Bill 14 protest 'not large', Lisée says

Posted By: Angelica Montgomery · 2/18/2013 4:14:00 PM

Jean-Francois Lisée says yesterday's protest against Bill 14 was not massive.

"There were a hundred to two hundred people yesterday voicing their concerns as is their legitimate right," says Lisée. "I don't feel its a very large number."

The minister responsible for anglophones relations says part of the protestors were part of an old guard of Anglophones leadership.

"I saw a number of worriers there from decades past, as is their right," says Lisée, though he says the protest is a sign of discontent.

He's inviting those who are unhappy with Bill 14 to come and work on the legislation with the PQ during the National Assembly committee hearings.

Lisée also points to new statistics that show that slightly less than half of Quebec's anglophones are thinking of leaving the province following his party's election.

"In '95, 80 percent of anglos said that they were thinking of leaving and now its 42 percent. That's 42 percent too many, but it's some measure of progress," he says.

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