OQLF cuts spoons

Posted By: Michel Boyer · 6/21/2013 6:03:00 AM



Quebec's language authorities now have the American frozen yogurt chain Menchie’s in its sights — over the disposable spoons it uses at its two locations in the province.

The Dollard franchise from the Blue Haven mall, claimed on its Facebook page Thursday that Quebec’s language police, the OQLF, has banned the spoons because the words “Sweet Moosic” are molded into them – leaving the stores with no choice but to find a new supplier.

The spoons are provided by the Menchie’s head office in California.

“We are working as fast as we can to get new spoons made just for our Quebec stores, at a large expense to us,” said the Facebook posting.

The post, as of Friday morning, had been shared nearly 100 times with many comments from fans calling the move unnecessary and ridiculous.

One woman put it simply,”leave my frozen yogurt alone.”

The OQLF, for its part, is suggesting no such order was issued, but that there was a complaint made, and that they're still investigating the Menchie's case.

A statement from the OQLF today also criticized the media in general for its reporting of stories involving the agency in general over the last few months.


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