LISTEN: Justin Trudeau says legalize pot

Posted By: Trudie Mason · 7/25/2013 6:09:00 AM

The leader of the Federal Liberal Party has come out in favour of legalizing marijuana.  

Justin Trudeau was speaking to an audience in a park in Kelowna, British Columbia on July 23 when he noticed someone in the crowd carrying a sign urging the decriminalization of marijuana.  

The Montreal-area MP told spectators that he is in favour of not just decriminalizing pot but legalizing it so it can be regulated and taxed.  He said regulation is the only way to keep the drug out of the hands of minors.  

He also called the current "war on drugs" approach to marijuana a failure. 

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  1. clint posted on 07/25/2013 12:32 PM
    "He said regulation is the only way to keep the drug out of the hands of minors"....yea...and that works really well with cigs and alcohol here. You are correct about taxation of the product.
  2. mcfudge posted on 07/26/2013 01:58 AM
    I am not consistently a Liberal voter, nor a Conservative, NDP, or Green Party voter. My vote changes from election to election. But I can guarantee you that I do vote every time.

    Canadians… honestly spend several days or weeks reading articles about cannabis, watching YouTube videos and re-educating yourself about cannabis use so you can learn the whole truth and develop a genuinely informed and educated opinion.

    The only thing that we Canadians have been taught by our government tax dollars, police, and education system is that “drugs are bad” and that cannabis is only a bad drug. We have not been taught anything positive, beneficial, or even genuinely factual about the cannabis plant. Purely recreational cannabis (loaded with THC) makes you high — most people know that.

    Medicinal cannabis is specifically grown to have considerably elevated levels of other non-psychoactive compounds that have powerful healing medicinal effects, such as CBD (treats pain, multiple sclerosis, and MANY other illnesses), THCV (diabetes), CBG (antiproliferative-tumors) , CBC (metastatic cancer), CBDV (bone stimulant), CBN, etc. When medical cannabis is smoked it makes most people feel euphoric for up to 2 hours, but it separately provides pain relief for 24 hours, well after the high feeling is gone! And if the smoke is too harsh for your lungs, cannabis can be vaporized with no smoke — only vapour and healing cannabinoids enter your lungs. It can be eaten in baked goods, consumed in tea with mint, and even placed under your tongue in a little sublingual strip like a breath mint strip! Those strips come in high THC or CBD varieties for various medical illnesses (Cannastrips). The most effective and powerful healing cannabis oil extract in the world was discovered and made right here in Canada in early 2000′s by Rick Simpson in Maccan, Nova Scotia just outside Amherst. Many news agencies covered it. Search YouTube for Rick Simpson news.

    That oil extract is the gold-standard today for healing illnesses, including cancer, with tens of thousands of patients self-reporting their success. GW Pharmaceuticals in the UK has recently patented a cannabis medication based on that exact principal and now sells a small $8 bottle for $200. There are now over 120 patents that have been issued for cannabis research discoveries. Come on, Canadians, that is 120+ patents for profiting businesses while this plant is still “illegal” to the common Canadian citizen.

    Stephen Harper and the Conservative government continue to make that backyard-grown healing oil extract illegal in Canada and they have just legislated USA-style mandatory minimum prison sentences in Canada if you are caught trying to make it. But big pharmaceutical companies are legally allowed to grow pot and make that same medicine for tremendous profit.

    And how about all the healthy-eating, fitness-wise, health-conscious people that do not smoke cannabis: the cannabis plant can be freshly juiced like wheat grass or carrots. Freshly picked leaves (not dried) and plant buds can be juiced for daily health and wellness and to treat illnesses — and this form of cannabis consumption will NOT get you high because the plant must be dried or burned to convert the THC-acid into plain old THC. Check YouTube for Dr. William Courtney, or LEAF, a 15-minute video and many other videos.

    Legal tobacco drug consumption directly kills hundreds of thousands of people yearly.
    Legal pharmaceutical prescription drugs directly kill tens of thousands of people yearly.
    Legal alcohol drug consumption directly kills at least tens of thousands of people yearly.

    Cannabis consumption has never directly killed a single person in recorded history.

    Bravo Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada for standing on the side of health and wellness, disease prevention and curing, and even recreational cannabis enjoyment for consenting adults. Finally there arises a forward-thinking leader that has the courage and common sense to do what is right for the entire population of Canada and not just the business lobbyists and politicians. What a wonderful breath of fresh air: Finally we may have a leader that is wise enough to be out of sync with today’s Conservatives, the Pope, and Mexico. Bravo.
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