Questionable spoons return to WI yogurt shop

Posted By: Luciano Pipia · 6/21/2013 9:36:00 PM

A development in the case of a West Island yogurt shop targetted by the Office Quebecois de la Langue Francaise.

The owner of Menchie's in DDO says he spoke with the OQLF Friday evening, which told him his plastic spoons with English writing can stay until it makes a decision on his case.

David Lipper reported a language inspector visited his shop and said the spoons had to go because they're against the law.

He complied.

But then he spoke with an OQLF official.

"He said yes, OK fine put the spoons back and l will try and have a ruling for you by next week, I'm gonna expedite this file. And he said I want to make it clear, I can't tell you if the ruling is going to be favourable or not favourable. All I'm going to tell you is that it is now under investigationand we will let you know", said Lipper of his conversation with the official.

Lipper provided the update on the Barry Morgan show.

The spoons are back, for now.

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  1. clint posted on 06/21/2013 11:12 PM
    I don't think the English spoons have to go....maybe the OQLF could suggest some clever French expressions for the spoons given in Quebec. Oh i forgot ...they don't have a sense of humor.
    1. Linda posted on 06/22/2013 11:46 AM
      @clint I am 61 years old and I have been hearing complaints about the French language since I was 10.....give it up we are a French and English country and more. We have lost so many jobs because head offices moved out of Quebec. Thousands and thousands of jobs. Now you fight over a spoon, get a life!!!! Close that office and put the money to better use!!!
  2. Joe posted on 06/21/2013 11:25 PM
    Sounds to me like someone higher up on the feeding chain told these bigots to back off, because we already look as foolish as we possibly can be, lets not try to look worse.
  3. James Lindsay posted on 06/21/2013 11:27 PM
    Technically speaking, the OQLF has no say about the spoons. They got their panties in a bunch because of the word "Moosic." The thing is, "Moosic" is not an English word. It doesn't exist in the dictionary. Doesn't exist in any dictionary I've checked.
  4. JohnH- posted on 06/22/2013 12:04 AM
    How much longer are the sane people of Quebec going to allow these demented gauche parasitic buffoons to continue to prove "DARWIN'S THEORY" is alive and well and living at the O-Q-L-F? Are we that stupid?
  5. Roger posted on 06/22/2013 12:08 AM
    Everybody...visit Menchies in DDO in support. I'm sure it's delicious! And collect some spoons for prosperity.
  6. Paul T. posted on 06/22/2013 02:57 AM
    Dear OQLF, I am a Quebecker who is currently in Finland, where the Finnish language is thriving and is spoken by 5.5million people. Ironically, there are 2 official languages here too, Swedish and Finnish, and signs are bilingual in both languages OR Finnish and English. As well, the population is taught English in schools that the government pays for. And they have been around since before French people ever came to North America. So stop acting stupid, all you are doing is driving away business. What is wrong with you? This law is flawed to start with and Quebec is paying a premium!
    1. JohnH- posted on 06/22/2013 08:56 PM
      @Paul T. PaulT. I'm a small business man and I have had my share of run in with the OQLF. I contacted my lawyer the first time they came to my office because of an anonymous complaint, the (STOOLIE PHONE LINE). I refused to let them into my office. My lawyer advised me to do this until he got to my office. he also advised me to phone the police. The inspector told me through my locked office door that I had to let him. When the police arrived they asked me if they could come into my office. I said that only if they would not let the inspector in. The police agreed and they came in without the inspector. While the door was open the inspector threatened me with fines and my business would be closed. One of the four police officers told the inspector to be quiet. And left a officer with the inspector outside in the hall. The lead officer asked me why I wouldn't let the inspector in. My lawyer advised me that should this question be asked I should respond this way, the OQLF inspector's do not have the power of arrest or search or seizure, without a police officer or bailiff with a court order or warrant. Since the OQLF inspector did not have the legal documentation I invoked my constitutional right to refuse entry. The lead police officer was shocked and said why are you turning this into a bigger problem than it really is. I was about to say my constitutional right are a big deal, when my lawyer finally arrived. At that point I had to open the door to let him in. At that time the inspector was on his phone and told me he was in contact with the Justice Department in Quebec City and would have a court order in 45 minutes. My lawyer turned and laughed at the inspector. Then he asked the inspector what was the date of the court hearing where the court order was issued. All of a sudden the inspector closed his phone and tried to get on the elevator. I which point my lawyer asked the police office in the hall to detain the inspector. The police officer ask my lawyer for what reason? My lawyer said because he had just witnessed the inspector threat me. At this point the lead officer began to realize the situation was spinning out of control. The lead officer ordered the other officer to detain the inspector. Well, at this point the inspector went ballistic! Do you know who I am? I am a inspector of the Quebec government. I want all all your names. You will all be fired. I have the power of the Quebec government and all of you will not comply with my order. At this point my lawyer replied that we had the power of the Constitution of Canada and we invoke our right to refuse. The lead police ordered the officer in the hall to remove the inspector and detain him in one of the police cars in front of the building. At this time the lead police officer placed the remaining 2 officers at the front door of my office and asked my lawyer and myself if we could go inside and talk about what just happened. I said yes. This police officer was an old school cop. He knew this whole thing could get real serious. My lawyer informed the lead police officer that we intended to file a criminal and civil complaint against the inspector. And all the police officers would become witnesses. Well you should have seen the expression on his face. Then my lawyer added, you know this could take years. At this time the lead officer excused himself and made a call. He returned and asked my lawyer if there was anyway we could resolve this without all the long term legal problems? My lawyer and I spoke in another office and he told me I had a very good case. However, it could take years and take a lot of money. So, we filed a criminal complaint against the inspector and left at that. My lawyer said if anyone wants to get rid of the OQLF all you have to do is sue the inspector and the OQLF. This forces the OQLF to not only defend themselves but, the inspector too. After a couple of hundred lawsuits are filed there won't be a lot of people wanting to be inspectors. Since these independent lawsuits against these inspectors can go on for years. I wonder how long it would take the Quebec government to cut these inspectors loose to fend for themselves. Or better yet shut down the OQLF. By the way I have not a visit from OQLF since then. Oh' one last comment. The reason why the OQLF would lose in court. In Canada the accused has the right to confront his accuser. Can't do that when the accuser is a anonymous phone call. I heard the Federal government wants to build national zoo. It wouldn't cost too much because all they would have to do is build a fence around Quebec.
  7. Donald J. Colby posted on 06/22/2013 06:58 AM
    This is over the top. The PQ, I am sure, is losing votes by the hour.
  8. Steve posted on 06/22/2013 08:17 AM
    Another embarrassment for the province ! When will this stupidity stop? Dessert spoons now? Come on . aren't there there bigger fish to fry without wasting taxpayers money on this stupid garbage. In the eyes of the world we are the most backward, idiotic, egotistical place on the planet. It's no wonder no one wants to invest here unless bought and bribed by our govenment
  9. maria posted on 06/22/2013 08:55 AM
    I can not believe the time and money that is wasted on such a situaton, this shows were the priorities of the PQ gov. is. Companies are closing left and right in quebec our healthcare and our schools are feeling enormous strain and yet the PQ is more concerned with a plastic spoon, there is a greek saying which kinda goes like this " the world is burnng and the devil is scratching himself. have a great st. jean baptist .
  10. Dulcie Wood posted on 06/22/2013 08:57 AM
    Quebec is the laughing stock of the world.
    There is a whole lot more to be concerned about than this stupidity.
    The French speaking people even think that all of this has gone to far!!!
  11. Rudolph S posted on 06/22/2013 09:12 AM
    I am right now in Europe (in a french speaking City) when I show this insanity to people here, they cannot belief that a government can even be that stupid and waste taxpayers money on this. Other think that is scary...the inmates are running the asylum
  12. Jim posted on 06/22/2013 10:40 AM
    They are obviously taking a step back as they do not want another pasta-gate type incident drawing world attention...especially since they had taken action in demanding the spoons (necessary for selling their product at the time of the intervention) be removed before there was ``due process`` and a final decision rendered. This is akin to allowing anyone to arbitrarily disrupt your business at a seconds notice. This is very bad for Quebec. I think the process is discriminatory and dictatorial. It should be stopped immediately; however, part of me wants it to continue if it will gain more world attention and will make them look more like fools. Imagine how bad things are getting here where we have a society that validates that people legally report on one another because of something written on a spoon!
  13. Winston posted on 06/22/2013 11:36 AM
    Actually the PQ doesn't mind what we do to against them or OQLF as they are all dreamers living in a fantasy naively thinking French language is their everything. Honestly speaking, if you are investor outside of Quebec, will you dare to invest here after hearing all this harassment.

    This is a plain act of stupidity of the first degree and was luckily renowned internationally. Sadly, outsiders see our government as a bunch of morons.

    PQ is the biggest liability of Quebec and should be vanished forever.
  14. Fed-up posted on 06/22/2013 12:23 PM
    This is getting out of hand,the OQLF is going after everything that has English.
    Well if the spoons bother them tell them to go after all of our utensils.
    "STAINLESS STEEL". Im sure they own a few at home.
  15. diane posted on 06/22/2013 12:57 PM
    omg the dreaded sppon will make the french language disappear
  16. Jeff posted on 06/22/2013 05:54 PM
    Olf should look around the world and wake up to reality , Las Vegas language police allow cirque du soliel to keep their name and not make them Americanize the name to sun circus. What a big joke.
  17. Vickie posted on 06/22/2013 11:20 PM
    Just a quick question.... I live in Quebec. My spoons read stainless steel. Should I throw them out or wait for the OQLF to get back to me on this?
  18. steve posted on 06/22/2013 11:29 PM real NEWS Calgary floods!
  19. Ivan posted on 06/22/2013 11:51 PM
    Lets put this I perspective. In Quebec you can make an anonymous complaint about any business to a government agency who then sends out inspectors to follow up on the complaint whether justified or not. This is not democracy this is state encouraged harassment of it's citizens similar to tactics used in Police states. Subsequently you are threatened and coerced to take corrective measures to comply with a law that is discriminatory . Yesterday the OQLF threw a backhanded shot at Cjad criticizing them for sensationalizing spoon gate without proper facts. Well OQLF here is the hard reality. The rest of the world is cannot hide the realities of what is playing out in Quebec not in today's world of social media. The moment you go after a restaurant for what's printed on a spoon you are deservedly inviting ridicule . In a free society no matter how hard you try you cannot justify your actions when the whole principal of how you guide yourself is based on anonymous complaints.

  20. beth posted on 06/23/2013 08:05 AM
    If they want to get so technical, how about the ad on the buses for CKOI FM, where their slogan is "C'est Cool, c'est mon Fun. Both are English words in a francophone radio station ad. W hy doesn't the OQLF ask them to remove that ad. It has English words the same size as the French words. I guess that's ok, because most French stations play mostly English music.
    St Jean Baptiste / la fête nationale and the francopholie I believe are the only occasions that SOME francophones will listen to French music,
    I think if the PQ and the hardliners are serious about their culture, well they should remove English songs from their radio stations. After all, music is part of the arts and arts are part of cultural history.
  21. Darling posted on 06/23/2013 09:01 AM
    Another story that will spread like wildfire across the rest of Canada and the US, bringing more humiliation to the Anglos, and to Quebec. We are the laughing stock of the country - CLOSE THE OLF!!
  22. Murray posted on 06/24/2013 11:54 AM
    @ JohnH; Your story is now going viral upon the OQLA Facebook page and on others. I suggest that you contact Beryl at The Suburban (even though it is history) if you have yet to do so.

    With luck hundreds of folks will be sending the story to the OQLF and asking them for the full file (Google: End the OQLF)
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