too long!
    1. Le Québécois posted on 02/20/2013 01:05 AM

      Well it's kinda difficult to see that when (almost) only anglophones shows up. And if you invite former equality party and partitionists groups and "suspected but not proven" members involved in sponsorship scandals it doesn't help.

      I know you really want it to not look like angry WASP loyalists from the past but you will have to try harder.

      Btw "xenophobic" separatists are also """in principle""" a class of many people including french people, arboriginals (especially Hurons and Atticameks), allophones (haitians, vietnameses, latinos, etc.) and even a few anglos (mostly from the US) voted yes on last referendum.
  11. Johnathan Leger posted on 02/18/2013 11:28 PM
    Lisée math is, 42% to a PQ minority is an improvement over an 80% pending referendum?

    can we get a new anglo minister please, preferably one who is anglo?
  12. Matthew posted on 02/18/2013 11:42 PM
    Why can't we all just use both languages, be happy about, try to find common ground and not stress about the little things. There are much more important things to deal with in this province than petty English-French debates. To be honest, I haven't seen much done by the PQ during its time in office so far that "hasn't" been language based. Montreal has survived many years without action against either language, and with tolerance, not force, both languages would strive.
  13. LMAO posted on 02/19/2013 06:46 AM
    Finally the wolf removes his sheep clothing.
    1. Raven posted on 02/19/2013 10:48 PM
      @LMAO Public Enemy said it back in '91

      "Can't trust it"
    2. Le Québécois posted on 02/20/2013 01:07 AM
      @LMAO Why do you think the PQ would give you anything if they know you have ABSOLUTELY ZERO chance of voting for them ?

      If they do what you want they will get nothing from you but lose precious french support.
  14. Peter Da Silva posted on 02/19/2013 09:20 AM
    If Mr. Lisee wants to promote English-French relations, then he should suggest changing our license plate motto back to "La Belle Province". This would not only promote our province elsewhere, but provide a much-needed boost in pride for our province. Stop the divisive politics. This is your job Mr. Lisee!
    1. ap posted on 02/19/2013 04:42 PM
      @Peter Da Silva Why not change the license to La Poutine... We all agree on being neutral,
  15. Adam posted on 02/19/2013 01:02 PM
    Mr Lisée, your seperatsit math is finally accurate.
    There is indeed only 42% of alngophone wishing to leave Quebec still left.
    That's because 38% is already gone. I also agree the 42% is to many. But don't worry when they leave your next propaganda campaign can say the is 0% of anglophone wishing to leave.
  16. keith rowe posted on 02/19/2013 01:32 PM
    Just let the PQ give everybody that wants to leave this racist province to put down roots elsewhere the sum of $1,000,000 and Queen Pauline I can personally take me to the border without any complaints.
  17. MTL BIlingue posted on 02/19/2013 06:01 PM
    Yes, M Lisée, we have a small problem with the leadership side on language rights side at the moment, but it does not give you the right to throw out our reasonable requests. 'Stay tuned', as they say. These diveders and anti-separatist provocateurs do not represent us, but because they have monopolized the debate for decades, together with the radicals on the French side, such as Mario Beaulieu and Pierre Curzi (and the Parti Québécois, you have to admit it), you understand that it is difficult to get rid of it.

    Several people were not there for them, they were there because:

    - Removing the bilingual status of cities on the island - it's unfair

    - Mandating a French exam for anglophones only - this is unfair. My colleagues at work are francophones and they write in french worse than I do

    - Having to go to court to prove that the employee you need, must be bilingual - it's unfair

    - Requiring all small businesses to translate everything, with fines, but no support - this is unfair

    Have you seen the Facebook page Quebec Français? Montreal Français? McGill Français?

    This is the kind of radicals that are born due to this language war in which you participated yourself.

    And I am not even talking about the fact, that certain clauses of Bill 101 infringe on rights of francophones and allophones - such as the right to receive an education that truly bilingual in Montreal, meaning both languages are at a satisfactory level upon graduation. Or the right to bilingual media. Or to bilingual transport.

    Here in Montreal, it is a bilingual city. No matter what the charter of Montreal says, it is an undeniable fact. The history of both cultures has made Montreal what it is today. And now - it is 52% bilingual, dear Mr. Lisée. And we want to preserve and celebrate both languages. So if you bully one or pro-unilingual Anglophones bully yours - we will be in the streets.

    And in the National Assembly
    1. Le Québécois posted on 02/20/2013 01:17 AM
      @MTL BIlingue -Removing the bilingual status of cities on the island - it's unfair

      It's unfair to have to translate all in english for 7% or less english population ? Do you think they would put up with that in the ROC ?

      - Mandating a French exam for anglophones only - this is unfair.

      Be happy, more languages properly mastered the better !

      - Having to go to court to prove that the employee you need, must be bilingual - it's unfair
      Its unfair to prevent french only haitians and arabs to get ANY JOB in Montréal because bilingualism is systematically asked for no reason.

      - Requiring all small businesses to translate everything, with fines, but no support - this is unfair

      As I recall angryphones want Montréal to be binlingual...
      Is it turning an english only city already ?

      Have you seen the Facebook page Quebec Français? Montreal Français? McGill Français?

      Montréal Français... been there like since 2006 (during the liberals)
      McGill Français... because all our money is going to educate Ontario's Doctors and we are sick of it !
  18. maria posted on 02/19/2013 10:07 PM
    like most of the above comments most of the anglos left , that is why only 42% - what a
    trojan horse he is - we should all be very afraid, very afraid - do we not all see what they
    (the pq) are doing, and now the CAQ actualy say they will support bill 14 - they just lost more than 50% of whoever supported them in the last election - I hope as soon as the
    liberals have their leadership race they make the gov. fall - if they don't then this province is doomed....!!! this bill can not pass - wake up CAQ wake up Liberals!!! Harper step in,
    do you see what is going on here.!!!
  19. Alex Hankewicz posted on 02/20/2013 01:08 PM
    Why does CJAD constantly censor my postings by not publishing them when there is nothing over the top in them. With respect to this topic at hand: Bill14 is an odious piece of legislation as it provides the state the tools to make non francophones second class citizens if we speak alnguage other then french.
    1. Le Québécois posted on 02/21/2013 11:32 AM
      @Alex Hankewicz To compensate for the fact that english has 5 times the attraction power of french even in Québec maybe ?
  20. Dakota Jugel posted on 02/20/2013 02:06 PM
    How can people not be freaking out at this point... It's common sense that the number of people thinking of leaving has gone down. Maybe, it's um, because... THEY ALREADY LEFT. And now they're laughing at us from across the border
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