Psychiatric tests ordered for "freeman on the land"

Posted By: CJAD · 10/7/2013 6:04:00 PM

The 48-year-old Montrealer who earned notoriety in Alberta for being part of the 'Freeman on the Land' movement will undergo a psychiatric evaluation to see if he is fit to stand trial.
Mario Antonacci made another dramatic and bizarre court appearance this morning. He was transferred to Montreal from Calgary last week after a high-profile dispute with his landlady there. He had moved out west, changed his name and declared his residence a sovereign embassy.
His growing infamy out west drew police attention to outstanding warrants issued here after he he ducked out on two court cases.
At today's court appearance, Antonacci went on a lengthy, rapid-fire rant, saying, among other things, he wanted a closed session and that the court would be responsible for information that goes public.
He also repeated comments he made at the last hearing: that he was not the man named Mario Antonacci, that the dead body is in Calgary and that he's the executor.
The judge and the crown prosecutor ignored his comments even as he grew louder and more insistent, while two extra court constables were summoned to the courtroom. He also talked over the interpreter who was there to translate the prosecutor's French statements into English.
During the last court appearance, Antonacci also claimed to be a spiritual being of the Mikmaq tribal people and an authorized representative of himself. He also referred to treaties and legal cases dating back centuries.
Two men in the public gallery appeared to be there supporting Antonacci, one of them attempting to give documents to the accused before being stopped by a court constable.
Judge Jean-Paul Braun ordered Antonacci be sent to the Pinel Psychiatric Institute for a 30-day assessment, "considering your declaration" made in court.
Antonacci was wanted back in Montreal for two criminal cases, including one for aggravated assault after allegedly pushing his landlady down the stairs.

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