OQLF to introduce complaint "triage system"

Posted By: Andrew Peplowski · 10/17/2013 6:09:00 AM

The  Office québécois de la langue française is going to take a page out of the health care system in an attempt to streamline the process used to investigate language law violations.

Complaints are going to be investigated based on the gravity of the situation, much like how hospital emergency cases are triaged , or prioritized.

The Minister responsible for the French language, Diane De Courcy says there was a lesson learned from the "pastagate" debacle earlier this year, and she wants to avoid a repeat of the tidal wave of negative publicity.
She described coverage of the story of an overzealous language law officer who had ordered a Montreal restaurant to remove the word "pasta" from it's menu as a crisis for Quebec.

And, she says if the system she plans to introduce this Friday was in place, the matter would have been resolved much more amicably.

She says she wants a new approach that is based on openness and co-operation.

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  1. clint posted on 10/17/2013 07:32 AM
    LOL...."triage"....doesn't work in the medical field as it should..............so more bureaucrats to change nothing.
  2. Umaga posted on 10/17/2013 08:07 AM
    '' Openness and co-operation '' ???

    How can you expect to co-operate with people that are convinced it is their God-given right to do business in any language they choose ?

    Let,s get this election over with so we can get a mandate to knock-off this kid-glove posturing !
    1. lena73 posted on 10/17/2013 08:59 AM
      @Umaga omg. I can't believe what you just wrote...God forbid if you were ever put in power, you would be a dictator.
      It IS my God-given right to do business in any language I choose and I will continue to do so. 95% of my clients are NOT French-Quebecers. I reserve my French when I need to speak to Revenue Quebec agents and people who don't speak any other language than French. In my opinion, the illiterates.
      I will never allow anyone to take away my freedom to express myself in any language I damn-well please. This is not a dictatorship, we are not in the middle-east.
      And to parents: teach your kids as many languages as possible. It's a big world out there with lots of opportunities! The more languages you know, the better chances you have of getting a great job, and let those who box their minds in like this guy above, to end up as a slave to the govt that he once voted in.
    2. Shawn posted on 10/17/2013 09:03 AM
      @Umaga It is our right to do business in both Canadian official languages... not "any language" we choose.

      I was born into a bilingual country. Just because propaganda has distorted the weak minded into believing that the french language is in danger and in need of rescuing, does not mean that I, as a CANADIAN citizen, can not talk to colleagues in English or be served at a restaurant in English.

      The french language laws allow for french to be the official language of Quebec (prior to the 70's Quebec did not have an official language) and allows for this language to be used in Quebec assemblies etc.. Federal laws still protect my right to speak (and to be served in) English however.
  3. NIca posted on 10/17/2013 09:09 AM
    How these people sleep at night is beyond me! Eight months after pastagate she decides to implement a process? BS! If she really believed in her cause, action would have been taken immediately after the scandal. De Courcy & Co. need to go hang out in the ER for a few days to grasp how desperate the situation is due to lack of staff and funds. What a bunch of babble, hot air & wasted funds that could so be put to better use. Let's get this election over with, ASAP!
    1. George73 posted on 10/17/2013 04:19 PM
      @NIca These people sleep very well at night courtesy of the cheque that gets deposited into their bank accounts from Quebec taxpayers. They dont have to be competent. No objectives to meet other than being mouth pieces for PQ racism and lala land economics.

      DeCourcy and her ilk are like one's aged grandmother found wondering down the street in her nightgown. Everyone knows she needs to be placed in a home where she cannot be a danger to herself or others. There is just a certain reluctance from the family to take action. Quebec voters, on the other hand, should show no such hesitation.
    2. chuck posted on 10/18/2013 04:27 PM
      @NIca its because of the vacation that had to be taken, likely in the united states where, gasp!!, english is spoken. Can we ever trust DIane again knowing her mind it polluted with vision english signs and spoken english?
  4. sam posted on 10/17/2013 11:06 AM
    Always interesting to watch supremacists attempt to apply "science" to their cause. Exactly how "pure" is it? Exactly how "tainted" is it? In the mean time, what's the real health and state of Montreal?
    1. chuck posted on 10/18/2013 04:29 PM
      @sam they took a page from the Nero guide to governing, when in doubt begin to play the fiddle and pretend all is ok.
  5. 1mohawkview posted on 10/17/2013 11:28 AM
    Stop trying to polish a pile. This gang the OQLF should be fired and thrown in jail for racism. The PQ Gov should be trying to bring in business instead of putting restrictions on it's business community. The last 10 months they lost 45000 jobs and will try and bring in 43000 jobs - in the next 4 years is it?
    Maybe you should realize money talks....
    Openness and co-operation with who?
    Maybe you are waiting for English violators to turn themselves in?
    Language law violators a real criminal element .
  6. Rob posted on 10/17/2013 12:33 PM
    OK, I'm getting tired of repeating this: The OQLF is a known racist organisation. It is criminal that they receive funding from taxpayers. GET IT? I will fight them to the grave.
  7. Liminator posted on 10/17/2013 01:10 PM
    I think the OQLF needs to get overloaded, much like hackers do to websites. Get thousands of people to start calling in fake reports of "infractions", and have them scrambling like idiots to a meltdown. Maybe then they might finally see how foolish their mandate is, shut the OQLF down, and save us taxpayers millions.
    What bugs me the most, is that as a taxpayer in Quebec, I have to fund this tom-foolery like the rest of us, and we can't decide not to. I want to fund a democracy, not a dictatorship.
  8. Douglas posted on 10/17/2013 05:58 PM
    May I suggest that a complaint be made to the OQLF regarding it's name. Office is an English word and the French version should be spelled Ofice, only one F. Maybe they should get their act together in their own offices or just disappear.
    1. monsieurjoe posted on 10/18/2013 11:35 AM
      @Douglas You mean, Orifice québécois de la langue française ? :)
    2. 1mohawkview posted on 10/18/2013 01:12 PM
      @Douglas Not only is the word office English but the Word Quebec is an Algonquin word. We have been talking about this so long now because I know that I mentioned this 1 year ago as ironic.
      I vote to make the OQLF disappear. I don't believe my tax dollars should pay to cut my own throat. Is there no law about that? If there isn't there should be. Taxes can not go against those who are paying the taxes. I tried. LOL *:)
  9. Markymark posted on 10/17/2013 06:28 PM
    This government is always moaning about how there is no money, how about a charge to raise a complaint. A flat rate fee, plus, someone has to be paid with our taxes to go out, investigate it, write a report on it, issue a fine, and return to check if everything is compliant? Why should our taxes be used for this. The costs of this should be directed back to the person who made the complaint. We'll see just how important "Pasta" is to someone when they have to shell out 9.99 plus tax plus costs to moan about it.
    1. lena73 posted on 10/18/2013 09:27 AM
      @Markymark I agree, but that's what the auditor general of Quebec is for and the Quebec Govt has refused to show them their books. I think we would need a group of people that are independent to go in and audit them. But even then, they would have to have the highest moral standards and be unbribable and hope that they have excellent security so that no one tries to silence them.
  10. Stan posted on 10/17/2013 06:45 PM
    I understand why these people feel a need to present a French face to the world. That's fine, as long as the brain is English.
  11. JoeM_3471 posted on 10/18/2013 06:59 PM
    Triage, spend this money on hospitals, all hospitals have a triage
  12. Karla Liebrandt posted on 10/19/2013 12:33 PM
    I don't mind paying taxes, but I do mind where the money is going. There are many things we don't need in this province. This is one of them. Along with quasi-foreign offices, corruption, waste and duplicity. Just the other week, my beau and I were looking at houses in and around Lancaster Ontario. Though we may be losing many friends here, we are wondering if moving out of this dumb province is worth all the heartache of starting all over. I would have to quit my job here and try to find another one there. That is one thing my partner does not have to worry about, since he is retired. (He being 21 years older than I) We are seriously thinking about it, however.
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