Private investment has dropped 90% says CAQ

Posted By: Jason Mayoff · 4/17/2013 2:50:00 PM

Private investment in Quebec has plummeted by 90 percent since the Parti Quebecois has come to power, says François Legault's Coalition.

"Programs that have been put in place by the Parti Quebecois, they don't give results," says Legault.

The CAQ says it's tallied up the value of all the announcements made by the finance ministry and Investment Quebec for the past seven months.  Then, it compared it to announcements made over the same time period the year before.

The CAQ says Quebec drew $1.4 Billion  worth of private investments between September 2011 and April 2012. But, it says since the PQ has been in place that number has dropped to $153 Million.

The finance minister says Legault's numbers are wrong. "Those figures do not hold up," says  Nicolas Marceau. "The figures that were presented during (this spring's) spending estimates show the complete opposite."

Marceau's office says it will produce its own numbers on the subject by the end of the day.

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