Helicopter prison-break lands three more arrests

Posted By: Michel Boyer · 9/19/2013 3:48:00 PM

Quebec provincial police have arrested three other suspects in the daring prison escape back in March 2013.

Luana Larose, 33, is facing 14 charges related to helping her ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau escape the penitentiary.

Two of Hudon-Barbeau’s brothers were also arrested. Vincent Barbeau, 25, and Samuel, 26 are facing over a dozen charges as well.

All have pleaded not guilty and will remain behind bars at least until Monday when their bail hearing is expected to continue.

“They conspired and stole a license plate to help the convicts escape jail,” said Aryanne Guérin with the Crown prosecutor’s office.

All are also facing charges of armed hijacking, forcible confinement and threatening violence against the helicopter pilot.

“The three participated indirectly with the escape,” she said. “They are facing charges of escaping jail, conspiracy, hijacking an aircraft.”

It’s not the first time the three arrested have come face-to-face with justice.

A judge had previously ordered Samuel Barbeau not have a firearm in his possession. Police say Barbeau did have a 9 millimeter gun.

“Miss Larose was already under an order for another case involving weapons, she was also ordered not to communicate with Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau.”

Gunfire exchanged

The three suspects fired at police as they ran from the car to a chalet in Chertsey, Que., about 50 kilometres north of the jail. Police returned fire, but no one was hurt in the exchange.

“When they got out of their vehicle they started shooting at the police officers. We shot back but nobody was injured,” Richard said.

Several people in the home at the time were able to safely flee the building.

The three men were eventually arrested without further incident. A fourth suspect was located several hours later. Police said Provencal was hiding out in what was described as a sugar shack-type building and surrendered peacefully.

The helicopter was eventually located by police near Mont-Tremblant, about 85 kilometres from the prison. The pilot was taken to hospital and was questioned by police for several hours.

With files from CTV
Photo: The Canadian Press 

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