Lapierre predicts election Dec. 9

Posted By: Trudie Mason · 9/6/2013 8:00:00 AM

CJAD's Political Analyst Jean Lapierre predicts Quebecers will be heading to the polls before Christmas.  

Lapierre says the Marois government is enjoying a boost in popularity because of its quick response to the Lac Megantic train derailmentandrecent controversy over its proposed Charter of Quebec Values hasn't put a dent in its support.  

Lapierre says there is no chance of holding a provincial vote before the municipal elections are out of the way November 3 so he figures Premier Marois will wait a few days after that, then declare an election for December 9.

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  1. Umaga posted on 09/06/2013 09:01 AM
    Good timing with the CAQ losing credibility by the day and the Libbys still bathing in corruption scandals , the PQ should easily win a clear mandate to carry on with much needed reforms !
    1. leonard posted on 09/08/2013 05:29 PM
      @Umaga I hope caq goes down pq too we need reforms to get rid of the pq
  2. Vancouverite posted on 09/06/2013 11:05 AM
    what a sad thing it would be then for the PQ to win Umaga. Because I value the fact that I am multilingual, a visible minority and a proud CANADIAN. I certainly hope they do not win as I am out of this angry province.
  3. Eric posted on 09/06/2013 02:46 PM
    Quite the opposite of Umaga's feelings. The PQ is currently looking at 35000 lost jobs the past two months (and more prior), cuts to health care and education (which then increased school taxes) and an overall feeling they are only addressing divisive issues which they believe will win them more votes.

    All the parties have been corrupt in the past will use their political might towards their own ends... e.g. Mr. Videotron heading up Hydro (he's a staunch PQ supporter), the former PQ minister Nicolas Girard now heading up the AMT (with no prior experience in the industry), giving "study" jobs to former PQ ministers and BLOQ leader Duceppe. Every political party does this and has done this, but do not believe the PQ is so pristine and reforming for the betterment of Quebec. The PQ has overall destroyed the economy of this province (since they first appeared) driving head offices to Toronto (losing tens/hundreds of thousands of well paying jobs with it) and while they exist will continue to keep the economic future of our great province below it's possibilities. Businesses will not feel comfortable having large offices in the province due to the separation issues. Bombardier has even stated that Quebec would be too small a country for them.

    Look to Hawkesbury and other border cities where "Quebec" companies have set up large distribution centers (hello Jean Coutu) because there they do not have to deal with our taxation and legal issues.

    The PQ has replaced the Catholic church in the province with a thumb on everyone's head in an attempt to keep their francophone citizens uni-lingual, which simply limits their future potential.
  4. J.S. posted on 09/06/2013 08:29 PM
    I know what I'm asking Santa for .The pq to become third party status and NEVER EVER show their faces again!
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