Merchant resists OQLF inspector: Strudelgate?

Posted By: Dan Delmar · 4/18/2013 2:50:00 PM

The Pointe Claire merchant who famously started selling "Pasta Salad Marois" in the days following "Pastagate" is again rebelling.

An OQLF inspector visited Swiss Vienna Pastry and Delicatessen and owner Harry Schick asked the man to leave.

The inspector pointed to several violations to Quebec's language law, Bill 101, and asked to take pictures. Schick refused. The inspector left and, according to Schick, said that he will be back.

"French and English are the same size," on signs in his store, a defiant Schick told CJAD 800's Rick Moffat. "To me, Anglophones and Francophones have equal rights in my store.

"Pasta Marois" has become one of the shop's top sellers, "and we've just added this week 'le Mac and Cheese!'"

Schick seems to be daring the government to take extreme action.

"I will not pay the fine. What will they do? Put me in jail? Put 35 employees out of business by closing me down? I doubt it. Somebody is going to have to stop them."

Several merchants in the same mall on St. Jean blvd. tell CJAD 800 that they have been visited by the OQLF in recent days.

Schick is positioning himself as an Anglo martyr.

"[The government] is slowly but surely driving out Anglos. My daughter has already left. She will never come back to this province."


Should other Anglo business-owners follow Schick's lead? It depends, says lawyer and former Alliance Quebec president Brent Tyler, who is currently fighting dozens of cases against the OQLF.

"If they want to minimize the cost and it doesn't have anything to do with the principle of the matter, then by all means just pay the fine, correct the problem and move on," Tyler told CJAD 800. "If you want to make a point of it, then by forcing the government to go far, you may draw attention to what you're doing."

Tyler said one likely outcome from not paying OQLF fines is for the government to seize bank accounts or other assets to recover the outstanding amount. They can also sell property at auction if necessary; "there are a number of recourses available."

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  1. Joe posted on 04/18/2013 02:58 PM
    He is doing is right. More and more merchants should do the same. This government will only stop when people stop being afraid and stand up to them.
    1. SafetySteve posted on 04/18/2013 10:11 PM
      @Joe Stand up to what? A law that only ask to down size the english writtings so that french (a majority of quebecers speak it) would still be seen as the first language in quebec... What are you afraid of? Losing your english?
    2. Le Québécois posted on 04/19/2013 03:48 AM
      @Joe You want to encourage anarchy ???
      Sure let's stop following laws and see what happens to our society.
      If people stopped following the law each time they think it's unfair... imagine... the law is the same for everybody !

      That law has been "tested" many times by angryphones in court and they failed. Now it's time to ACCEPT IT !

      He's defiying the law on purpose and that type of individual should be prosecuted TO THE FULL EXTENT or be deported to Ontario !

      Enough with DINOSAURS that cannot accept their minority status !
  2. Susan posted on 04/18/2013 03:10 PM
    "Positioning himself as an Anglo martyr"??? Mr. Schick is positioning himself as a hard-working businessman who is unwilling to respond to ridiculously unjust treatment. Bravo, Mr. Schick.
    1. Christine Stam posted on 04/19/2013 10:34 AM
      @Susan I visited Quebec City recently, and as an anglophone I noticed people trying to be helpful everywhere I went, speaking English when I explained to them that my French was limited. Hard working business people usually pay their taxes and keep their establishments clean according to regulations. But why would the government want to make them feel unwelcome, unwanted is a mystery to me. Governments should encourage people like Harry Schick to stay, instead making life miserable for them. Harry Schick (and those like him) provide employment, money for the government, good food for the public, and add to the culture of the city.
  3. Cecil Man Rae posted on 04/18/2013 03:12 PM
    Well done very happy to see someone standing up for equality.
  4. gary duquette posted on 04/18/2013 03:14 PM
    you go mr. Schick!! you are right! are they going to put everyone in jail? civil disobedience is the way...
  5. Christian Rioux posted on 04/18/2013 03:18 PM
    Continuez! La majorité de la population est derrière vous.
  6. peter posted on 04/18/2013 03:18 PM
    yes stand up to the OQL,show them who is boss, run your business ,or close your business and put people out of a job a message to the OQLF.LAY-OFF
  7. Workman John posted on 04/18/2013 03:24 PM
    Hi: I like Mr Schick's attitude and actions. he is brave and I hope many, many others follow suit. throw the tongue troopers out onto the sidewalk where they belong. As an ex-Quebecer, I am revolted by the continuing harrassment of my fellow Citizens.
  8. Ray S posted on 04/18/2013 03:32 PM
    I think that everyone should make their feelings known about the unilateral action taken by Harry Schick, owner of the SWISS VIENNA PASTRY AND DELICATESSEN in the Pointe-Claire Shopping Center (St. Jean and Highway 20).

    We should let our actions voice our immense displeasure and anger.

    Personally, I am taking immediate action. I'm stopping by the SWISS VIENNA PASTRY AND DELICATESSEN in the Pointe-Claire Shopping Center (St. Jean and Highway 20) and making a number of purchases to show full support!

    The more people that follow my lead in support of people like Harry Schick, the sooner we can forever eliminate the blight that has settled on our wonderful province.
    1. Barcham posted on 04/18/2013 06:38 PM
      @Ray S I'll be dropping in myself tomorrow to pick up some of his famous Marois Pasta Salad and to express my support.

      More merchants should follow his lead. What is the government going to do? Close them all down when they refuse to pay their fines? Seize their property? Send them to jail? If Pasta Gate sent social media ripples around the world, imagine what seizing someone's business would do? Seizing multiple businesses?

      Can you say social media EARTHQUAKE?
    2. Harpo posted on 04/18/2013 10:45 PM
      @Ray S I have been shopping there since the 1960s and will continue to do so. Their pastries are to die for!
  9. Tim posted on 04/18/2013 03:36 PM
    As a Canadian I fully support Mr. Schick and should there be legal action against him, I would easily donate $100 (or more) to his defence fund and would encourage others to do the same. Pauline the dictator may not realize this but her arrogance is actually UNTITING Canadians across this great nation.

    Keep it up Pauline, you self centred bigot!
    1. Harpo posted on 04/18/2013 10:48 PM
      @Tim Count me in. I would definitely chip in some of my hard earned dollars to defend Mr. Schick.
    2. Joy posted on 04/19/2013 09:49 AM
      @Tim I am also Swiss. We are hard working, stubborn people and will not tolerate an injustice. Count me in for financial support. I think we should start a fund.
  10. Tom posted on 04/18/2013 03:36 PM
    Maybe the OQLF should take a look at switzerland who has 4 official languages german,italian,french,and romansh a country who is not afraid of diversity. But then again anything beyond the quebec border does not matter to them unless it has something to do with money.
    1. Karl Lamarre-Parent posted on 04/18/2013 10:17 PM
      @Tom Tell me again how you can find bilingual labels anywhere else than in Quebec and some parts of Ontario.
    2. Kahalauthrey posted on 04/20/2013 11:27 AM
      @Tom Well I lived in Switzerland a couple of years and unless you live in a bilingual canton, the others are functioning in one language. Signs are usually unilingual (sometimes bilingual or trilingual, but only in touristic areas).
      German-speakers have no access to German-speaking schools in the canton of Vaud, or the one of Neuchâtel. Same applies for the Romands. They don't have access to French-schools in the canton of Bern, or Luzern.

      I just thought I would come up with this, because people over there actually seem to comply with the linguistic landscape that portays Switzerland. If they aren't happy speaking German in Luzern, they can always move back to the French-cantons.
  11. jonathan posted on 04/18/2013 03:37 PM
    Keep up the fight Mr. Schick . . . I congratulate you for your brave effort, hopefully there will be more Mr. Schick's out there that will raise the torch for our rights that is to say at the end of the day we are all the same. Step Up, Rise Up because all it takes is one and then we will be united and stand tall . . . as simply as it might seem remember Montrealers one plus one is two and two plus two is four and so one.
    1. Rudolph S posted on 04/22/2013 09:36 AM
      @jonathan WAY TO GO HARRY, this nonsense has been going on since the OLF...ers tried to get you for the multilingual greetings on the store window, while the QC department of tourism published a poster with exactly the same idea (remember...) it is absolutely ridiculous, that a government spends so much money ( some at the expense of healthcare and social services, ) to harass businesses because of Pasta or Caffe or other non- purist french names, these politicians must have a hefty portion of PASTA MAROIS also in their brains..... ( PS the pasta marois leaves a much better taste in your mouth, than what the QOLF is serving up )
  12. Jane posted on 04/18/2013 03:41 PM
    I will make sure to visit his store and support his business. We all should do something to show the world that our province is being run by ego and stupidity!
  13. Michael Bradley posted on 04/18/2013 03:44 PM
    There should be a commission to examine the PQ in general. I think once the Liberals have their leader in place, they should get with the CAQ to form a new coalition Govt and boot the PQ out !! What do you think ?
    1. Harpo posted on 04/18/2013 10:58 PM
      @Michael Bradley There does not need to be a coalition, but one thing both the CAQ and the Liberals need to understand is that there is a definite shift going on here and that cowtowing to the hardline separatists is a thing of the past. We are all equal and should be treated as such.
    2. beth posted on 04/20/2013 10:35 AM
      @Michael Bradley @michael bradley unfortunately the CAQ is the PQ in slow motion. As for the Liberals, well they haven't helped us either all these years. They are all in it for themselves and the money and pensions. I personally will put my vote to the Equality party. They may not win, but it will send a message.
  14. Lee posted on 04/18/2013 03:47 PM
    This is awesome. I'm so glad to see someone taking a stand. Hopefully we will see more business standing up instead of setting up shop elsewhere.
  15. Domenic posted on 04/18/2013 04:21 PM
    It's about time we stand up to the OQLF & not pay their stupid fines .But the fact that the government can seize bank accounts etc... is not constitutional & will drive more business down the 401.
    I feel like I'm in Gotham & the joker has taken over with no Batman to save us.
    1. beth posted on 04/19/2013 07:25 AM
      @Domenic Pay the fine in bilingual currency........Are they sure about the validity of this contracting bill 101 law? Just on that basis alone, I believe bill 101 can become null and void internationally.
  16. Andrea posted on 04/18/2013 04:22 PM
    Way to go Schick, there needs to be more like you!
    There is no purpose to OQLF other than to make sure that the Anglo rights are taken away slowly but surely. If this type of behavior were directed at an immigrant there would be an uproar. I am a proud Canadian who happens to live in Quebec and I feel like my rights are being violated every day and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. What ever happened to freedom, because Quebec doesn't feel so free anymore, we are being more and more restricted on what we can do, say and behave, doesn't sound so much like freedom, more like dictatorship. Why is it someone can tell me where I can and can't send my child to school? Freedom, I think not. Why is it someone can tell me what language I have to speak and where? Freedom, I think not. Why is it I can't cater to fellow Anglo"s in their language of preference without being reprimanded? Freedom, I think not. I am a Canadian and I am losing all the freedoms that make this country great and just. The last time I checked Quebec was still a province in Canada, so why is it that my Canadian rights are being taken away from a province? I am hoping that soon my Canadian human rights are going to be once again re-established and protected by my government, the Canadian government.
    We all need to stand up for everyone's rights equally!
    1. SafetySteve posted on 04/19/2013 01:39 AM
      @Andrea Where the hell do you live? And do you even speak French a little?

      "we are being more and more restricted on what we can do, say and behave, doesn't sound so much like freedom, more like dictatorship."

      Please don't generalise because you don't make any sense. Can you give some examples in what you feel you are restricted or dictated how to behave?
  17. Catherine posted on 04/18/2013 04:29 PM
    I left Quebec years ago, always intending to return, but my Kiwi husband does not speak French so it may never happen. We still got married in Pointe Claire, though, and Swiss Vienna Pastry did our wedding cake. It's a business that has been around for a long time, and is very much interwoven into the West Island community. Mr. Schick is a good choice for a symbol against linguistic oppression. Not anti-French, just anti-injustice. I admire him for taking the risk.
  18. Mary scullion posted on 04/18/2013 04:47 PM
    I think every merchant should ignore the OLF and insulting humiliating laws against ANGLOS. All sinage should be EQUAL. All Citizens are Equal under the law.. If all merchants including FRANCO supporters took action ,,,It would mean the people have spoken ..And as consumers we could start boycotting merchants who do not treat us equal .This would be a start,Less complaining more positive action .It all starts with one brave MERCHANT so lets support him and back him up.
  19. Adam posted on 04/18/2013 04:55 PM
    I want to shake this man's hand and say thank you, and have strength my friend.

    Laws change, but justice remains the same.

    How many of us can say that Bill 101, and its cousin Bill 14 are just?
    How many of us Anglo and Francophone respect the OLF?
    How many more jobs and people do we need to lose to the OLF and Bill 101?

    This man is a pillar of the community, and I say more power to him. Let the OLF and the government prosecute him. It will just blow up in their faces on CNN, on how repressive and evil they are.
  20. Stavros Metropoulos posted on 04/18/2013 05:03 PM
    ""I will not pay the fine. What will they do? Put me in jail? Put 35 employees out of business by closing me down? I doubt it. Somebody is going to have to stop them."

    They won't go that far, they'll just treat it like any other fine under Civil Code. The longer it goes unpaid, the more the fine grows, just like a municipal ticket, along with the same consequences. It's not a criminal offense, he won't get jailed over refusing to pay the fine.

    It might get backlogged, or clogged up in the system indeffinately, but it'll pop up eventually, and collector agencies may be invoked somewhere down the line. Try running a business with no credit.

    The funniest part is they won't even have to invoke Law 101. Thanks to these interviews, there's sufficient cause to prove that he's openly acted to break the law, and openly and knowingly refused to pay his fines, there are laws covering that. If the authorities also want to prove a point, they can easily do so without providing the media circus the Angryphone community is hoping for.

    Have a nice day <3
    1. CJ posted on 04/18/2013 07:17 PM
      @Stavros Metropoulos What backwater planet are you from??? you fail to see the reason behind his resistance don't you... This has happened before in the 40's 50's and 60's and we have not learned in 2013. Oppressing another will get you no where. You keep poking a dog with stick what to you think will occur Stavros? Wake the hell up...When they are done wiping English from exsistance, what do you think they will be going after next...If i keep slapping you in the face what would your reaction be after awhile. Get your head out of the sand they will be telling you what Language you can speak in your house. People already do it public parks


      Retired CF member
    2. Travelling posted on 04/18/2013 09:28 PM
      @Stavros Metropoulos I'd rather be an angryphone?? than watch these kinds of policies pass by. The first item which should have happened was for Quebec to separate first. Then add in these laws. It didn't happen. And yes, a media circus may be what is needed but not a good idea. I've seen many such items on the news from students. It's a top down action which will determine the state of things to come.

  21. Tiffany posted on 04/18/2013 05:06 PM
    Kudos to Mr. Schick, never back down.
  22. Shawn posted on 04/18/2013 05:58 PM
    Good for you.
    This is the "Rosa Parks" type action and leader that we need.
    1. SafetySteve posted on 04/18/2013 10:08 PM
      @Shawn So much alike........ Come on.
  23. Elizabeth posted on 04/18/2013 06:06 PM
    Good on him! I will go out of my way to support any business that supports my right to speak the language of my choice.

    Thank you Mr. Schick.

    p.s. Your Black Forest cake is the bomb!
  24. Maria Pia posted on 04/18/2013 06:30 PM
    It's so sad to see that we live in a province that funds the OQLF whose only agenda is to create a climate of us verses them. Good for you, Mr. Schick! Let's hope that your gesture will start a badly-needed turn-around in this province because we surely need it.
  25. Manohara posted on 04/18/2013 06:31 PM
    Thank you for this article! I just called OQLF and reported Mr. Schick. Bonne soirée!
    1. Elizabeth posted on 04/18/2013 11:20 PM
      @Manohara Manohara knock yourself out. Report it 1 million times if you wish. - "An OQLF inspector visited Swiss Vienna Pastry and Delicatessen"

      The OQLD Inspector has ALREADY been, they have RETURNED and they will be back again. Mrc. Schick is standing up for his rights and WE support him.
    2. Jean posted on 04/19/2013 12:59 PM
      @Manohara @Monahara....You need some deprogramming!
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